Summer Ready in Sun Yellow

donald (b)

Dress: Forever 21 Belt: Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes and Bag: Kate Spade Hat: H&M

Summer is not officially here but that has not stopped this fashion blogger from getting  a head start. I look forward to Summer for a number of reasons- longer days, and warmer weather definitely topping the list. I also love selecting from the brightest pieces in my wardrobe and pairing them with equally bold pieces. (Madeline similarities are entirely coincidental.)

Bold colors, like this super cute yellow dress that I found at Forever 21 recently for a solid price point of $8 typically end up being my favorite foundations for a memorable fashion moment. Whether paired with a printed accessory or an equally bold statement bag, the possibilities of fabulousness are endless! Even if standing out in a crowd is not your cup of tea, you can still rock a yellow ensemble and pair it with more neutral accents i.e nude shoes and gold accessories.

June 1st my best friend challenged me to take the month long Disney Style Challenge. And while I would love to spend every single day at Disneyland and capitalize on all the magical photo opps that typically present themselves at the happiest place on earth, it is not possible despite the luxury of being an annual pass holder. Fortunately for me, nestled away just a few cities over is Old Town Temecula, a part of town that looks like it’s the more Western sister of Main Street USA. Alas, I found several perfect backdrops to compliment my tribute to Donald Duck- which happens to be the challenge for June 9th. I love outfits with a theme and more specifically outfits with a Disney theme!

donald (c)donald (d)donald (e)donald (f)donald (g)donald (h)donald (i)

Keeping it “Cali Cool”

old town a

Shorts: Joie Gladiators: Steve Madden Bag: Coach Top: Parker Hat: H&M

It isn’t until very recently I started realizing the impact the United States has on the fashion world. After all, Paris is synonymous with chic, but what are we known for? Well, I feel like New York got the effortless chic reputation, Miami gets all the fun, and California? Like our Coast we keep it cool.

As much as I would like to think I dress runway ready every day, that’s just not possible. But thanks to “Western Fashion Dress code” even my off days are still in line with tradition. It doesn’t take very much to achieve this look. Shorts and sandals typically accomplish this but in typical fashion girl style even something as simple as a pair of sandals has to have an element of drama- thus the choice of going with gladiator sandals. Surprisingly, my Steve Madden gladiators have been my go to selection for the past few summers. Shocking to me because typically the life expectancy I have for Steve Maddens is 2 months.

old town d

old town

Alas, I’ve come to the conclusion to achieve said California Cool look you need 3 things- color, minimal accessories, and a gust of wind in your hair. A pink cadillac in the background is always a nice accent as well.

old town e

An Ode To Shirley

This past week, we lost one of the most talented stars to ever grace the big screen, Shirley Temple. In school we discussed the definition of “celebrity.” It used to be that being a celebrity meant you were notorious for being talented. These days being a celebrity is defined as just being notorious, and most often than not for something negative rather than positive. Shirley’s contribution? Entertaining generations of people. I say people and not just children because I’m pretty sure that I love her just as much if not more as an adult than I did when I was a child.

Perhaps your thinking to yourself, how is this an ode to Shirley? Umm hellooo! Vintage. Roaring twenties! I like to think the roaring twenties really gave birth to the free spirits of the world. The free spirits who encouraged smiles, laughter, polka dot dresses and animal crackers in our soup.

Perhaps your thinking to yourself, how is this an ode to Shirley? Umm hellooo! Vintage. Roaring twenties! I like to think the roaring twenties really gave birth to the free spirits of the world. The free spirits who encouraged smiles, laughter, polka dot dresses and animal crackers in our soup.

Shirley lived her life with grace and dignity. Which is not that surprising coming from a little gal who used to sing about animal crackers in her soup. Perhaps Miley should have sang more about animal crackers and could have saved us from the twerking epidemic which I truly believe led to the horrific version of “Achy Breaky Heart Part 2.” Ewww. She never had a scandal, and she led her life to do great things without ever having to enter rehab! Shocker.

Growing up one of the biggest treats was being allowed to play with my Grandma’s porcelain dolls. She had the best collection and then one day she got two Shirley dolls. At first we weren’t allowed to play with them and then one day miraculously my sister and I somehow gained that privilege. We were told we could play with her as long as we didn’t mess up her hair (it was perfectly pinned and netted) or change her clothes. All was well until one day my Grandma’s best friends grand-daughter came over. Insert the “dun dun dun” here. Chanel did not get the disclaimer of playing with Shirley because first thing she did was TAKE OFF HER HAIR NET! The nerve! Not only did she jeopardize my Shirley privileges but till this day I’m not really allowed to touch any collectibles that aren’t perfectly preserved in a box. I never wanted to invite her to a play date, ever again. And sadly, those Shirley curls have never been the same.

I’m disappointed in the media for not talking about this story more in detail. Where’s the E True Hollywood Special? Where was the AMC movie marathon? Does the world really only care about what stupid new antic Justin Bieber is up to? Well Shirley Temple, I care. And I really and truly thank you for giving not just me, but the world and generations something to smile and laugh about. The entertainment in which you provided us was rare. It was something that my Great Grandparents, my grandparents, my parents and hopefully someday my kids love to watch. Thanks for the memories Shirley.


Hat: Saks
Glasses and Shoes: Chloe
Pearl Earrings: Tarina Tarantino
Shorts: Free People
Top: Forever 21
Bag: Marc Jacobs

We'll miss you Shirley.

We’ll miss you Shirley.



Dots In Downtown

Top: Equipment Hat: H&M Sandals: Elizabeth and James Bag: Marc Jacobs

Top: Equipment
Hat: H&M
Sandals: Elizabeth and James
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Sometimes the weather inspires an outfit, other times it’s the plans for the day. Today I only had one plan in mind and that was to just be out and about. Today’s subtle gust of wind blew us to Downtown Temecula. I love going Downtown, simply for the ambiance. There’s a sense of freedom and independence¬†that exudes from the old buildings. I love the smell of BBQ that overflows that air, stemming from the good ol’ mom and pop burger shops that in any other big town would probably be far and few, and one of those best kept secret kind of things. But not in this town. This town takes pride on things that are home-grown. Although since moving to this neighborhood, despite my previously mentioned observation I have yet to find a good farmers market. (As of this blog post the best farmers market I have yet to experience is the one held at Victoria Garden’s in Rancho every Friday.) Either way, it’s definitely and Old America experience. Perhaps that’s why they call it “Old Town.”