Palm Springs Guide to Style

parker (d)

Dress: PJK Hat: H&M Sunglasses: Miu Miu Necklace: Charming Charlie Shoes: Alice and Olivia

Do you ever find your outfit inspired by your destination? This weekend the wind blew me out to the desert oasis of Palm Springs once again. Fun fact, when I actually had to be out in the desert every day for work obligations, I absolutely hated it. I hated that I had to drive past cows every day. I hated the obnoxious wind. I hated the ungodly heat. I hated the unbearable cold (I know you East Coasters are probably laughing at this but for a So Cal suburban girl that cold is truly terrible. Made me invest in my first actual winter coat though!) But alas, I’ve gotten to know the desert and we have come to an understanding.

I understand now that bright colors are mandatory. And light fabrics during the day are strongly suggested- unless of course you plan on hanging out by the pool all day which if all the Spring Break party goers were any indication, really only a swim suit is required. Also, a large brimmed hat is recommended but please be mindful of the strength of the wind. In some of my photos it looks like I’m intentionally being cutesy with a hand over my hat- that is partially true but honestly in most of those shots I was holding it down out of fear it would be swept away. And chasing after a hat in heels in the sand is not a fun situation.

parker (c)

Second stop of my day trip was the Parker. Recently, I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers do some shoots here and let’s just say I was sold on a giant orange door with regal gold handles. I was even more delighted to see the door men and bell hops all wear pink! Doors fit for royalty and pink as the dress code? Yes please!

Alas my adventure this weekend also took me back to another Desert X exhibit- “Curves and Zig Zags” by Claudia Comte a beautiful masterpiece once again immersed in the desert landscape. The exhibit features a whimsical zig zag print that was giving me some serious DVF vibes.parker_

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When the City Meets the Country


Top: Audrey 3+1 Shoes: Chloe Hat: Saks Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

Ok, so living in So Cal it can be challenging to truly find the countryside. But when my BFF called and said she wanted to go apple picking, and said adventure according to my GPS was identified to only be about 45 minutes away, I truly had no idea what I was getting into. Because country can be so many things to us So Cal folks, and can warrant so many fashion choices. Not to mention how cliche country one wants to go. For example, a Country concert would more than likely require some cowgirl boots. (Insert ode to my long lost hot pink glitter cowgirl boots here.) The fair might warrant a plaid button up and some jeans. Or ya know if you’re just hanging out in a field a la an old school Taylor Swift you might want to rock some of your favorite boho frocks because let’s be real here Taylor Swift made that ok.



So this morning when I prepared for my adventure I accepted the challenge to find the perfect outfit. Obviously no heels because I learned that lesson many moons ago, heels and dirt don’t mix. Not because I can’t walk without looking like a newborn baby deer, but because from a quality stand point dirt and designer are two things that just shouldn’t go together. My decision to wear Chloe became highly questionable after I stepped on the first rock. But alas, I decided to go with something boho. Long sleeve just in case I ran into a flying stinging bug (I haven’t had the best luck with those guys this year so better safe than sorry), some comfy flats and my favorite Free People lace shorts. The hat was a last minute decision once I stepped outside of my car and felt the intense rays of the sun. Sometimes fashion has to be practical and protective. Considering I was able to comfortably hike through dirt trails, fields of flowers and apple orchards and still maintain my reputation of being a fashionista being sacrificed I’d say I successfully met the challenge of balancing the So Cal country side with city chic.




If the opportunity ever presents itself to visit Riley’s Farm seize that moment! Learn how to properly pick an apple from a tree. How to not get stung by a bee while picking flowers and enjoy the best green beans and apple sauce you will ever taste in your entire life. Literally felt like we stepped into another world. If I had a dollar for every time I said “this is just like Sweet Home Alabama” I would have had at least $10. 


Still Not Over the Overall Game

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Overalls: H&M Shoes: French Connection Necklace: Charlotte Russe Blouse: Equipment Sunglasses: Ray Bans Hat: Saks

If I had to say there was one piece of clothing that has been a staple in my wardrobe since the beginning, I’d have to say I’ve been pretty committed to the overall game since day 1. From the toddler days and Oshkosh Begosh (totally misspelled that, please don’t judge.) To the good ol’ days when Old Navy ruled my fashion game, overalls have been my go to ensemble for casual days.

My styling skills however, just like the coffee I drink as an adult compared to the cup o’ diabetes I would consume as an 8th grader have only gotten stronger. At least I would like to think. I recall fondly pairing my overalls in high school with an Abercrombie or Hollister top. Add that to a pair of cargo pants, and some white out on your back pack proclaiming your love for a boy band or Blink 182 and bam! You have the guide to so cal style for a high schooler circa 2000. Although my love for the Backstreet Boys remains the same, my styling skills and investment into labels and pieces have dramatically changed. Thank God. Not to say I still don’t have a special place in my heart for Hollister, I do. But I’ve learned it’s so much more fun to play with pieces regardless of the label on the tag. While yes, I do love my labels, it’s not so much the prestige that attracts me but rather the quality. I’ve always been horrible at math but whenever investing in a high quality piece of clothing or accessory I like to consider cost per wear. I’ve found if it’s something I’m going to get endless amounts of wear out of, the more sound the investment. Once I found a $1500 Akris Punto coat for only $300. That has been a go to coat for the past 3 years! One of my equally stylish friends once pointed out that that coat was at a point of being literally less than a dollar a day! And I plan on making it pennies!

Another factor I like to take into consideration is timeless appeal. Like, will this piece stand the test of time in my closet? I’ve come to find that the more simple a piece, the more likely it will last countless seasons in my closet without blatantly jeopardizing the dreaded title of being an “Outfit Repeater.” (Insert cringe here.) When it comes to overalls, I can literally foresee them lasting forever in my closet. Because even if the time comes when I can no longer justify them as a ready to wear, blog worthy statement piece. they’ll always be my go to chores around the house, let’s paint some walls or plant a garden attire. Which works perfect because I’ve taken on the hobby of gardening as well. Pictures and blog to come soon to recap that adventure!


Flower Child

One of the really cool things about my professional career is I have been blessed with opportunities to experience Southern California. In addition to expanding my network and meeting countless amazing and just overall wonderful people, I’ve also been introduced to destinations I only thought possible in movies and dreams. The desert led me to Salvation Mountain, and today to a San Diego gem.

My “time” in San Diego was amazing. If it wasn’t for the traffic and a better opportunity career wise in the IE I would have re-considered staying. But alas, in addition to leaving behind peers I consider family, and the lovely SD Style Bloggers I also left with some amazing travel tips for exploring. I knew San Diego was lovely far before I ever explored behind a keyboard and the hash tags. But never had I dreamed a beautiful destination existed. The dream. The wonderful dream in which I am referring to is a little ol’ place called the Flower Fields. Nestled along the hillsides in Carlsbad is a place that has provided equally magical memories for several of my friends and family members. How I have lived my whole life in Southern California and only just found out about this place just 2 years ago, truly baffles me. Naturally, the minute I found out about the Flower Fields, I started making plans to go but as things sometimes go, timing never worked out and next thing you know it’s May and the season’s over.

Today though, the stars aligned and it just worked out to take the one hour drive. My boyfriend joined me on the adventure, and aided as my photographer for the day. I was just a tad concerned the weather would be cold but it couldn’t have been a more lovely day.  While I did work this outfit to work with a coat, the second I pulled into the parking lot and stepped outside, I knew it would not be needed. Which was a sigh of relief actually because one of my favorite details about this Free People ensemble is the lace on the sleeves.

And that perhaps is one of my favorite things about being a So Cal Fashionista. The ability to work an outfit to cater to a sudden fluctuation in weather. While I never was able to master trig, this was truly a talent that I have been able to utilize. Why is Fashion 101 not a subject in High School? Anyways, if you ever find yourself with time, and a sense of adventure, I strongly recommend the Flower Fields. Not only are there endless photo opportunities, but the serenity of the flowers blowing in the wind combined with the majesty of the ocean view, it makes for a truly spiritual experience. Well worth the 2 year wait and I can’t wait to go back!

Boho Chic In Blue

Romper: Romeo and Juliet Belt: Nordstroms Shoes: Elizabeth and James Hat: Saks Sunglasses: Prada Necklace: House of Harlow Bracelet and Ring:  CC Skye

Romper: Romeo and Juliet Belt: Nordstroms Shoes: Elizabeth and James Hat: Saks Sunglasses: Prada             Necklace: House of Harlow Bracelet and Ring: CC Skye

First and foremost I would like to thank mother nature for finally giving us fashion bloggers some decent weather to work with. I can’t stress enough how nice it was venturing out to do today’s shoot without worrying about my makeup melting off my face 5 minutes it.

Alas, I can finally embrace one of my favorite trends of any season in So Cal. And while truly it’s practically summer all year round in good ol’ Southern California, some trends are just worn more comfortably at certain temperatures than others. I have been dying to debut this romper for weeks! While I hate referring to Boho as a trend, I prefer to think of it as a state of mind. Much like how the fabrics typically and freely flow through even the softest breeze, that is how I usually feel in light weight fabrics accentuated with large brimmed hats and the boldest accessories.

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Last year it seemed as though every relevant fashion blogger had a piece of CC Skye. While everyone seemed to opt for the pieces with the little link embellished on the accessory of choice i.e. a bracelet or even a ring, I chose this super cute and super blinded out moon shaped ring. One of my favorite quotes in life is why try to fit in and be like everyone else when you were born to stand out. This girl knows she was born to stand out.

romeo1 (1 of 1)romeo2 (1 of 1)romeo3 (1 of 1)romeo4 (1 of 1)romeo5 (1 of 1)romeo6 (1 of 1)romeo7 (1 of 1)romeo8 (1 of 1)romeo10 (1 of 1)romeo11 (1 of 1)

Champagne, Cupcakes, Bikinis and Boho Chic

Hat: Saks Top: Winter Kate by Nicole Richie Pants: Brandy Melville Necklace: Saks

Hat: Saks
Top: Winter Kate by Nicole Richie
Pants: Brandy Melville
Necklace: Saks

Has anyone noticed several major fashion retailers re-thinking their game? One such retailer is Pac Sun. For the LONGEST time I had sworn off all such active wear stores. Before I digress I must clarify, I am not one of those bloggers who gets sponsored and therefore is given free stuff only to blog about how great it is. PR LESSON NUMERO UNO! Don’t ever accept free gifts unless you want to jeopardize the reputation of your integrity. This blogger is happy to report her integrity has not been sold over to the fashion devil.

Maybe it’s because I have been spending more time in San Diego, and therefore I’m going back to my beach roots but I have really been digging what Pac Sun has been carrying! While I think the Kendal and Kylie collection is uber cute, I don’t think I’ll gravitate that deep in to affordable contemporary wear. I’d rather spend that kind of money on Free People. Same concept, better quality. Brandy Melville on the other hand, is a great investment! I know I’m not investing in pieces that are made with longevity in mind, but rather cute, comfy and classic. And of course always on trend!

Sometimes being a So.Cal fashionista is complicated. You want to be cute. You want to be on trend but not so trendy you can’t establish yourself as a trend setter. And at the same time you never want to spend a million bucks to achieve success. Taking all of these predicaments into consideration it is times when retailers have great holiday sales that I find my self in love and in trouble. Two Brandy Melville pants for only $44! Score! For the record (this message is for my boyfriend only) I tried leaving with just one pair but they were reduced in price and on sale for buy one get one half off. I was hooked. So not only did I get a great deal on two pairs of floral print pants, but I also found the solution for my runway show predicament which somehow became I had nothing to wear. Odd how that always happens. My mission of accomplishing boho chic at a retailer I used to shop for Roxy digs was accomplished. Never thought that it would happen but it did, and I’m glad.

Fashion shows are so much fun! And I have quickly learned that you don’t need to dress up in the most expensive designer duds to make a statement. You just need to be yourself and have fun! This one was actually one of my favs. A fashion for for the girl who loves swimsuits, sparkle and color. While granted the only acceptable place to wear a rhinestone encrusted bikini is a runway or Las Vegas, I still love that there are designers out there who design for a client who doesn’t care about trends and whose roots will always be in ruffles, colors and sparkle.

Classy Chick Clothing Champagne Cupcakes and Bikinis Runway Event.

Classy Chick Clothing Champagne Cupcakes and Bikinis Runway Event.

IMG_8327IMG_8328IMG_8337IMG_8387 IMG_8391IMG_8425

I LOVED these designs! They were modern silhouettes with classic and contemporary embellishments. 1960 Barbie meets 2014!

I LOVED these designs! They were modern silhouettes with classic and contemporary embellishments. 1960 Barbie meets 2014!