A Well Balanced Outfit


Skirt and Top Free People Sunnies Stella Mcartney Bag Coach Shoes Christian Louboutin 

Some people say you can only wear white through Labor Day. Well according to those folks I’m still well within the calendar to rock one of my favorite skirts, accompanied by a top with one of my favorite stories.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for a multitude of reasons. Longer days, especially for one who works random hours of the day, it’s nice to walk outside and not feel like a vampire. An excuse to bust out fun accessories. Big hats, and big sunglasses for starters! Because who likes a sunburn? Not this gal. And one of my newest favorites is this fun parasol.

Naturally, a fun accessory requires an equally fun ensemble! Fortunately, I have this ruffled Free People skirt on standby ready to step up to the plate! When you are anything less than 5’5 wearing anything maxi can be a bit tricky. You never want to wear something that makes you appear even shorter than you already are. But a little trick I learned years ago is to emphasize balance. In this case I created an empire waist by wearing the skirt a little higher than normal. Also, the black waist band helped accomplish this. Have a fabulous piece without such a nifty add on? It always helps to have a solid wide belt on standby.  Not only does this help with maxi dresses but sometimes I’ve found that a belt even helps with dresses or tunics that also appear to be too long. Just grab a belt and create a flowy effect by pulling the remaining fabric up just enough so again you don’t look like you’re drowning in fabric.

A few summers ago I read a style tip from Victoria Beckham which suggested the importance of balance in an ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing a short skirt, you want to make sure you don’t wear an equally revealing blouse. I find this to be equally true when a long skirt is the piece of choice. Turns out a sleeveless blouse was just what I needed to find the perfect style balance.

Parisol (b)

Parisol (c)

Fun fact. This top is the only piece in my wardrobe that only cost a penny. And it was discovered entirely on accident. Initially when I found it, the normally $70 was on sale for $7. Total bargain right? That’s what I thought until it rang up a penny! The sales girl informed me it was on the floor by accident and as a result was only a penny!

It’s Fall And I’m Still Hot in Haute Hippie

Top: Haute Hippie Shorts: 7 For All Mankind Sunnies: Stella Mcartney Boots: Joie Dalton Bootie Necklace: Saks

Top: Haute Hippie Shorts: 7 For All Mankind Sunnies: Stella Mcartney Boots: Joie Dalton Bootie Necklace: Saks

Fall is here but you wouldn’t know it as the temperatures here in So Cal are about the same as they were in July. The only difference is at night there is a really nice breeze so you don’t feel the need to sleep in the freezer. Alas, while I’m super jealous that my East Coast and Mid West fashionistas get to start their layers for the season, the only seasonal appropriate staple I get to indulge in sadly are boots. Whether they are combat boots with a heel, combat boots without a heel, knee high boots, thigh high boots, or chic Celine boots, I’m good for Fall and Winter, I just need some decent weather to appropriately debut them.

Meanwhile, my Joie Dalton Booties match perfect with my So. Cal transition from Summer to Fall attire. Although I could sit here and complain about my inability to sport my cute coats for the season (I will never complain of such friveoliy because truthfully I hate being cold) I’d rather sit here and brag about how cute my favorite denim shorts pair with my Haute Hippie top. I never thought I’d be a fan of fringe but then I stumbled upon this gem and got this normally $200 top for $50. Couture on sale? Loves it! Alas, the fringe detail accenting this dream catcher like bottom was too good for this hippie at heart to pass up. Plus, I have a stronger addiction to Haute Hippie than I do Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. Slap a sale tag on my beloved label and it’s a done deal! If I can’t have my layers, I can at least still hold on to my favorite boho/ hippie trends.

Sadly, the fringe falls off with nearly every step I take. However, that actually turned out to be a hidden benefit of the top when I ventured out on today’s photo shoot. I didn’t realize I had forgotten my phone in my car until I was already half way down this desolate trail. I had initially felt like a boss, tackling a trail that has been declared “moderate” by some hiking society I’ve never heard of, until I found my foot stuck in a hole. No worries, though. I survived. The power of the Dalton bootie I suppose.

santarosa (1 of 1)

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Mixing and Matching in March

Hat: H&M Top: Splendid Shorts: 7 For All Mankind Bag: Chloe Sandals: Elizabeth and James Sunglasses: Stella Mcartney

Hat: H&M
Top: Splendid
Shorts: 7 For All Mankind
Bag: Chloe
Sandals: Elizabeth and James
Sunglasses: Stella Mcartney



I’m sooo soo soo in love with this weather! I can’t count how many times I’ve told anyone who will listen over the past couple days, how incredibly in love with this weather I am. If I could hug the sky I would! Not only am I blessed enough to feel and see the warmth of the sun, but I’m fortunate enough to have a fabulous wardrobe to accompany it!

There are really only a few things a gal really needs to enjoy the sunshine in style. Cute denim shorts (I prefer mine high waisted,) fabulous sunnies, and a fun hat. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, I’m sure this hat and shorts look very familiar. Yes! I’m somewhat guilty of being half an outfit repeater, but I like to think I change it up with my tops and accessories. While I have a tendency to rack up my credit card bill on things that my boyfriend considers “junk” I consider them investments. I have friends that love buying jeans. Like they have 30 pairs of the same cut, same shade blue jeans. That’s great, and everyone has their own thing, but rather than have 30 of the same things I prefer having 30 different things. And this outfit is a perfect example of how to wear 3 different wardrobe essentials multiple ways. Stay tuned to see how many more ways I can make these pieces work!
splendid 2splendid 3splendid 4IMG_7068IMG_7085