It’s The Season of Love ❤️ 


Carter’s First Valentines Day Outfit by H&M

Motherhood is full of magical moments. Like waking up every day to see a beautiful and everchanging little face. It’s not a cliche- time really does pass ridiculously fast when you enter the world of mommy. But I’m taking every chance to slow things down. I know, I know you’re probably thinking he’s a baby and he won’t remember any of this but I hope as he grows up he learns every day has the potential to be magical and memorable. And holidays are no exception.

Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite holidays for many reasons- perhaps because I’m biased to the color palette. But I’ve always loved the concept of taking the time to spread love. Whether it be in the form of a card passed out to my classmates in grade school, showering my best friend with gifts and pictures of Ryan Gossling in High School- or actually I believe it was Shane West to celebrate our friendship, and now celebrating the love I have for my baby Carter.

He may not understand balloons and cards but I do believe he understands love. He lights up when I sing him a love song. Currently obsessed with Michael Buble’s “Forever Now.” He however is partial to “You’ve Got A Friend in Me.” He loves being flown through the air as we watch the Incredibles and I call him Mr. Incredible. Nobody’s life is perfect and Lord knows mine is certainly not- but I’m darn sure going to do my best to give Carter the best childhood as best as I’m capable. And thank goodness for Pinterest. A lot of my creativity comes from my own childhood and efforts put into it by my parents and grandparents. And also, special thanks to Amazon Prime- A God send not just for mommy’s secluded to their homes during a rainy season but also mommy’s who don’t have the patience of driving to 5 different stores.

Happy Valentines Day my baby Carter. If I may quote one of my mom’s favorite books and one that we read at home growing up many times-

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

If you ever need inspiration for holiday cookies look no further than Instagram and Pinterest. While you could use any sugar cookie recipe for these, the fondant and cookie stamps were a la Amazon. They do sell custom stamps on Etsy but this cookie cutter kit was about $20 and came with letters to change out your stamps for however many different messages you need.

New Year, New Me

feb16c (1 of 1)

Glasses: Prada Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pants: DVF Blouse: Theory

Your eyes do not deceive you, I have finally traded my blonde locks in for what I can only describe as a strawberry bronde. I have been stopped a few times since the transition that was at least 12 years in the making and thus I must give a shout out to my miracle worker of a hair stylist, Diego at La Mode salon in Menifee, CA. I showed him a picture of former blonde bombshell Ashley Tisdale who also fairly recently joined the ginger club and I am beyond thrilled, he practically matched it! Master of color he is.

Once I looked in the mirror after the transformation I couldn’t help but smile and think of my sister who has literally been on my case to change my signature blonde locks since I started the highlight process almost 12 years ago. I would like to point out it took a few years to perfect my blonde, which was perhaps the main reason it took so long to consider a new color. But trust me, I’m glad I waited and didn’t just bleach my hair right off the bat. And thank you to my old stylist Jenette for educating me on the proper way to transition from dark to light without doing permanent damage.

Alas, a new hair style isn’t the only thing this fashionista has been looking forward too. All this blustery weather has me counting down the days till I can bust out my favorite Spring pieces. Skirts, dresses, floral prints and pastels….GAH! I’m counting down the days!