It’s Work Britney, Bitch.

So when I woke up this morning I had no idea it was Britney Sunday until I checked Facebook and saw my news feed flooded with the wonderful news! Yup, our queen has released a single! And as I type this my boyfriend is moving and grooving to this catchy tune.

The thing with Britney is ya either love her or hate her. Or you hate her for a while and then once she releases a smash you jump back on the band wagon. The thing with Britney though, is at the end of the day, she really is Britney, Bitch. Yes we get it. Beyonce is Queen B, and is an uber diva, but at the end of the day that’s what she is, a diva! And from one self-proclaimed diva to another, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, one of the things I love about Britney is that at the end of the day she’s just a normal girl like the rest of us. How many times have we seen her daddy making her cheese grits? How many times have we seen her sipping on Starbucks? How many times have we seen the girl wear Uggs? Some people might look down upon her for such things. I mean gasp! The thought of wearing Uggs! As a person who works in retail and see’s those things fly off the shelves and the proud owner of at least 3 pairs, half the female population in Southern California if not the globe is guilty of such a crime. In my opinion it’s not really a crime until you start breaking in to the realm of the Swap Meet knock off ones’ that you should really be ashamed. Seriously it’s called outlet shopping people! The suede lasts soooo much longer and really it’s only a $50 difference, if that.

Britney even makes running errands look glamorous.

Britney even makes running errands look glamorous.

In any event, Britney is a fashion icon in her own right. She’s an everyday girls fashion icon because yes even she has been known for wearing Abercrombie and Pink. She is proof that you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. She’s just lucky enough to get paid to play dress up too! And who can argue that when girlfriend cleans up she cleans up beautifully!

I find it incredibly humorous that just a few years ago the whole world seemed to be ragging on Britney’s case about how she presented herself. However, now that they have another Southern darling to criticize, all of a sudden Britney has become the one to play the sexy/ beautiful role naturally?

Photo shopped, air brushed stylist team, I don't care at the end of the day Britney is beautiful.

Photo shopped, air brushed stylist team, I don’t care at the end of the day Britney is beautiful.

At the end of the day, Britney is always going to be Britney and her true fans are going to love her whether she goes toxic, and does it all again. At the end of the day it’s her prerogative and bottom line she was born to make us happy and we’re always going to ask her to give us more. Every time.

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Bad Ass Like Betsey

So naturally you could watch a Betsey Johnson runway show and go all sorts of Joan Rivers. Floral print? How much more cliché can you get for a Spring collection? Body suits, cropped tops (what I learned from that is Betsey is trying to tell me to get my butt in the gym because next season I’m gonna need a crop top.) But if you’re going to sit and watch a Betsey Johnson runway show and critique, you don’t get Betsey Johnson at all.

Betsey doesn’t make pieces to win awards, or going down in history a la’ the same route as McQueen or Dolce and Gabanna. She’s fashion in her own right. Crazy, loud, bold and beautiful. And I LOVE it all! With the exception of the all leopard pieces that remind me too much of Peggy Bundy. While granted Betsey has gone through some, ahem…modifications in her business structure recently she could start from scratch and re-do her formula, but she’s not. Despite it all she’s sticking to what she knows, and that’s staying true to her art form and essentially herself. Her crazy cartwheeling splits performing fabulous self. And the fact that she has her grand daughters joining in on the fun? Betsey Johnson isn’t just a designer, she’s a legend and a hero in my opinion in the fashion world. Not many people can say forget tradition I’m making my own, and do it for as long as she has. Betsey, on behalf of the pink souled sparkle loving girly girls of the world, thank you for always inspiring.

It's simple yet fabulous!

It’s simple yet fabulous!

Selfie 101 with Nicole Richie

So everyone is guilty of it. Some at least 5 times a day. Guilty as charged. Apparently there is a technique to doing a proper “selfie” so as taught by my style icon Nicole Richie. I never even thought about how big I looked in photos! Great! Yet another thing I have to worry about. Thanks Nicole, thanks. Who knew there was a technique to the infamous selfie pose, when using an Iphone? I didn’t even know depth was an option. Are there books written on this?

Ya learn something new everday.

Free People Does Makeup Tutorials Too?

And here I was thinking Free People was just a more expensive branch off of Urban! Free People is so much more then dressing like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, it’s a total hipster life style.

I have nothing against hipsters. It’s the modern day hippie and as the daughter of a dead head, I appreciate that there is now a term that is commonly used to reference this life style. I have been O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with everything Free People this summer! Except the sunglasses. Tried them on in store and they just looked cheap. Could have been because they were only $30 and in essence like everything in life, ya get what you pay for. What I love most about Free People is there really is something for everyone. Feeling country chic, and Taylor Swiftish? They’ve got a cute dress for you if you’ve got the cute boots to go with! Feeling like a rock god? OMG they have cute leather shorts too! The lace shorts I’ve been wearing black and white variations of all summer, FREE PEOPLE!

And now they do makeup tutorials to complete the look too? OMG I DIE! This is a perfect going to the beach look. Pardon me while I take a moment to perfect this look.

In A World Like This: Backstreet Boys Still Rule My World

Flash back to the late 90’s, I was begging my mom to take me to Kids R Us so I could get the newest band tee with my favorite 5 boys in the whole world. My room was transformed from being influenced by Barbie to Backstreet, quicker then you can say “I want it that way.” My mom lovingly referred to them as the “Backdoor boys.” I wasn’t allowed to watch “Quit Playing Games With My Hear” because Howie showed too much skin, and I had to refrain myself from singing along to “am I sexual?” because 12 year-olds don’t say things like that.

Fast forward to 2005, when “Incomplete” came on the radio. I was in a car having what would be my final argument with my then boyfriend. I had just lost my cousin, and I was celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my moms death. To say I was an emotional wreck was an understatement. Then, like voices from angels I heard some familiar voices coming through the radio waves singing a lyric that I’ll never forget, “I don’t want to make you face this world alone.” Needless to say I broke down. I had lost my best friend, my cousin who was always my brother from another mother, and my mother. But I still had my boys.

After the loss of my cousin I knew I had to make a dramatic change in my life. I needed to start new. Thus, my new direction in life took me to a little place called “Club Libby Lu.” A store best known for doing makeover’s for little girls. Also known as a teeny boppers haven, both for customers and associates.

One night, a Nick Carter song came on while I was cleaning the back style studio when both me and my fellow associate Katie K., exclaimed at the same exact time, “I love this song!” I kid you not the following words were uttered in sync. “Are you a Nick Carter fan? Omg me too! Did you read the Heart and Soul of Nick Carter? Omg ME TOO!” The following conversation was centered on the subject of us being emotionally distraught in 7th grade at the thought of our beloved teen heart throb spending any amount of time on a mattress found in the garbage, and the fact that we take pride in knowing he was born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball. I had found my BFF of the CLL of the DTD soul mate. She’s still my partner in pursuing Backstreet Boy related adventures.

Has Brian Littrel honked at you after a taping of George Lopez? Nope? He’s honked at us! My dad says we were probably in his way, but no we were the only ones on the road and completely out of his way. We’re just that lucky!

About 3 years ago, I conquered my fear of flying because the Backstreet Boys were performing an intimate acoustic performance in Napa, California. Too far to drive, but only an hour flight away. Did me and my bff show up to LAX in our shirts purchased from Toys R Us, nearly a decade before, ummm yes! As a Backstreet fan you keep the Backstreet Pride Alive at all times.

the first time I met the Backstreet Boys. "This is Us."

the first time I met the Backstreet Boys. “This is Us.”

An hour flight, a killer outfit, and a 45 minute drive in pouring Northern California rain later, me and my BFF were up close and personal to our boys. After the performance, the time we had been waiting for since we were 10 finally arrived. We met the Backstreet Boys, and yes it was just as magical and just as amazing as I had always hoped and dreamed it would be. Everything was well with the world when I was in the arms of Nick Carter.

Today, the Backstreet Boys released their newest LP “In a World Like This.” And I love it! Their albums, like years ago when I needed to be reassured all was well with the world, always come when I don’t realize I need them most.

While listening to this album I immediately feel as though I should be relaxing with a glass of wine, pondering life and reflecting on how lucky and how blessed I really am.

Their music has changed. They have more control since they’re working off their own label. It’s more mature. Did we really expect them to be singing Backstreet’s back forever? I love that they have always evolved with their audience. And I love that I can always count on them to come back.

But in their defense, with the exception of Kevin Richardson, they never left. And if you think other wise, you’re not a true fan.

My Gleeful La Adventure


So yesterday I took a mecca of a journey out to the homeland for a little Glee adventure. I had gotten the news that Chord Overstreet aka Sam, aka Trouty Mouth was playing at the Roxy prior to the passing of Cory Monteath, and after the tragic news decided to seise the moment! Not another opportunity to be in a room full of my fellow gleeks would pass without me. Still can’t believe I missed Darren Criss’ performance…anyways.

Naturally I was fashionably late to the show. After the Aaron Carter disaster of a show where the main performer didn’t go on till 4 and a half hours later I was not incredibly motivated to get there early. Plus, I’ve been to many a show at the Roxy and it’s a small enough venue that regardless of where you position yourself you have a good seat.

Needless to say it was was an emotional show. You could just feel the energy the second you walked in to the room. I genuinely appreciated Chord’s presence as a performer as he just seemed to go with the flow of his crowd. He dedicated the show and a few specific songs to Cory. I’m not quite sure the name of one of the songs, but the lyrics describe having a hard time sleeping and hoping to wake up to a lie.

Such a perfect and fitting song for the week us gleeks have had. Like losing someone close to me before, the first couple days of hearing the news I woke up hoping someone would tell me it was a big prank. But that news flash never appeared and it never will.

Diana Agron, Kevin Mchale and Jenna Ushkowitz were all there to lend some support to their fellow cast mate and in pictures that would flood instagram shortly after the show, they look exhausted. TMZ tried to get a word from Diana and she just left without saying anything. There are still no words that have been spoken that are making this any easier on any of us.

After singing along to some top 40 favorites with one of the Glee kids, I stopped by the Paramount Studios to pay my respect to someone I’ll truly and dearly miss when Thursday nights roll around in September.


The candles were no longer lit, and the flowers were dying, but the pictures of our beloved Gleek were still there with a smile that won our hearts years ago smiling back at me. And that is exactly how I hope to remember him, not how he died and these few weeks, but rather the good memories and that smile that will always be Finn Hudson, aka Cory Monteath.

Thank you indeed

Thank you indeed


Don’t Stop Believing. Don’t Stop Living Like Today Could Be Your Last.

I guess my day was spent similar to Cory Monteith’s “Glee” co-star Mark Salling, “going through a million memories and emotions today. ill love you always Brother Cory.” Granted I didn’t know him on a personal level, but how amazing that gleeks around the world really are uniting and expressing sorrow, unity and encouraging words for Lea.

My friends and especially my boyfriend think I’m crazy. And who knows maybe I am. But this is sad. We don’t know all the details, the word on the streets is that it was drug related. One of my friends text me and said that it’s been a big thing on set for years he showed up to work high all the time. I don’t know about all that. But what I do know is that since season 1, I love spending my Thursday nights with the Glee kids. For 1 hour a week, a few months out of the year I get transported to a world where there is no problem big or small that can’t be resolved by singing a song.

Apparently some people have problems with this. One of my best friends, posted a comment essentially mocking the public outcry Glee fans have been expressing, myself included by responding “boo hoo another celebrity gone because of drugs.” My response? Just because drugs may have been involved, we shouldn’t be sad? I get there are more political issues going on, but if you lost someone close to you, which believe me I’ve lost my fair share of loved ones, mom and cousin included, both in a similar fashion (tragically and suddenly with no warning) mourning does not get put on hold because of political issues. Which are terrible also, don’t get me wrong. And kind of ironic don’t you think that someone who was involved with something so positive, and joyful in a fictional world passed on a day when we are reminded that sometimes the real world is just cruel.

Cory left us too soon. Bottom line. But he will always be remembered by me, and fans around the globe as Finn. The humble and loveable high school football star turned gleek, who always seemed to be the voice of reason even when it seemed he had lost his way. I will always adore him for the tender way he loved Rachel, on the show and in real life. And yes I cried whenever their relationship took a turn for the worse or for the better. Last night I cried to my boyfriend because I’ve always considered him my Finn. I’ve told him that countless times as we have sat and watched Glee together. It’s part of our routine. I’ve already lost 2 other loved ones suddenly, and I just absolutely feel horrible for Lea Michele because I know I would fall apart if I lost Chris in that way.

One of my favorite memories will always be that first performance of “Don’t Stop Believing.” I had never really paid attention to the song before, but because of the Glee kids I know all the words and proudly sing along whenever and wherever it comes on. I know the social media sites have had their fair share of fans and friends of the fallen star expressing their grief, but by far my favorite is a picture floating around on Instagram that has his picture, and the words “he didn’t die, he took a midnight train going anywhere.”

Thank you for bringing to life a character that is rare in prime time television these days. Someone who was well respected and stood for morals, true love, and the belief that sometimes even when it is not the most popular idea at the time, what’s right is right and it’s worth fighting for. Being a Gleek is more then being obsessed with top 40 songs, and actors who may or may not be dream boats. It’s about being involved in social movements, and choosing to be happy and gleeful I guess because at the end of the day, life goes on. Being a gleek is always being reminded that even when life gets rough, not to stop believing because tomorrow the sun will shine and it will be a better day.

Come and Get A Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Tutorial

While it’s been a while since I’ve given my full support for a makeup tutorial. After awhile I full like they all blend into variations of the smokey eye. But this I L.O.V.E for three reasons, one because the steps are really simple to follow. Two, the artist makes a brilliant suggestion on how to perfect liner on the eyes (tape, how did I never think of that before?) And third, the final product actually looks like Selena’s makeup in her music video for the jam of the summer, “Come and Get It.”

I can die happily now that I know how to perfect this look.

Whitney Port With Fashion Tips For Summer 2013

Digital prints, peplum and a cool combo of feminine accents on masculine pieces. Yup that’s this summer in a nutshell. And for me and Ashley Tisdale some Wildfox sweaters.

Whitney Port I really feel is the unsung fashion hero of the Southern California fashion world. And what I appreciate about her is I feel her insight on the fashion world just comes naturally. She knows what works best for her, and she nails her outfits EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Even the knot bun works for her (which is so signature to a girl on the go.)

Last adventure to Barnes and Noble I put her style book back, partly because I have all of Lauren Conrad’s and I didn’t feel as though I needed another Hills star telling me blue jeans are necessary to every wardrobe. But after this interview maybe I’ll go back and look beyond the cover. Or I could just go buy a new Whitney Eve piece. Decisions decisions.

To All The Fashionistas Who Started Off As Princess’

There has to be something to be said about the fashionistas such as myself who were privileged enough at a young ago to express themselves through fashion. Some days I felt like Punky Brewster and fought to the death about matching my socks (who fit in when I was born to stand out.) Most days I felt like a Princess (blame my Grandma who till this day still says I’m her little Princess.) This attire was very similar to Sophia Grace, minus the tiara. Apparently schools have rules against these things smh.

Every year from kindergarten until I graduated high school, on the first day of school I wore a dress. In grade school it had to pass the twirl test, which meant that if I twirled I could get a good rise out of it. As I got older, my dresses started to resemble more of a Taylor Swift look. Later on I would look to her to accentuate this look with cow girl boots. Thanks T. Swift!

Sometimes, even till this day my boyfriend will tell me I look ridiculous for wearing a rather extravagant dress to a less than mediocre event, but hey like Sophia Grace and Rosie, sometimes you just gotta unleash your inner princess and just “grab your tutu!”

I still have shoes that look just like this. Once a princess always a princess!

I still have shoes that look just like this. Once a princess always a princess!