How To Wear Leopard and Not Look Like A Bundy

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Top: H&M Hat: BCBG Leggings: Saks Red Label Loafers: Saks Black Label Bracelet: Charming Charlie                  Necklace: House of Harlow

Do you ever get ready in the morning and think your self, my goodness this outfit is awesome?! Well that’s what happened to me this past weekend when I put together this leopard print ensemble. Truthfully, I typically cringe when I see print on print on print. But when I was digging through through the depths of piles of clothes that never seem to go away regardless of how many times I do laundry and put things away, I thought I’d have fun with some of my favorites from seasons past and what’d ya know?! Katy Perry isn’t the only fashionista who can have fun with wild prints!

Friendly tip: Whenever venturing out with print sometimes too much can be too much. Matchy matchy is cute but don’t look like a leopard threw up on you. You always want to make sure you balance your prints out with solids. I.e if you have a stellar leopard or cheetah print dress, balance it out with plain shoes. Like a patent leather black or just a solid gold or red. Bright cherry red lipstick might be a nice compliment as well! Whatever you do, before you leave the house think to yourself, is this Nicole Richie or Peggy Bundy, if it’s the latter, don’t leave the house go back to your closet and re-think your outfit.

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No wonder they call this a sunburst necklace! It really does look like it’s bursting in the sun!

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Bracing For Winter in My Barbie Sweater

Top: Forever 21 Pants: Saks Fifth Avenue Red Label Shoes: Valentino

              Top: Forever 21 Pants: Saks Fifth Avenue Red Label Shoes: Valentino Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

I didn’t think it would ever happen but sweater weather finally arrived today! And in typical cliche form I couldn’t help but talk about it with nearly everyone I came into contact with today. Even the guy at Verizon, who enlightened me to the fact he spent $200 on his seasonal sweaters yesterday. I couldn’t help but share with him my technique for prepping my closet for a new season is to think about that season after it ends. Scratching your head thinking, what in the world is she talking about? Basically, my secret for being seasonally appropriate is to invest in seasonal pieces in the after sale. I got my swimsuits in January when stores were trying to move through their previous seasons to make way for new collections. Similarly, I invested in my sweaters a few months ago when the temperatures were still triple digit.

Ok, truthfully I would have looked for any excuse to buy this totes adorbs Barbie by Forever 21 sweater. But I knew it would be perfect for a cold day and wouldn’t ya know, I was right. It is just enough for temperatures that drop to about 60 degrees, aka the time of year when So Cal residents fear of dying of hypothermia. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but in truth anything less than 75 degrees is only acceptable temperatures when I have cute sweaters such as this to endure it.

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Oh my favorite Tarina earrings. Always the perfect accent when looking to complete that Barbie girl look.

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Just Another Sunny Day In A Striped Skirt

Top: Equipment Skirt: Saks Red Label Skirt Shoes: Valentino Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Top: Equipment
Skirt: Saks Red Label Skirt
Shoes: Valentino
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

First and foremost my sincerest apologies for taking a brief unannounced absence from blogging. So much has been happening in the past couple weeks, I actually haven’t’ had time to stop and smell the roses or take pictures in my fabulous outfits.

What has been taking up my time you may be wondering? Well, there’s always work. I got a new promotion and I’ll be working in San Diego soon! Hooray for being relocated back to the beach! Thank God! Casual beachwear is more my style anyways. And yes I’ve already picked out a handful of swimsuits as my daily uniform…(oh ya, except for when I’ll be working which will be at least 40 hours.) Also, I’ve recently invested in Disneyland Pass. Which has been years in the making. For awhile I was mad at Disneyland for the whole Libby Lu thing, but I’ve decided to find it in my heart to forgive them. And just in the nick of time too! Because two weeks ago, while sipping on magical star martinis, overlooking Paradise Pier in California Adventure, my best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid! I love everyday fashion but I also hold a special place in my heart for bridal fashion. For obvious reasons I can’t say much on her choice of dress but she looks stunning and classic and I could probably go on for at least another paragraph or so, but all I can say is that her fiancé is one lucky man! Not even Walt Disney could imagine a princess who was ever so beautiful!

While she has found her dress, us bridesmaids are on the mission to find ours. I love wearing dresses on a daily basis, but formal gowns shockingly have never really been my thing. Too much taffeta and I have a fear of looking back years later and looking like a tragic 80’s prom queen of a mess. Alas, I still have a few months to decide on just the right outfit to compliment my BFF! So be patient fellow readers, I promise to update you when I can but needless to say I have a lot of fashion to look forward to this year! Theres the wedding and then that pesky 10 year High School Reunion to dress for. To invest in a cocktail dress or Stella Mcartney suit? Decisions. Decisions.

Stop in the name of love for Valentino studded shoes.

Stop in the name of love for Valentino studded shoes.

Top: Equipment Skirt: Saks Red Label Necklace: Saks Sunglasses: Miu Miu Shoes: Valentino