Summer Ready in Sun Yellow

donald (b)

Dress: Forever 21 Belt: Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes and Bag: Kate Spade Hat: H&M

Summer is not officially here but that has not stopped this fashion blogger from getting  a head start. I look forward to Summer for a number of reasons- longer days, and warmer weather definitely topping the list. I also love selecting from the brightest pieces in my wardrobe and pairing them with equally bold pieces. (Madeline similarities are entirely coincidental.)

Bold colors, like this super cute yellow dress that I found at Forever 21 recently for a solid price point of $8 typically end up being my favorite foundations for a memorable fashion moment. Whether paired with a printed accessory or an equally bold statement bag, the possibilities of fabulousness are endless! Even if standing out in a crowd is not your cup of tea, you can still rock a yellow ensemble and pair it with more neutral accents i.e nude shoes and gold accessories.

June 1st my best friend challenged me to take the month long Disney Style Challenge. And while I would love to spend every single day at Disneyland and capitalize on all the magical photo opps that typically present themselves at the happiest place on earth, it is not possible despite the luxury of being an annual pass holder. Fortunately for me, nestled away just a few cities over is Old Town Temecula, a part of town that looks like it’s the more Western sister of Main Street USA. Alas, I found several perfect backdrops to compliment my tribute to Donald Duck- which happens to be the challenge for June 9th. I love outfits with a theme and more specifically outfits with a Disney theme!

donald (c)donald (d)donald (e)donald (f)donald (g)donald (h)donald (i)

Spring Sophistication

rose garden d

Blazer: H&M Striped Top: Vince Jeans: J Brand Shoes: B by Brian Atwood Hat: H&M

rose garden g

I know I know, I sound like a broken record but I really, really love Spring. It’s like Mother Nature shares my same passion for bright colors and took all the her favorites from her crayon box and just went to town coloring the world with the best, bright and bold. And while Spring and essentially Summer are my favorite seasons for dresses, I appreciate that the 70 degree days allow me to experiment with more sophisticated looks like this ensemble. To achieve a sophisticated Spring look- pants and a blazer are probably going to be your go to items. They say you can’t wear white after labor day but I don’t believe in that. Hello, winter white anyone? I guess though by the logic of those that do follow fashion rules, Spring is an acceptable season to debut some of your favorite wardrobe whites, alas- meet my favorite white jeans by J Brand. J-Brand is a label that I believe was put on the map when Kate Middelton at the start of her reign as Duchess of Fashion Darlings dared to be an outfit repeater and wore the same jeans days in a row! (Gasp, I know.) For the record, I liked J Brand before that as they are simple- no flashy labels, or embellishments. Just plain, and simple and yes…sophisticated.

While I contemplated pairing this outfit with some of my favorite bright pink shoes, or even nude for that matter, I instead opted for some with more edge and went for my metallic silver B by Brian Atwood wedges instead. Just because my ultimate goal with this outfit was sophisticated I didn’t feel it was necessary to sacrifice some pizazz.

rose garden b

rose garden f

rose garden e

Olivia said she wanted to dress up pretty too.

Confessions of An Outfit Repeater

Dress: Equipment Belt: Nordstroms  Hat: Saks Boots: Joie Dalton Boots

                             Dress: Equipment Belt: Nordstroms Hat: Saks Boots: Joie Dalton Boots

Ok, so when it comes to accessorizing I am guilty of one of the worse fashion offenses a fashionista can make. Yes, I am an accessory repeater. But that’s the best part of accessories! They’re so versatile and always the perfect thing to add flare to basic pieces. Since May I’ve been obsessed with my House of Harlow pieces. Particularly my sunburst necklace. It’s always just enough of a compliment. And take it from me, you don’t need the brightest sparkliest piece on the shelf to make a statement with accessories. Although, don’t get me wrong I love those too.

But the best part of subtle accessories is you don’t have limit yourself to just one amazing piece. I like to look for balance when putting together an ensemble. For example if you have a huge statement necklace with large jewels and bright colors, you probably want to steer clear of equally if not louder chandelier earrings. They’re both pieces that deserve their chance to shine! Don’t make them fight for the spotlight! The same thing is true for your outfits. If you have a sparkly top it’s not necessary to go for equally shiny jewelry. It’s too distracting and too shiny. But when you have an amazing basic piece,  such as one of my favorite Equipment France pieces, it’s like starting with a blank canvas. The neat thing about this dress is on cooler days I can turn it into a layer and use it as a jacket esque thing. I suppose it works better for your wallet to invest in basics because of all the infinite ways you can re-imagine an outfit. Huh, what’d you know? Turns out I’m better at being an outfit repeater than I thought.

equipmentdress1 (1 of 1)

equipmentdress3 (1 of 1)

equipmentdress4 (1 of 1)