Animal Friendly Fashion Choices

Animal Friendly Fashion Choices

I have proudly always been against the use of any kind of animal for fur products. Even if this meant refusing a beautiful rabbit fur coat my grandma once wanted to bestow upon me. At the time I had a pet rabbit named Foofers, and I just didn’t think I could explain that to her.

So after stumbling upon a PETA video, that depicted the cruel and inhumane killing of fluffy little puppies (it was horrific, and I still have nightmares), I have since been on a mission to only purchase products in which no animals would have to suffer.

Some may think I’m a hypocrite. I love my leather bags but it took me a loooonng time to finally come to the conclusion that this was an environmentally ethical decision. I suppose my decision followed the logic that I am by no means a vegetarian, and if I could justify a bbq with steak a quilted leather Stan Bag could be equally justified. I would like to think the cow that was sacrificed in the name of fashion was very old, and very ill and the decision was one that only had the best of interest in mind for the animal.

I know, I know this is probably not true, but it helps me sleep better at night.

Since becoming more aware of other countries manufacturing ethics, or lack thereof I have since come to the conclusion that I don’t buy products made from China any longer, at least leather products. If I am faced with a decision that involves me choosing between a cotton piece made in India vs. China, or whatever the case may be I choose the other country. Something made entirely in the USA is ideal. Which surprisingly includes some of my favorite labels. J Brand and Wildfox to name a few!

In the case of leather, I’ve gladly discovered vegan leather. Even if it’s faux I don’t care. I’ve also discovered some designers make a concertive effort to produce animal friendly bags, Stella Mcartney being one of them. Which could explain why since discovering this tidbit of information I have been dying for one.

Celebs rock their animal friendly Stella bags.

Celebs rock their animal friendly Stella bags.


New York Fashion Week 2013

Whelp, New York Fashion Week has come to a conclusion and now it is time for the fashion power houses to strut their stuff in London.

And what did we learn from New York Fashion Week? Well for starters, it appears as though once the leaves start falling from the trees we are going to see tons of navy, lots of leather, and fur trimmed outerwear. Also, to remind us of the season immediately following, lots of winter white. And who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Some of my favorite runway presentations were the following:

BCBG MaxAzria had a beautiful show case. From bold prints to sheer overlays, everything about this collection was true to the brand, and also brought something memorable to the runway. Again, sheer, floor length top anyone? I know Christmas is almost a year away but I will most certainly be asking Santa Clause for some of BCBG’s leg warmers.

So pretty! So fun! So couture! My favorite runway piece from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013. Stunning piece by BCBG

So pretty! So fun! So couture! My favorite runway piece from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013. Stunning piece by BCBG

Marc Jacobs had a stunning presentation, as always. One of things I love most about Marc Jacobs is he never deviates from his own style. Bold prints, and unique use of color blocking are as signature to Jacobs as cherry red souls to Christian Louboutin. My favorite runway debuts were his cherry and crimson red color blocked mod dresses.

Loved Marc Jacobs' use of the best shades of red!

Loved Marc Jacobs’ use of the best shades of red!

My most favorite presentation for this season though was the collection by Rachel Zoe. Quite literally I believe my jaw dropped with every piece that walked down the runway. I loved several things about her collection. The first being her use of taupe, and white. There is something about taupe leather that makes my heart go a flutter. Unlike other designers who are typically known for creating very feminine pieces and deviated slightly from that for this seasons collection, Zoe discovered a perfect way to incorporate the dreariness and very structured trend that usually radiates from fall collections and made it girly. For example, an a line skirt with pleats, structured yet feminine, and a solution to the girly girl’s overly structured problem. Loved her sequined sweaters, and fur trimmed plaid outerwear pieces. Long story short, I just loved everything about this presentation.

This sequined cardi was one of my favorite pieces by Rachel Zoe to waltz down the runway.

This sequined cardi was one of my favorite pieces by Rachel Zoe to waltz down the runway.

The runway that broke my heart with disappointment was Betsey Johnson. Seriously, I’m sighing as I’m typing this. Don’t get me wrong, I love Betsey. I love that a woman of that mentality, who adores pink and sparkles as much as I do is a runway veteran and still does cartwheels on the cat walk. But work out wear? Really? The collection looked uninspired and prepared last minute. Bring back the pretty dresses! I have no doubt, next time will be better because really, it could not possibly get any worse.

While I don't love the Betsey Johnson workout apparel, I could see myself loving her work out accessories.

While I don’t love the Betsey Johnson workout apparel, I could see myself loving her work out accessories.

Usually when Fall officially arrives, I embrace it lovingly because that means Starbucks is once again serving Pumpkin Spice lattes and I can once again wear large cozy sweaters and cute scarves. But alas, that is what I’ve been wearing for the past 3 months and I am ready for Summer. But I’m glad I know what to shop for post Labor Day.

I love rock and roll!

Rock and Roll doesn’t have to be grungy. Outfit= leather jacket, beanie by marc by marc jacobs, scarf by Alexander McQueen, glasses by Chloe

If you knew me as a child, you know the incredibly strict fashion rules that were enforced upon me. For example, nail polish had to be clear. Lipstick came in the form of chapstick, and if I wanted to wear a concealer of some sort it had to be nothing more than the Clean and Clear blue powder. The reins were not loosened until my junior year of high school when I was FINALLy allowed to embrace new style choices. While Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch quickly became my go to stops as I was finally embracing my So. Cal roots.

Never in a million years did I think my style would eventually embrace leather, combat boots, and skulls. But alas, today I find myself not being able to have enough of these pieces in my closet! It doesn’t help that I’m addicted to McQueen. My original military inspired ankle booties are one of my most prized pieces of my shoe collection and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be buried in them (it is quite literally a toss up between those and my sparkly Chanel heels. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of years to decide.) Anyways, in my younger years I was not allowed to wear black and anything with skulls was assumed to have been purchased from Hot Topic, a store that for years I was not even allowed to step foot in.

My poor mother is probably rolling over in her grave at my recent fashion choices. I find myself drawn not only to McQueen look alikes when I can’t afford the real thing, big chunky combat boots with (gasp) studs,¬†and leather! Since we are now in the heart of fall and all these style must can be found on nearly every shelf, my bank account quite frankly does not stand a chance.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita spiked black and silver ankle boots $195 at

What are some must haves that I think all rock and roll inspired fashionistas must have? Jeffrey Campbell combat boots for sure! I was at a runway event earlier in the summer and one of the attendees completely stole the show and got more compliments than the girls wearing their Louboutins. Imagine that!

Leather leggings have been a staple in my fall closet for about 2 years now, which tells me that this trend is quickly becoming a classic. Pair them with an oversized sweater and some leather boots and you have a boho inspired rock and roll look!

leather leggings paired with an oversized sweater? Vince usually has exactly what your looking for

Ok, if you’ve been following my posts, you realize by now I should probably be attending some sort of Nicole Richie anonymous meetings because I am OBSESSED with her style. Nobody does rock and roll better than her (ok maybe with the exception of Gwen Stefani.) Perhaps the thing I love most about Nicole Richie’s style is she adds a flare of chic to it.

Nicole Richie making rock and roll runway ready

Add a touch of classiness to something traditionally deemed grungy and you have girly girls such as myself ready to take a walk on the wild side. Rock on!