25 Different ways to wear a scarf

So I recently made the transition of moving from the sunny, perfect OC, out to what I lovingly refer to as the boonies. Ok, the drama queen in me usually gets the best of that statement because it is literally only a 30 minute drive (if i show no consideration for speed signs, I’m blonde and I get away with it.) But alas, I have found justification for my scarf obsession. This OC girl was not made for 40 degree mornings, but a pretty scarf will make it all better.

And this video has not made matters any better! You’d think I’d be perfectly content with my Missoni, my McQueen and my Burberry, all relatively classics in the unwritten book of couture, but the littlest Veruka Salt in me cries for more!

Long live McQueen!!!

Top on my list is an uber cute, knitted, red scarf, perfect for the holiday season! Let the mission commence!