Spring Sophistication

rose garden d

Blazer: H&M Striped Top: Vince Jeans: J Brand Shoes: B by Brian Atwood Hat: H&M

rose garden g

I know I know, I sound like a broken record but I really, really love Spring. It’s like Mother Nature shares my same passion for bright colors and took all the her favorites from her crayon box and just went to town coloring the world with the best, bright and bold. And while Spring and essentially Summer are my favorite seasons for dresses, I appreciate that the 70 degree days allow me to experiment with more sophisticated looks like this ensemble. To achieve a sophisticated Spring look- pants and a blazer are probably going to be your go to items. They say you can’t wear white after labor day but I don’t believe in that. Hello, winter white anyone? I guess though by the logic of those that do follow fashion rules, Spring is an acceptable season to debut some of your favorite wardrobe whites, alas- meet my favorite white jeans by J Brand. J-Brand is a label that I believe was put on the map when Kate Middelton at the start of her reign as Duchess of Fashion Darlings dared to be an outfit repeater and wore the same jeans days in a row! (Gasp, I know.) For the record, I liked J Brand before that as they are simple- no flashy labels, or embellishments. Just plain, and simple and yes…sophisticated.

While I contemplated pairing this outfit with some of my favorite bright pink shoes, or even nude for that matter, I instead opted for some with more edge and went for my metallic silver B by Brian Atwood wedges instead. Just because my ultimate goal with this outfit was sophisticated I didn’t feel it was necessary to sacrifice some pizazz.

rose garden b

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Olivia said she wanted to dress up pretty too.

Spring Style: The Necessities



Dress: Nordstrom’s Rack Hat: H&M Sunnies: Prada Bag: Coach 

So believe it or not florals are not the only option when it comes to Spring attire. Spring, despite all these seasonal allergies is one of my favorite seasons for a plethora of reasons. I love waking up to new blooms in my yard and everywhere you look life seems to be bursting with color of the pastel and bright kind. And quite frankly you don’t need to look further than your landscape to find inspiration for your Spring wardrobe staples.

Although I love bright colors as much as I love sunshine and the longer days, I do have an equal affinity towards pastels. For the ultimate Spring ensemble I typically gravitate towards frilly dresses (either accented with bows or ruffles) in the color palette of the season i.e. every shade of pink from bright to blush! Scenic floral backgrounds are always an extra bonus. When it comes to accessorizing I hate to sound cliche but anything that sparkles in the shape of a flower seem to be the pieces I gravitate toward. Like a moth to the flame.


Spring, And a Few of My Favorite Things

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I know it’s been Spring now officially for a few weeks, but it’s taken about that much time to get sufficiently prepared. While my wardrobe is always adequately supplied with Spring staples such as colorful ballet flats, fun skirts in vibrant colors and accessories to compliment, it was my home that needed a little TLC.

As I approach the 1 year anniversary of being a homeowner, I couldn’t help but notice I needed to add some Spring touches to my stock of home goods. Thus I’ve been on a constant hunt for floral accents….(insert sarcastic Devil Wears Prada remark of, flowers for spring how ground breaking comment here.) But being the girly flower child that I am how could I not embrace one of Spring’s signature mascots?

While I could fill up this post and write endless ode’s to what I love most about Spring, I’ve decided to simply itemize my favorites instead.

  • Finally, the girl who loves bright colors has an excuse to embrace that pink. Whether it be lipstick, nail polish, ballerina flats or heels…during Spring, every day this girl wears pink!
  • Ok, sometimes I do like to change up the previous comment and add my splash of color in the form of periwinkle, or even mint green i.e my favorite Chanel ballet flats.
  • Speaking of shoes, I feel like Spring and Summer are when my shoe game is strongest. I love ballet flats, I love jewels and I love colors…it’s literally like Spring was made for me.
  • An excuse to play in the dirt! Lately, I’ve been exploring my talents as a gardener, or lack thereof in the case of my hydrangeas. But the good news is my Lincoln roses are off to a great start! And daisies! More to come on my blog soon about my gardening adventures, and helpful tips I’ve come across on Pinterest.
  • My house is starting to look like an ode to Shabby chic glam. Especially with my mirrored furniture, all quickly becoming accented by silk floral arrangements.
  • The longer days! Whether I’m walking around the lake with my precious Olivia, or catching up on a good book (currently reading ‘Cupcakes and Cashmere’) while sipping on tea in my back yard, I love to enjoy as much of that sunshine as possible!
  • Watching the world literally come to life! Everywhere I look, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and everything just looks so new! I love that. Dear Mother Nature, this Spring, you seem be working over time to paint the world so pretty and I appreciate you.

More to come and highlight with each Spring ensemble I’m sure! But in the mean time, take the time to smell or snap the beauty around you dear readers! Life is most definitely too short not to appreciate those little things.