Do What You Love


Top: Parker Bag: Kate Spade Shoes: Valentino Necklace: Betsy Johnson Skirt: H&M Glitter Sunnies: Miu Miu

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, I’ve been asked about my blog a lot recently. Whether it be someone bringing up a favorite blog article or just a favorite picture I would like to express a sincere thank you to my friends and family who have motivated me to get back at the thing that makes me happiest- fashion and blogging about it. And what better way than to talk about what I love most than the day before Valentines Day?!

Not only is fashion sure to take over my Facebook, and Insta feed due to New York Fashion Week descending upon us faster than you can say the devil wears Prada, but fashion is starting to devour my investment choices as well. As much as I love interior decorating- and investing in new fun furniture (until the glam room starts coming together) it’s time to invest in my already expansive wardrobe. I’ve already invested in key pieces. For example this red skirt I’m sure you’ve seen before for more holiday inspired outfits-4th of July too. But now it works perfect for this Valentines Day ensemble! Thank you H&M! Thank you for this fabulous staple piece that seems to be the answer to all of my Holiday ensemble needs.

valentines day 17.jpg

Who needs a Valentine when you have Valentino?!

Now, the fun comes in investing in accessories! Which again is perfect considering I’m putting together an accessory room. This season my accessory of choice was this uber cute heart bag by Kate Spade. No doubt, just like the red skirt I’m sure I’ll find great ways to style it all year round. Some of my co-wokers even highlighted how perfectly it will match my obligatory mouse ears for my Disney adventures- cause ya know that’s an equally important factor to consider when deciding on accessory statements. And probably another borderline fashion addiction to be discussed in another post. Alas, ladies and fashion gents it’s good to be back! Thanks for inspiring me dear loved ones to once again resume this thing I love the most- and ya know it really is true. When you do what you love you really never work a day in your life.


I’m not the only one who turned to Kate Spade for Valentines Day Style! How cute is my dear friend and fellow blogger Kerry Miller of KLM Fashion Style’s Kate Spade bow bag? 

End of Season Sales: Time to Get Your Running Heels On

Top: Zara Skirt: Guess Shoes: Valentino Hat: H&M Sunnies: Elizabeth and James

Top: Zara Skirt: Guess Shoes: Valentino Hat: H&M Sunnies: Elizabeth and James

There are a plethora of reasons why the beginning of a new year is so promising. In addition to metaphorically beginning anew there are also plenty of opportunities to start a new section in your wardrobe in the form of after season sales. And after taking a short road trip out to LA yesterday some of the big names, Topshop and Zara are having some of the best end of season sales I’ve seen in quite some time. Literally, pieces that were once $100 now only $12!

My shopping buddies were quick to remind me some of the pieces I found were not in tip top shape but alas when you’re buying something below company costs or just right at that value, I really can’t complain about a blemish that can more than likely be removed with some steam and a Shout wipe. If you are one of those people who nit picks on even clearance items being in less than pristine condition, please keep in mind you are already getting a discount. That associate whom you’re asking for a discount from, or even manager for that reason is not only there to help tell you whether or not the piece looks spectacular on you, but to run a business. Not all businesses have the luxury of sending their damaged pieces out to refurbishment centers. I get reasonable discounts if a zipper is truly broken or there is a huge hole that will take some time and money spent at an alterations place to repair but if it’s a deodorant mark that can be rubbed out or a wrinkle that can be resolved with some steam, take your deal that’s already marked and run. Don’t feel so entitled to having something practically free. OK my rant is over.

Side note? How freaking cute is this top I got at Zara yesterday for only $10?! I was a little reluctant to get a small, usually I get my tops in a medium because I don’t like them too tight but the way the sleeves were put on this actually left for some breathing room. And let’s be honest, while unlike my Dad I will probably never run an actual marathon, I feel like I’ve been training for a shopping marathon my whole life. Even in heels! Who walked the blocks down Wilshire, Beverly Blvd, and Rodeo yesterday? This girl! Even Olivia partook in the adventure. Which is perhaps the reason both she and I were exhausted today. We shopped till we dropped.

zara (1 of 1)

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Top: Zara Skirt: Guess Hat: H&M Shoes: Valentino Sunnies: Elizabeth & James