My Favorite Holiday Outfit and A Pair of Mouse Ears

Jacket: Vintage Nordstroms Find Jeans: J Brand Top: Milly Shoes: Milly Bag: Marc Jacobs

                                                                       Jacket: Vintage Nordstroms Find
                                                                                         Jeans: J Brand
                                                                                              Top: Milly
                                                                                             Shoes: Miu Miu
                                                                                            Bag: Marc Jacobs

Seasons greetings! Ok, I know we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet but let’s face it. We’ve been haunted by the fact the holidays were near since about July when stores like Hobby Lobby started displaying their fake Christmas Trees. But now we’re literally only weeks ago so it’s high time to get in to the Christmas spirit!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is there is no such thing as too much. There is never too much sparkle. Never too much red. Never too much ugly especially when it comes to wearing a traditional ugly sweater! You can always opt for over the top Christmas ensembles or more classic attire such as this chic little number I put together just for a quick trip to Disneyland. Disneyland is my favorite place to be this time of year. OK, that’s a half lie, Disneyland is my favorite place to be all year round, but especially true during the Holidays! There’s always holiday magic at every turn! From Christmas trees the size of the Eiffel Tower, to castles covered in enchanted snow, Disney does Christmas right! Wishing all you readers a magical holiday season! xoxoxoxo

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Bracing For Winter in My Barbie Sweater

Top: Forever 21 Pants: Saks Fifth Avenue Red Label Shoes: Valentino

              Top: Forever 21 Pants: Saks Fifth Avenue Red Label Shoes: Valentino Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

I didn’t think it would ever happen but sweater weather finally arrived today! And in typical cliche form I couldn’t help but talk about it with nearly everyone I came into contact with today. Even the guy at Verizon, who enlightened me to the fact he spent $200 on his seasonal sweaters yesterday. I couldn’t help but share with him my technique for prepping my closet for a new season is to think about that season after it ends. Scratching your head thinking, what in the world is she talking about? Basically, my secret for being seasonally appropriate is to invest in seasonal pieces in the after sale. I got my swimsuits in January when stores were trying to move through their previous seasons to make way for new collections. Similarly, I invested in my sweaters a few months ago when the temperatures were still triple digit.

Ok, truthfully I would have looked for any excuse to buy this totes adorbs Barbie by Forever 21 sweater. But I knew it would be perfect for a cold day and wouldn’t ya know, I was right. It is just enough for temperatures that drop to about 60 degrees, aka the time of year when So Cal residents fear of dying of hypothermia. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but in truth anything less than 75 degrees is only acceptable temperatures when I have cute sweaters such as this to endure it.

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Oh my favorite Tarina earrings. Always the perfect accent when looking to complete that Barbie girl look.

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Big Hair Don’t Care: My Halloween As Marge Simpson

Dress: Nasty Gal Shoes: Melissa Necklace: Charming Charlie

                                  Dress: Nasty Gal Shoes: Melissa Necklace: Charming Charlie

Happy Halloween dear readers! Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s the Christmas for us creative people who take delight in sharing our creativity with the world. And this year I was determined to take Halloween to Lauren Conrad levels of creativity. I plan for Halloween like some people plan weddings. I try and start thinking of ways to up my previous year typically in June. However this year my inspiration came when MAC released their Marge Simpson collection. Why I never really looked at the world’s most notorious house wife for inspiration before is beyond me. And it worked out because my boyfriend got to dress up as one of his favorite cartoon characters (South Park and Family Guy didn’t even come close to making the cut. No way could I make Stewie cute.)

Becoming inspired is only half the battle though! An idea is only such until you start looking for ways to bring your inspiration to life. How I ever made it through Halloween or any festive event before Pinterest is beyond me. The makeup idea came from Pinterest (construction paper to add drama to falsies, who’d of thought?!) Nasty Gal, coincidentally just happened to be having a sale on one of their signature dresses in the perfect shade of green. And even better it was sparkly! The universe was practically begging me to be Marge! The only thing that was pure my imagination was Marge’s signature blue beehive hair do. I searched through countless wigs. I even considered going with a young Marge vibe which would mean I would have to settle for long flowy blueberry shade of blue locks. But every wig I found reminded me too much of Katy Perry, which is fine for Katy Perry things but this was serious and settling was not an option. Then I found it! The official wig that went with the Marge Simpson costume. It wasn’t dramatic enough and not worth the $80 the costume store wanted to charge for it. Ugh, if you want something done right ya just gotta do it yourself! Right across the aisle way from the Marge costume, strategically placed were a pair of fuzzy leg warmers for a Dr. Seus inspired costume. If anyone understood the cartoony drama I was looking for it totally would be Dr. Seus! Although looking back now I probably could have just gone to Joannes and picked up some blue fuzzy fabric. Alas, I finally found what I was looking for.

I took the leg warmers home and a discussion about how high was too high and some magic with some thread, a glue gun and plastic bags later my perfect Marge Simpson wig was made. I sewed the top of one of the leg warmers together. I took some fabric off of the second leg warmer and attached an elastic head band to it. Next I glued the elastic band to my enclosed leg warmer and stuffed the center with plastic shopping bags. Several things were tried to keep it up but the bags seemed to work best. If the stuffing was too heavy it caused the wig to collapse. I have never been so proud of a creation in my life! I was pretty impressed with my work until we went to a Halloween Party and someone showed up in a homemade Bat Mobile. The people in our neighborhood get how important this holiday is. From my Marge masterpiece, to the Bat Mobile, to our neighbors amazing set up I’d say we’ve got this Holiday covered!

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There must have been a Simpson’s memo sent out because one of the Halloween parties we attended had not one but TWO Duffman! What are the odds?

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I wonder how many Little Mermaid scenes I can re-create in a pumpkin? Which scene should I do next year?!

Step by step tutorial for Marge's makeup.

                                                                  Step by step tutorial for Marge’s makeup.

Style Fashion Week LA: Dolcessa Swimwear

Katya Leoncio debuted her newest collection of swimmer for "Dolcessa" at Style Fashion Week LA Friday evening.

Katya Leoncio debuted her newest collection of swimmer for “Dolcessa” at Style Fashion Week LA Friday evening.

Some girls are satisfied with swimsuits made by the masses and sold in major retailers across the country. (Don’t knock a Target Swimsuit until you’ve tried one.) Then there are the girls that only live for the finer things in life. Those girls are most likely destined to be fans of Katya Leoncio’s luxury swimwear line “Dolcessa.” Pronounced Dol-chess-ah, it is a high class swim label that “incorporates European craftsmanship, Italian fabrics, and custom embellishments, accentuated by body flattering silhouettes.” Aka it’s for the girl who takes lounging by the pool as seriously as football enthusiasts take the Super Bowl.

This commitment to flattering a women’s silhouette in the finest fabrics and accented gems is what distinguishes the collection apart from the competition. Perhaps this also is the reason the label has been featured consecutively in prominent publications such as People, Maxim and Sports Illustrated. Umm, and let’s talk a second about those amazing head pieces by Clutch Jewelry! I would want to wear one of those with my gym clothes just because I assume I would feel so epic with a headpiece that grand. But take it from me, sometimes it is possible to go too big with accents and accessories. With this collection however, the styling with the head pieces and other accessories make total sense in the non-over dramatic way. Each and every piece perfectly compliments the bright colors and bold prints of the swimsuits. After all, a girl who seeks the finer things in life traditionally doesn’t shy away from being center of attention. And that is exactly what a girl who wears Dolcessa is destined to be: center stage and perfectly accessorized.

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Fashion Finally Makes It’s Way To The IE

Top: Desert Rose Boutique Shorts: Free People Hat: Saks Accessories: Desert Rose Boutique Shoes: Chloe

Top: Desert Rose Boutique Shorts: Free People Hat: Saks Accessories: Desert Rose BoutiquebShoes: Chloe Savannah Boots

Every now and then the IE surprises me. I know many of my OC friends sometimes stick their noses in the air when it comes to anything that has to do with the 909, 951 or you get the picture. But once upon a time the OC was just a bunch of undeveloped, beautiful land that had yet to be discovered. And seriously that’s exactly how some parts of the Inland Empire are. Rare beautiful gems, comparable to scenic landscapes in Orange County minus the beaches. And nature isn’t the only item to compare to the OC. I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but now there are even super cute boutiques popping up that offer the same great styles found in OC but at even better prices!

Cute styles and affordable price points, literally right down the street from me? Someone pinch me I’ve died! A few days ago one of the store reps from Desert Rose apparel reached out to me to invite me to stop by. Their picture immediately reminded me of some of my favorites. Brandy Melville and Free People were the labels that instantly came to mind. But even better? This place was right down the street from my house! Cute affordable clothes less than 5 minutes away? Dear fashion gods, I’m in trouble now.

My excitement turned to momentary skepticism when I realized the location of the boutique was right next to a gas station and a thrift store I’ve driven past a dozen times and never really thought much of. (It really was one of those don’t judge a book by it’s cover kinda moments.) The signs aren’t big but once you know what you’re looking for their bright colors pop out, and you see the sign. Once I walked up the stairs and through the single door it really was like finding a bright red rose in the desert. The collections on hand are again on par with my favorite Free People/ Brandy Melville collections except at only a fragment of the cost. Super cute trendy jewelry for maximum I saw $15. Tops and shorts for $15. Prada inspired baroque sunnies for I want to say $13 (not quite sure I remember that correctly, but either way amazing considering actual Pradas will set you back easily $400.) How have my favorite styles suddenly blown like a tumbleweed into my neighborhood? Well that’s because another former OC resident has found themselves in the heart of the Inland Empire. And much like myself she had to find an outlet to share her passion of fashion with the IE natives, and thus we now have an amazing little shop in the heart of Canyon Lake! Thank you so much Christy for bringing fashion to this part of the IE!


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