Rainbow Bright

Salvation Mountain

Dress: Bonne Chance Collections Bag: Skinny Dip London

Something happened in Fashion recently and there was a shift to embrace rainbows, unicorns and My Little Pony’s! And I’m here for this! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Barbie girl till the day I die, so I’m L I V I N G for this life style trend. Because yes, this obsession with having fun seems to be translating to everything from clothes, accessories and even Frappacinos (although the Unicorn Frap was a huge disappointment.) If you must indulge in colorful, Instagram-worthy desserts and you’re in the OC I strongly recommend Caked LA over Creme And Sugar aka the place that made the Unicorn Hot Chocolate famous. Their mermaid milk shake is adorable and all sorts of deliciousness but for Unicorn goodness I strongly recommend you take the trip to Caked LA.

Alas, let’s talk Fashion. Moschino just launched a My Little Pony collection in case anyone needed high fashion validation that “cutesy” is officially a thing. But if spending $400 on a replica Hot Topic item isn’t your thing fear not! If you follow fashion on social media at all perhaps you’ve noticed these adorable rainbow bags. And while there are many imitations, Skinny Dip London seems to have perfected the epitome of fun accessories. My favorite was this sparkly one that I discovered on sale for about $50. Bonne Chance is my new favorite go to label for every day dresses. Whether you’re looking for a cute Mickey Dress or something with a fun and colorful print, this small business has ya covered. And if the usually only $34.99 price tag wasn’t enough, each order comes individually wrapped in gift wrapped and a hand written thank you card! Like it’s literally you’re birthday and you knew just what you wanted! So stay tuned for more fun finds dear reader! And in the meantime please keep in mind the key to making these colorful looks is making sure you have the most fun putting them together! The more imagination the better!

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So my beloved Olivia enjoyed this shoot more than I did. Hidden in one of the caves of Salvation Mountain is a bowl of dog food and a dish of water for visiting dogs. And if that wasn’t enough Olivia decided she was going to find solace from the desert heat under the shade of a tent set up. There was a woman sitting under the tent when Olivia went and took a seat right next to her. The woman said “she knows who the dog mom of the desert is.” Little did I know, and she was quick to inform me that she really is the dog mom of the desert! She takes in all the abandoned dogs that get dumped in the desert and is committed to finding homes for them. Talk about heart warming! She is a registered Non-Profit and advised she does benefit from donations made at Petco. 


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Special shout out to Audi of Temecula who helped me make this trip possible with their “courtesy vehicle” while my precious TT was getting serviced. You will never find better service than the team at this Audi! 

SAS Shampoo and Style: A Blow Dry and Makeup Bar

First dry bar experience a success!

First dry bar experience a success!

So this past Friday I had the enormous honor of being a brides maid in my best friend’s wedding. Watching her walk down the aisle and commit to eternal happiness to her one true love was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  And before this blog post continues, a special shout out to my dear friend Marie is in order. Marie if you’re reading this, I love you and I am over the moon happy you found your happily ever after.

Alas, in preparation for the big day, just like any other bridal party member a plan of attack for both hair and makeup was essential. Makeup was a no brainer. MAC it was. They have a reputation for quality and who can beat the fact you get to keep your product they use. I even learned some new techniques in the process so thank you MAC and thank you girl that works at Bloomingdales at South Coast. Hair on the other hand required a bit more thought. Especially since I transitioned to a shorter style a few month ago, my options were limited unless I wanted to bring out my extensions. I looked to none other than my fashion icon, Nicole Richie for style inspiration. Whatever fancy up do she could pull off, logically a skilled hair stylist could assemble for me was my thinking. Nicole can pull off a fab milk maid braid and since I was a brides maid I figured that would actually be perfect.

So I opened up my Google browser and googled an Orange County braid bar. After checking out a few options I stumbled upon SAS Shampoo and Style Blow Dry and Makeup Bar. The appointment setting process was super easy. They even have an option to schedule your appointment online after hours! Clever and convenient! Everything about the whole experience was pleasant even my inquiry on exactly where it was they were located. When I called to get specifics I was greeted by a friendly “hello gorgeous!” Well hello to you too stranger on the other line!

I walked into the small little shop and was instantly amazed at how cute it was. It literally is set up like a bar. Except instead of endless bottles of alcohol there are endless bottles of hair product. The color scheme reminded me of Tiffany’s meets the Moroccan Oil bottles with pearl and glass accents. I wish I had taken a picture because the place was the epitome of chic cuteness. I sat in the chair and explained to the girl what I had envisioned. While initially she had reservations about being able to pull off my desired do, some words of encouragement and understanding on my part she had a vision. I encouraged her to go with it, and the result was amazing. I was so pleased with the results. While it wasn’t the traditional milk maid braid style I originally anticipated, I got something even better! She said what I got was a dutch braid up do. Whatever you call it, I got something that was totally worth the $50 charge. If you’re in the Orange County area and are in the need to be pampered or glommed up for any occasion I highly recommend  this Dry Bar!

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Simply Chic on Sunday Funday

Top: Equipment Boots: GC Shoes Necklace and Hat: Saks

                                        Top: Equipment Boots: GC Shoes Necklace and Hat: Saks

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that the plan for the day involved heading out to the hill side to give my boyfriend’s new Daniel Defense Rifle a try. I’m not a huge fan of guns but they seem to make him happy and if it makes him happy then I’m ecstatic. But instead of partaking in pulling the trigger on a firearm I opted instead to be snap happy behind my new telephoto lens. It’s beginner lens, but that’s exactly what I am so I figured there is presently no need to invest the two grand just yet if I’m not quite sure how the thing works anyways.

The last time I went shooting though and shared the experience on my Facebook page, a friend of mine that knows me all too well said he wouldn’t be surprised if I was wearing heels. The thought had crossed my mind, but that time I opted for combat boots and camouflage. Seemed appropriate, right? Well this time around I figured if that’s what people are expecting of me may as well give the crowd what they want! Just because you’re doing a dirty job doesn’t mean you have to look dirty. This isn’t always the case though. There was one time when it didn’t occur to me that going snow boarding meant you had to actually wear snow boarding gear…aka snow proof attire. I totally thought jeans and a Hollister Jacket would suffice. Fortunately for me, the same friend who called me out on wearing heels to go shooting also anticipated I would overlook the fact that snow is water and would not come prepared, thus bringing a second set of snow gear for me. I love that not only do I know my sense of style but that my friends do as well.

Testing out my new telephoto lens! It sure does capture a beautiful sunset.

Testing out my new telephoto lens! It sure does capture a beautiful sunset.

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My boyfriend knows how to shoot a gun but can't for the life of him focus a 50 mm lens. FYI this is NOT a loaded gun, otherwise I would not be holding it like that. Safety first always!

My boyfriend knows how to shoot a gun but can’t for the life of him focus a 50 mm lens. FYI this is NOT a loaded gun, otherwise I would not be holding it like that. Safety first always!

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Confessions of An Outfit Repeater

Dress: Equipment Belt: Nordstroms  Hat: Saks Boots: Joie Dalton Boots

                             Dress: Equipment Belt: Nordstroms Hat: Saks Boots: Joie Dalton Boots

Ok, so when it comes to accessorizing I am guilty of one of the worse fashion offenses a fashionista can make. Yes, I am an accessory repeater. But that’s the best part of accessories! They’re so versatile and always the perfect thing to add flare to basic pieces. Since May I’ve been obsessed with my House of Harlow pieces. Particularly my sunburst necklace. It’s always just enough of a compliment. And take it from me, you don’t need the brightest sparkliest piece on the shelf to make a statement with accessories. Although, don’t get me wrong I love those too.

But the best part of subtle accessories is you don’t have limit yourself to just one amazing piece. I like to look for balance when putting together an ensemble. For example if you have a huge statement necklace with large jewels and bright colors, you probably want to steer clear of equally if not louder chandelier earrings. They’re both pieces that deserve their chance to shine! Don’t make them fight for the spotlight! The same thing is true for your outfits. If you have a sparkly top it’s not necessary to go for equally shiny jewelry. It’s too distracting and too shiny. But when you have an amazing basic piece,  such as one of my favorite Equipment France pieces, it’s like starting with a blank canvas. The neat thing about this dress is on cooler days I can turn it into a layer and use it as a jacket esque thing. I suppose it works better for your wallet to invest in basics because of all the infinite ways you can re-imagine an outfit. Huh, what’d you know? Turns out I’m better at being an outfit repeater than I thought.

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