End of Season Sales: Time to Get Your Running Heels On

Top: Zara Skirt: Guess Shoes: Valentino Hat: H&M Sunnies: Elizabeth and James

Top: Zara Skirt: Guess Shoes: Valentino Hat: H&M Sunnies: Elizabeth and James

There are a plethora of reasons why the beginning of a new year is so promising. In addition to metaphorically beginning anew there are also plenty of opportunities to start a new section in your wardrobe in the form of after season sales. And after taking a short road trip out to LA yesterday some of the big names, Topshop and Zara are having some of the best end of season sales I’ve seen in quite some time. Literally, pieces that were once $100 now only $12!

My shopping buddies were quick to remind me some of the pieces I found were not in tip top shape but alas when you’re buying something below company costs or just right at that value, I really can’t complain about a blemish that can more than likely be removed with some steam and a Shout wipe. If you are one of those people who nit picks on even clearance items being in less than pristine condition, please keep in mind you are already getting a discount. That associate whom you’re asking for a discount from, or even manager for that reason is not only there to help tell you whether or not the piece looks spectacular on you, but to run a business. Not all businesses have the luxury of sending their damaged pieces out to refurbishment centers. I get reasonable discounts if a zipper is truly broken or there is a huge hole that will take some time and money spent at an alterations place to repair but if it’s a deodorant mark that can be rubbed out or a wrinkle that can be resolved with some steam, take your deal that’s already marked and run. Don’t feel so entitled to having something practically free. OK my rant is over.

Side note? How freaking cute is this top I got at Zara yesterday for only $10?! I was a little reluctant to get a small, usually I get my tops in a medium because I don’t like them too tight but the way the sleeves were put on this actually left for some breathing room. And let’s be honest, while unlike my Dad I will probably never run an actual marathon, I feel like I’ve been training for a shopping marathon my whole life. Even in heels! Who walked the blocks down Wilshire, Beverly Blvd, and Rodeo yesterday? This girl! Even Olivia partook in the adventure. Which is perhaps the reason both she and I were exhausted today. We shopped till we dropped.

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Top: Zara Skirt: Guess Hat: H&M Shoes: Valentino Sunnies: Elizabeth & James

Just Another Manic Monday

Top: I Love Tees Skirt and Necklace: H&M Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Top: I Love Tees
Skirt and Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

While most people mourn the beginning of what is traditionally a 5 day work week for those¬†with traditional jobs, I see it as an opportunity to celebrate. Especially when I’m on day two of my week long vacation. And while the thought of lying around all day in my PJ’s watching countless hours of law and order is enticing, I much rather prefer dressing up for blog shoots, working out and soaking up the sun. I stumbled across a captivating quote on Instagram yesterday (follow me at Just_Jess_Fashion.) The caption read “the fear of wasting a great outfit on an insignificant day.” And truthfully dedicated readers I have had this fear all my life. I truly believe it is this fear that led to the inspiration for creating a blog. While I may not live in Hollywood, or live an ultra glamorous life comprised of day to day professional photo shoots. I live each day fulfilling it by my definitions of happy, and that is enough for me.

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Today what made me happy was putting together an ensemble that reminded me of my ultimate fashion icon, Holly Golightly. I know I’ve blogged about how much I adore this legendary fashionista but I could seriously type for days on how I idolize the classic, effortless and fabulousness that is Audrey’s most infamous role. I initially opted for a more casual look. But casual is borderline a swear word in my vocabulary. So rather than pairing this weekday appropriate top with a pair of shorts, I opted instead for my favorite leather skirt (which by the way was only $7 at H&M. Gotta love those end of season blow out sales.) As I was looking in the mirror trying to figure out what was missing I looked down and low and behold my pearl necklace, also from H&M, just happened to be sitting on the counter. It seemed to be screaming “pick me!” Alas, I put it on and I instantly felt like Cinderella gazing at her reflection after being transformed by the fairy godmother. And when you can compare a wardrobe decision to feeling like a Disney Princess, you know you’ve put together a good ensemble and totally worthy of sharing with the world. Thus although nothing life shattering happened today, I did have an opportunity to share my great decision with you, my loyal readers, and that is today’s biggest accomplishment. Take that insignificant day!



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