It’s Fall!

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Hat and Blouse: H&M Skirt: Parker Shoes: Miu Miu Sunnies: Prada

Happy first day of Fall! And although technically we all know the first day of Fall is actually the day Starbucks launches their Pumpkin Spice latte, it’s nice to know that it’s actually a day that’s marked on a calendar. I guess giving a secondary day is a nice compromise for those who don’t count the days in accordance to a coffee chain’s seasonal menu.

Alas, as I got ready today my boyfriend stated what many of you are probably thinking. He obviously questioned my choice of style for the day considering it’s probably not an ideal wardrobe decision on a 90 degree day. “But it’s the first day of Fall!” I argued! And he just shook his head and moved on to the next subject of the day knowing Fashion arguments always end up with me winning anyways.

It actually wasn’t as bad of a choice as one would think. While yes, the fabric was a bit heavy for nearly triple digit heat, the boxiness of it actually helped counter some of the heat.  And while yes some people opt for skin tight clothes on a hot…summer, or wait… FALL day that can quickly become unappealing for a number of reasons and equally uncomfortable. Not to mention, the evenings around here on the Lake we call home it can get a tad bit chilly so it actually worked perfect as a day into night piece.

So while we’ve all seen the meme’s mocking us stereotypical fashion girls who clutch onto our favorite Holiday latte’s with more of a grip than a Black Friday shopper taking that last shelved coveted item and anxiously await the days where we truly can wear our oversized sweaters with our oversized sunnies, it looks like there is a compromise. Fellow fashionistas take it from me, oversized sweaters are in fact an option if you go for the short sleeved boxy type and pair it with a left over summer staple i.e a skirt or even a cute pair of denim shorts. Consider it your Fall Fashion compromise on ice. You know, until it actually starts feeling like Fall.

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Wear Grey In May

Beanie: H&M Sweater: Free People Leggings: James Pearse Boots: Celine Sunnies: Prada

             Beanie: H&M Sweater: Free People Leggings: James Pearse Boots: Celine Sunnies: Prada

So I’m sure you’re familiar with those color rubber bracelets made infamous years ago by the Livestrong Campaign. We all know “Pinktober” is breast cancer awareness month. But have you heard of “Wear Grey in May?” Ya, I hadn’t either until one of my favorite bloggers Song of Style, promoted it last year. Who knew that in addition to our shared love of fashion, and blogging we were also part of the same club. The club that nobody wants to be a part of and I wouldn’t wish membership on to even my worse enemy. It’s the “I’ve lost someone who fought a battle against brain tumors” club. 11 years ago as of April 24th, my mom passed away. It wasn’t the tumors that killed her but rather the pain killers she was prescribed to try and treat the pain caused from them. Fentanyl, a powerful pain patch accidentally leaked and instead of having a potency of 1 or 2, had a potency of 20. One potency alone is supposedly 80 times that of morphine. Or so I hear.

The memories of that day are horrible. Lots of tears, and lots of begging my mom to come back. “I’ll be good!” I cried out as I just sobbed over her lifeless body. Nobody should ever have to endure that kind of pain. But by that time, she was already called to heaven. The sky was so pink that day. Not surprising since that was her favorite color. She would be the type of angel to make an entrance. There was a Cheshire Cat moon that night too. Like she was smiling down on us. She wasn’t in pain anymore.

And that was the silver lining in losing her. But see she never let us, her children see her in pain. She still woke up every day and put her makeup on. She still religiously watched Oprah, and her “Soaps.” She was always talking about “Sonny” like he was our next door neighbor. The character of Robin, or maybe that was her real name I don’t really remember actually was our neighbor for a few years and yes my mom asked her to be our baby sitter. “Mom, she’s a movie star, why would she want to be our baby sitter?” I questioned her. She was the kind of person to always push boundaries. Fearless in every sense of the word. The only time I ever saw her cry was after one of her surgeries. They had to shave part of her head. My mom wasn’t like Rihanna or Demi Lovato. Shaving half your head was not really a trendy thing. And for someone who found confidence in her appearance (like Mother like daughter) it was heart breaking for her to endure and equally heart breaking for me to watch. But she figured out how to rock it. She was my mom she had the answers to everything. So when passed away I had a really hard time adjusting to figuring life out on my own. It was 2 weeks before my 18th birthday when she passed away. I didn’t have a drivers license, I was still waiting on my acceptance letter from college. Literally a few days after she died I finally got that “Congratulatory” letter of acceptance from Cal State Fullerton. And that’s when I knew, she left me wise and strong, just like her.

Just like all the other campaigns this one comes with a cool bracelet. I got mine from choose I’m proud it says “Fight like a girl.” Nobody fought harder than my mom. She never complained to us about the pain. Although there was one time she said she was going to go postal because me and my sister were arguing loudly, but I think that would have even gotten to a perfectly healthy person. She always put her family first. And even our friends. I can’t tell you how many times she took in one of my friends and treated them as her own. She even scolded them like her own. Me and one of my best friends Tracy still laugh till this day about the time she drove us to school and asked us for lip liner. We both failed to produce such a cosmetic product and all but got the 3rd degree on how we were “raised better than that.”

Brain tumors, whether their cancerous or benign are not fun. I imagine no ailment is fun. But watching someone fight to live a normal life despite the pain and agony they endure on a daily basis is almost just as painful. Towards the end her head aches were so bad she couldn’t endure even the faintest light. We would be on small shopping adventures (her favorite form of cardio) and she would feel like she was going to collapse. I always felt helpless but again she always fought through it. Fight like a girl seems appropriate. Because there was nobody stronger than my mom. So while others are looking for that perfect mothers day gift, and rightfully so, I will pay tribute to my angel up in heaven by wearing grey.

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Floral Fun At The Happiest Place On Earth

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Romper: Saks Private Label 5/48 Hat: Saks Bag: Marc Jacobs Sandals: Elizabeth and James Sunnies: Prada

First and foremost, disclaimer if you plan on visiting Disneyland in the coming weeks. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Almost everything is closed for refurbishment right now. Critter Country is closed. Peter Pan, The Matterhorn and a slew of other park favorites are CLOSED! Which wouldn’t be an issue except with half the park closed that means attendees now have limited options for entertainment thus everyone is now waiting in line for Pirates. Seriously, you know the traffic situation is out of control when that line is longer than 15 minutes. Yesterday, it was a 40 minute wait. However, if you must get your Disney fix, California Adventure is a great option. Not nearly as crowded and the Little Mermaid is still only a 5 minute wait.

Ok, now moving on. So it’s officially almost Spring! Although let’s be honest it’s felt that way in good ol’ So Cal for at least a month now and I couldn’t be more thrilled. There are so many great trends this season, and floral prints and jumpsuits are among my favorite. So imagine my delight when I came across this uber cute floral jumpsuit! I had contemplated investing in an all denim romper but alas it was too long and I took that as a sign it was perhaps wiser to invest in the more feminine choice. And that after all is what Spring is all about! Floral patterns, soft color palettes, and flowy fabrics! Of course you can add a little edge by infusing darker shades like I did here with my black large brimmed hat, but alas it was a perfect, fashionable choice to protect my face on a bright sunny zippity dooo da day. And it works perfect for those rogue cloudy blustery days too. I like to think this piece will be versatile even as I transition out of Summer and into Fall, as it can be paired then with some black wedged ankle booties and a crimson shade of lipstick. As I’ve said before, you know you’ve invested in a good piece when the styling options are not only endless, but seasonless as well.

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The Cherry Blossoms in bloom at Disneyland were breathtaking. I couldn’t see the critters of Critter Country but these pretty pink blooms were a nice and refreshing substitution.

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Sunshine and Sunflowers

Flower headband: By Me Dress: T By Alexander Wang Sandals: DVF Sunglasses: Prada

Flower headband: By Me
Dress: T By Alexander Wang
Sandals: DVF
Sunglasses: Prada



Some people dress to impress. Today I dressed to express! Seriously, I don’t know why people would purposely choose to live somewhere rainy, and cold. I talked to my Dad who lives in Texas today and he informed me that it’s been raining for weeks in his neck of the woods. He also informed me my sisters might be expecting snow in Houston. I on the other hand was happy to report the only issue I’ve been having is my realization that I have fewer sundresses than I thought! How is that even possible?


Some people incur winter weather problems that involve investing in layers, not us So. Cal folks. I’m starting to think the only necessary investments for a So. Cal gal are sunnies, sundresses and sunflowers!

The Rumors Are True: Linen During the Summer is the Greatest Idea. EVER!

The Rumors Are True: Linen During the Summer is the Greatest Idea. EVER!

Top: Helmut Lang Shorts: Joie Heels: Prada Necklace: Tarina Tarantino

Working in retail for too many years, I have helped many a customer who have told me, “linen is the way to go when the weather gets too hot.” Well, the time has come. I finally introduced some linen into my wardrobe. And considering the weather has consistently been in the triple digits, I’d say this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I really have had no reason for previously excluding this fabric from my wardrobe, other then I have never found anything that really jumped out at me as “omg, must have!”

And leave it to me to figure out how to dress something so casual up. Casual is not really in my vocabulary. One of my friends yesterday scolded me for investing in a pair of Prada heels that he said he never see’s me wear. Thus I had to prove him wrong today and incorporate my pretty little Prada’s in to my outfit.

Who said linen had to be casual?

Sunnies: Dolce and Gabana

Sunnies: Dolce and Gabana

Prada. No further description neccessary.

Prada. No further description neccessary.


Tarina Tarantino. The answer to every accessory need.

Tarina Tarantino. The answer to every accessory need.

Here Comes The Sun, and Here Comes the Shades

Here Comes The Sun, and Here Comes the Style

My favorite sunglasses, my purple baroque frames by Prada

In case you have not heard, us So. Cal folks have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine these past couple days. Dear Mr. Sun, won’t you stay awhile? We have missed you oh so very much.

While, enjoying the sunshine means a variety of things for fashion, one of my favorite summer essentials are sunglasses. To be truthful, I don’t think I own one pair of actual, traditional black sunglasses. Everything I own is either dramatic frames in the shape of apples, cat eyes, hello kitty cat eyes, or dramatic baroque design a la’ Prada. Even my black Chanel sunglasses had a lace design on the frames.

Last summer I invested in one of the most classic, traditional glasses (by my collection’s standards anyways.) A pair of leather embellished Choloe’ aviators. And much to my surprise I loved them! Almost makes me want to invest in more classic looking glasses…almost. Side note and friendly word of advice for fellow consumers who also may have purchased this style, the screw that connects the leather to the glasses ALWAYS falls out. Working in retail, these are a pair of glasses that always seems to come with issues. Nothing that can’t be solved though. Any sunglass place should sell extra screws to solve this problem, or if you are like me and don’t have the patience to do this yourself, hold on to the card that comes in the sunglass case that shows certification of authenticity, and according to the manufacturer they will fix the problem.

Aviators by Chloe. Note: The screw in the leather portion (right lens) is notorious for falling out.

Aviators by Chloe. Note: The screw in the leather portion (right lens) is notorious for falling out.

Every summer, I bedazzle a new pair of sunglasses. I miss my cherry red ones that I gave to one of my besties, but she looks fab in them. Perhaps, I’ll bedazzle my favorite Apple rimmed glasses (literally these are in the shape of bright red apples.)

I bedazzled the bow on these heart shaped hello kitty frames.

I bedazzled the bow on these heart shaped hello kitty frames.

Other must haves on my sunglass list are a floral pair of Dolce and Gabana’s, some House of Harlow cat eyes, white baroque Paradas, and maybe a black framed Chanel pair. If I’m going to finally do classic, what better way then to go Chanel. Ooo, and for days when I’m feeling a little crazy, Urban Outfitters has some really fun metal laced framed glasses.

Prada Baroque sunglasses, I want these in white.

Prada Baroque sunglasses, I want these in white.

Picture 24

House of Harlow 1960 Sunny Daisies Sunglasses available at

Lace framed sunglasses available at for $18

Lace framed sunglasses available at for $18

Tis the season for bows, bows and more bows!

Bow top by Free Generation and patent leather bow flats by Miu Miu

We are officially less then a month away from Christmas and what better way to celebrate the holidays then by decorating yourself with bows! Truth be told, I’d love to give credit for this obsession entirely to the holidays but if you know me, you know that I live up to my self proclaimed title of an all around girly girl. Thus you can pretty much find me wearing bows any time of the year. It just so happens that this time of year I wear these closet favorites just a little more often then other signature pieces of mine.

I’m hoping that my Miu Miu flats were made of magic leather and will last forever. And my Free Generation black satin bow top has been a holiday attire favorite for the past 2 years. What does that tell me? Bows are classic! These days you can find them perfectly and eloquently placed on everything from tights, bags, blouses, dresses, shoes, hair accessories, cell phones…well pretty much everything!

Tarina Tarantino grosgrain ribbon bow available at Tarina Tarantino

My biggest weakness seems to be bows in the form of sparkly jewelry. You know you have a problem when you walk into a Tarina Tarantino boutique and the whole team knows your name. Or even worst when your favorite boutique hunts you down to let you know that they got a new shipment of pieces you don’t have! Needless to say Tarina and Betsey Johnson are my go to gals when looking to get a fix of sparkle and all around fabulousness, and this season they have to die for designs that are influenced by, you guessed it BOWS!

Betsey Johnson filigre multi row stretch bracelet $85 at

Looks like this fashionista will be going shopping soon. My bow collection is always ready to welcome new friends.

Betsey Johnson bow ring $45 at