Taylor Swift Talks Fashion and Her Keds Collection

Still not quite sure how I feel about this collaboration, but I’m not going to lie, I loved her adventure in affordable junior ready to wear with Wal Mart a few years back. Despite what a high schooler in Beverly Hills might tell you, it is not necessary to be walking around in Helmut Lang, James Pearse or Marc Jacobs. Maybe a bag. Maybe.

Regardless, this venture seems to be a very Taylor, and I do love the prints. Paired with some cute high waisted denim shorts and a bright top, you too can look like an “easter egg” just like Taylor.

Trend Alert Spotted at Fred Segal!

Trend Alert Spotted at Fred Segal!

I don’t care what anyone says, there is something magical about Melrose. Once you get past the graffiti and the grunge there are some pretty awesome places to check out. Since I went right before Coachella, of course there were some pretty awesome pop up vintage shops that boasted some fabulous vintage designer pieces exclusively made for stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks. Eventually I made it past the vintage and into a fabulous little place called Fred Segal.

While at first it reminded me of Kitson, the cute little boutique that in my opinion reminds me of a high end graphic tee boutique, amongst other every day necessities, Fred Segal has this amazing mini shoe department called “Happy Feet.” And to be quite honest my feet have not been that happy to try on a pair of shoes since the last time I bought a pair of Christian Louboutins!

At first glance it seems as though their primary vendor is Prada. However, one of the uber friendly sales associates made it a point to direct me to a new label that I was not familiar with called Corte A.S. 98. And what she showed me were a pair of versatile ankle booties/sneakers, that had both a chic and urban appeal. I was told celebrity fans of the collection include Britney Spears, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston, just to name a few. I exclaimed to the sales associate that she had me sold at Britney Spears has some!

The manager also came over to introduce herself to explain she wore the same shoes I was trying on to Paris Fashion Week! Britney and Paris Fashion Week? Needless to say the shoes were on my feet in a matter of minutes! And surprisingly looked really cute despite the fact that I was wearing white lace shorts, and a white silk tank top. Who would have though that an outfit so feminine could look so good with leather ankle booties. Granted by itself, would have looked rather funky, but as my friend pointed out, with a black leather jacket would be complete.

While I typically do not think of leather ankle booties as a summer staple, apparently other designers do. Shortly after my stop at Fred Segal, I also stopped in to check out the shoe collections at Barney’s and Saks in Beverly Hills where on the shelves Chloe and Giuseppe Zanotti also had a sneaker ankle bootie as part of their current collection.

Whether with shorts during the summer and early part of Fall, or with leggings and a boyfriend sweater during a California winter, I’d say it’s time to introduce one of these fabulous pairs of shoes to my own shoe collection.

Jennifer Aniston wearing her Corte A.S. 98 Wedge Sneakers.

Jennifer Aniston wearing her Corte A.S. 98 Wedge Sneakers.

The day is almost here! LA Fashion Week Project Ethos Event is tomorrow!

The day is almost here! LA Fashion Week Project Ethos Event is tomorrow!

This picture really does not do this dress justice. The possibilities to accessorize this dress are endless.

Well I am officially in my favorite predicament. I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I love my designers but I also love my signature pieces. I have worn the heck out of my favorite Zac Posen for Target red ruffled dress. So alas, I’m contemplating debuting some of my closet favorites that have yet to see the light of day.

For LA Fashion, pretty much anything goes, and that’s my problem! Too many options, too much freedom and my fashion senses just continue to run a muck. I’ve been racking my brain for weeks now and this is what I’ve come up with.

Do I go fancy? If that is the route I go, my choice is my romantic lace turqoise halter cocktail dress. I’d have to wear my hair up to show the stunning detail in the back and I have TO DIE for blue crystal jewelry that would be the perfect accent. Not to mention I’d be able to strut my favorite sparkly Chanel heels on the red carpet.

Chanel heels+ Sparkle+LA Fashion Week= A match made in heaven <3

Chanel heels+ Sparkle+LA Fashion Week= A match made in heaven ❤

Or do I go the fun whimsical route and wear my Free People hot pink endless lace dress. The model on Free People’s web site sports this with an uber awesome large brimmed hat, and that would answer my current root problem. Not to mention, pink is my signature color and my rhinestone incrusted hot pink Manolo Blahnik’s would be a match made in heaven. LA Fashion is all about expressing who you are through fashion. This outfit screams Barbie and have I ever mentioned that’s my nick name? This would definitely be my signature look.

Sleeveless miles of lace dress by Free People....pink is my signature color

Sleeveless miles of lace dress by Free People….pink is my signature color

An investment I made at Neimans a few years ago...pink, plus sparkles, plus Manolo's= Jesus made these shoes for me

An investment I made at Neimans a few years ago…pink, plus sparkles, plus Manolo’s= Jesus made these shoes for me

My final option would be to go uber chic with an Alexander Wang goddess type jersey and silk dress. This dress reminds me of a blank canvas. It’s so elegant but the possibilities to accessorize the dress are amazing. I love how this blogger accessorizes hers with large chunky jewelry. The shoes of choice for this dress would be my Sergio Rossi cut out ankle booties.

Picture 24

Gah! Decisions decisions! Whelp friends and fellow fashionistas, help a gal out and help me pick an outfit! The choice will be announced on Wednesday when I recap all the exciting fashions I experienced at the Project Ethos Event.


So after watching New York, London and Paris fashionistas do their thang at their respective fashion weeks, finally fellow Los Angeles fashion lovers our time is almost here! So, ok we are not going to have Chanel, Burberry or even Marc Jacobs participate but in the spirit of LA fashion, that is just fine.

LA Fashion Week is more about celebrating the styles that  make LA Fashion whimsical, sassy, genuine and unique. Don’t get me wrong, in LA we love our labels but we also love using fashion as means of expressing ourselves and our individual spirit as well.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to actually get to enjoy a show this year! (In past years I’ve volunteered behind the scenes at the Vibiana.) This year I’ll be attending the Project Ethos event, which is a runway, art exhibit and runway all in one.

Picture 7

So naturally I’m doing my research and seeing who is all participating. In doing research I’ve stumbled upon an AMAZING shoe collection that reminds me of an eco friendly version of Jeffrey Campbell. The collection is by an up and coming 22 year-old, Los Angeles based designer Deandri. The label, which includes clothing, shoes and jewelry takes classic fashion favorites and has added a unique twist to it. Case in point, check out their clear oxford. OMG! Can I get 3?! This label definitely captures the spirit of Angeleno’s tendancies to embrace classics and re-imagine them with spirit.

Picture 20


Picture 21

Is it Tuesday yet?

Diamonds may very well be a girls best friend, but a perfect hat makes a great bestie too!

Diamonds may very well be a girls best friend, but a perfect hat makes a great bestie too!

When your twenty something, lets face it, unless your name is Paris Hilton, or you spent the better years of your childhood working the Disney Studios back lots in burbank, diamonds are not exactly an option you have to spice up an outfit. But alas, thankfully there exists many other accessories us fashionistas can rely on to add a little pizazz.

Since as long as I can remember I’ve LOVED hats. From beanies, to berets, news boy caps, to fedoras, and large brims, I’ve loved hats longer then I’ve loved the Backstreet Boys.

While in more recent years, I’ve leaned on hats to cover up pesky and annoying roots, (God didn’t get the memo I should have been blonde) I have embraced them more recently to add that wow factor to an outfit.

And what other accessories pairs with hats better than Mary Kate to Ashley Olsen? Lately I’ve been pairing my large brimmed floppy hat with my to die for Rachel Zoe ankle booties. Looking a for a look that’s a little more suitable for grocery shopping? A cute beanie paired with some Uggs, some aviators and a leather jacket make for the perfect ready to wear to run simple errands outfit.

Love my Marc by Marc Jacobs knitted beanie

Love my Marc by Marc Jacobs knitted beanie

My immense love for hats could have stemmed from multiple things. One being that I grew up playing with Barbies and I was taught at an early age 5 wardrobe changes a day is perfectly normal. Or two because it’s the easiest way to subtly communicate to the world how fun it is to metaphorically speaking wear multiple hats. Is it ok to be a fashionista, workaholic, trend setter, and all around fabulous individual? Absolutely!

Rachel Roy said it best when she said, “I think that a woman wears so many hats, we have so many aspects to us that we’re not just one thing. We represent so much within us and that kind of comes across for me as a designer through mixing prints and colors.” Amen to anyone who can find inspiration in an accessory.

We’re not in the OC anymore Toto

the modern fashionistas ode to Dorothy

Since the Santa Ana winds are here in full force, seriously we’re talking at least 80 MPH outside my house, my choice in shoes this morning was inspired by none other than dear Dorothy from Kansas. Although, while I would ordinarily love to rock anything that sparkles (with the exception of a grill), today is simply not a day for heels.

Thus I must say a prayer to the shoe god for creating these beautiful, bedazzled ruby red loafers, perfect for the girl on the go. While I almost opted for the less colorful Steve Madden version, I got suckered into a Bakers sale. Which after going through countless Madden shoes, I must say I’ve been quite satisfied with my decision. After a few months of being my go to shoe, when I want to add a little spice to my outfit without sacrificing comfort, this shoe has shown no sign of wear and tear. Which sadly is not something I could say about any Steve Madden shoe I have ever invested in. Seriously, why do those shoes never last more than a few months?!

In any event, I’ll enjoy the rest of the day in my comfy ruby red loafers while perhaps sipping on a pumpkin spice late while I enjoy this perfect beautiful fall day.