Destination: Pink



Greetings! And welcome to my first travel piece! Some people have destinations on their bucket list that include lush tropical exotic locations. Me, being the girly girl I am, my destinations of choice are inspired by my favorite color. Fortunately, many of these locations are within 100 miles from me, so the ball’s in my court until I can map out some destinations across the globe- that super posh and pink restaurant in London being one of them. In the mean time dear readers, enjoy some of my favorite pink destinations in So Cal:

  1. The Pink Door- Palm Springs.

There are so many hidden gems in Palm Springs. I feel like every time I leave I stumble upon a reason to come back on the way home. I love a town who takes color schemes seriously, and home owners who are willing to share their love of pink with the world. The Pink door is such an iconic California landmark it even inspired a replica door at the Museum of Ice Cream (which yes, I had the absolute honor of visiting this week, but that post will come another day.)



2. The Beverly Hills Hotel- Beverly Hills (Obviously)


Imagine a swanky, pink flower accented oasis just minutes away from one of the most iconic luxury shopping destinations in the world. Ya, the Beverly Hills Hotel (the one on Sunset) is the equivalent of hitting the pink decor jackpot. From pink and green vintage inspired lounge areas, to a red carpet that seems to reflect a hot pink when accented with a green and white striped canopy- it’s like the place was made for Barbie girls. Even their to go boxes are an adorable shade of 50’s bubblegum pink. Their Cabana Cafe restaurant is absolutely amazing. It’s a little pricy so I do recommend going with a friend to split a dish and an appetizer. It is worth every penny and if you’re lucky enough to go on a Tuesday, ask for Paul! So humble and has great menu recommendations. His cat is adorable too- cause ya the conversation went to pets and next thing you know Olivia had a new Instagram friend!




Hat: Marshalls Shoes: Christian Louboutin Dress: Asos

3. Pasadena Art Center College of Design 


Let’s say hypothetically pink is not your favorite color. That’s ok, we can still be friends and we can still go to this wicked cool multi colored wall. Although I would strongly suggest trying to visit on a weekend-during the week as it’s actually a parking lot filled with what I presume is students. Which leaves you with only the edges to work with. I’ve been so inspired with the bloggers of the So Cal area lately. A cool hash tag to follow for inspiration of your own is #walltraveled.

Trust me dear readers, there are sooo many amazing, Instagram worthy destinations and I pinky promise to try and share as many as I can. Stay tuned to figure out where I’ll travel to next and comment below if you have any suggestions!

In The Land of Pink and Poppy’s

poppys 2

Romper: Nasty Gal Shoes & Necklace:  Kate Spade Cuff: Forever 21 Hat: H&M

So unless you completely deprive yourself of social media and or the news, 1 you’re probably not reading this and 2 you have probably missed the fact that all these So Cal rainstorms have brought some amazing backdrops perfect for a Saturday getaway and perfect for a Spring shoot! Driving down the 15 Frwy it’s hard not to stop to admire the golden hills sides taken over by the California State flower. Now I know why they call us the Golden State! Currently the hills side of Lake Elsinore have been painted gold by this little flower and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

While I probably should have reconsidered the shoe situation as the two blisters on my toes are reminders to not do that again- a romper was the perfect choice! Rompers are my go to ensemble for warmer weather as it is both practical and chic. Paired with a wide brimmed hat and ta da the perfect attire to welcome warmer weather! And what better combo that my favorite color and my favorite silhouette to welcome one of my favorite seasons. Granted Spring is officially not for a few more weeks- I appreciate mother nature’s justification for arriving basically fashionably early. Well done Mother Nature, well done.

poppys 5

poppys 7poppys_poppys 8poppys 6

poppys 4

Comfy And Couture


Top: H&M Shoes: APL Pants: Joe Jeans Jeggings Sunnies: Ray Ban

So it occurred to me as I walked my beloved Olivia around our lake a few weekends ago, Chanel and Valentino flats- as lovely as they are, are not the greatest true walking shoes. And that’s fine. I suppose they’ll last much longer if I don’t subject them to dirt and two miles on a daily basis. Alas, I started thinking about an article that I read around Christmas time highlighting one of Oprah’s favorite things. The article in question featured a new brand in the running shoe world taking over the social media accounts of fashion enthusiasts- APL. Short for Athletic Propulsion Laboratory. Once I saw this bubblegum shade of pink and the almost crochet like material they were designed with I knew if I were to reconsider tennis shoes these bad boys would be at the top of my list. And after a two mile walk in my pointed Rock Stud Valentino studs, the blisters on my feet were practically screaming at me to revisit the tennis shoe idea.



Alas, my love for the athleisure look was born. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a girly girl till the day I die, but I do appreciate there are options to welcome my kind to the world of comfiness and coziness. So naturally, when one gets a pair of shoes, one also has to get outfits to compliment. Shout out to H&M for helping me with this task by providing endless options of basics in my favorite shades of lavender, peach and of course pink! I’m looking forward to warmer days and opportunities to mix and match my new comfy shoes with some new basic pieces- and more importantly days of being blister free.


APL-Short for Athletic Propulsion Laboratory, are literally some of the most comfy tennis shoes I’ve ever tried. I’m in love with the coziness of the crochet like material and can’t wait to get my next pair. Black, peach or baby blue? Or all of the above? Fun fact: these shoes were actually banned from the NBA because of the technology that improves one’s jumping ability. Won’t be giving that a try anytime soon unless I go to some sample sales but good to know it’s an option!

Style Fashion Week Fall 16

style week 2016 3.jpg

style week 2016 1.jpg

So I sincerely apologize dear readers for publishing this er- fashionably late. Typically I’m on top of my runway posts as timing is everything when it comes to these sorts of things but alas, here is my recap of this seasons styles.

The event took place at the Pacific Center For Design. Had I known the event would start hours after promised I would have stopped to get a milkshake from Millions (it’s been a hot second since I’ve hit that place up. Actually, does anyone go there anymore? It’s no longer on TMZ every 5 minutes so maybe not?) Anyways, the production was well worth the wait! I was so glad I opted for an ensemble that involved sequins considering my new favorite label, Julia Clancey, clearly was all about making a sparkling statement. Julia opened the show with models rollerskating down the runway, rocking out to Zanadu. It was an experience that I never dreamed I had to have. Sparkly turbans, sparkly tunics and outfits that looked like they were inspired by Zenon- I was in runway heaven!





Next on the bill was a label I have grown accustomed to look forward to each season- A’Qua Swim. The designer, Adrienne Fuqua always brings an energy to the catwalk that can only be described as So. Cal Chic. Her designs are always the ultimate summer swimsuit goals. From whimsy two pieces to asymmetrical cuts, Fuqua always takes swimwear to a whole other level.

K RaShae was next to grace the runway. The collection exuded strength, power and resilience and was probably the first true ready to wear collection to walk down the catwalk for the night. My favorite piece was a graphic bomber-which by the way are totally the key statement piece of Fall! You know when you see something in about 20 different varieties at H&M it’s probably a piece you want to invest in. I loved that this designer seems to have used lots of organza- or at least a material that looks an awful lot like organza. Typically whenever I see this material I think of 80’s prom gone way bad. However, this collection utilized this material and made it modern and cool again.



These were among my favorite shoes to walk on the runway!

Moods of Norway was the next showcase of the evening, and the first men’s collection! I go very back and fourth when it comes to men’s apparel. More often than not I utilize these shows as an intermission if you will. However, I found the refined details of this collection especially captivating. The fact that men’s bags were incorporated into the styling details of the designs also helped keep my attention, especially since my job now includes working with men’s bags, once again proving my point that whether you’re a sales person, an editor, a designer, a buyer etc. we technically all work with one another thus my elevated interest and attention to the styling details of this collection. If I could describe this collection in two words I would say it was definitely modern and refined with industrial details.


Shanna Gall was the designer to close out the evening. Her designs were exactly what I needed and look forward to the most in a runway show- drama, and details that make you say ooo, I need that! From feathers and ruffles, her collection was for the girls who aren’t afraid to be girly. Literally, Gall’s designs reminded me of the hey days of Bob Mackie-like she was designing for Barbie herself.  And what better way to accent her designs straight out of a fashionistas real life fairy tale than to include a furry and equally fashion forward friend in her presentation! So does this mean next season I can bring my beloved Olivia Benson? She loves fashion just as much as her mommy does of course! Gall is definitely one label both myself and my precious Olivia will look forward to in the seasons to come.



When the City Meets the Country


Top: Audrey 3+1 Shoes: Chloe Hat: Saks Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

Ok, so living in So Cal it can be challenging to truly find the countryside. But when my BFF called and said she wanted to go apple picking, and said adventure according to my GPS was identified to only be about 45 minutes away, I truly had no idea what I was getting into. Because country can be so many things to us So Cal folks, and can warrant so many fashion choices. Not to mention how cliche country one wants to go. For example, a Country concert would more than likely require some cowgirl boots. (Insert ode to my long lost hot pink glitter cowgirl boots here.) The fair might warrant a plaid button up and some jeans. Or ya know if you’re just hanging out in a field a la an old school Taylor Swift you might want to rock some of your favorite boho frocks because let’s be real here Taylor Swift made that ok.



So this morning when I prepared for my adventure I accepted the challenge to find the perfect outfit. Obviously no heels because I learned that lesson many moons ago, heels and dirt don’t mix. Not because I can’t walk without looking like a newborn baby deer, but because from a quality stand point dirt and designer are two things that just shouldn’t go together. My decision to wear Chloe became highly questionable after I stepped on the first rock. But alas, I decided to go with something boho. Long sleeve just in case I ran into a flying stinging bug (I haven’t had the best luck with those guys this year so better safe than sorry), some comfy flats and my favorite Free People lace shorts. The hat was a last minute decision once I stepped outside of my car and felt the intense rays of the sun. Sometimes fashion has to be practical and protective. Considering I was able to comfortably hike through dirt trails, fields of flowers and apple orchards and still maintain my reputation of being a fashionista being sacrificed I’d say I successfully met the challenge of balancing the So Cal country side with city chic.




If the opportunity ever presents itself to visit Riley’s Farm seize that moment! Learn how to properly pick an apple from a tree. How to not get stung by a bee while picking flowers and enjoy the best green beans and apple sauce you will ever taste in your entire life. Literally felt like we stepped into another world. If I had a dollar for every time I said “this is just like Sweet Home Alabama” I would have had at least $10. 


Not Your Typical LBD

Lush (d)

Dress: Lush Hat: Saks Bag: Coach: Gladiators: Steve Madden Sunnies: Miu Miu

Lush (g)Lush (c)

For nearly 10 years, I’ve been subjected to a career dominated by rules that restrict my wardrobe to the color black 5 days out of the week. Which isn’t bad. I mean I suppose I could be forced to where an unflattering uniform, but that’s never been my style. In fact I am eternally grateful to my mom for recognizing this even in my middle school days. True story, in 6th grade my school thought it would be brilliant to level the fashion playing field and make everyone wear those dreadful navy and white uniforms. Which, don’t get me wrong, navy and white works for some people. I just prefer options is all. How is one supposed to use fashion as an art form if you limit their palette to only 2 colors? I got out of that predicament before I was even put into it by my mom telling my school a dress code was against our religion.

Back to present day. Alas, on my days off I put in a diligent effort to infuse my wardrobe with as much color as possible. But, I can’t help but have my days where I too want to indulge in one of the fashion world’s chicest ensembles, aka the little black dress. Traditionally believed to be reserved for those fancy nights out on the town, or funerals the fashion world has seized this iconic wardrobe staple and made it appropriate for even the most casual days. And the best part? It’s literally like a blank slate! You can infuse whatever colorful accessories or shoes you choose. So for color enthusiasts such as myself it’s still a viable option. Today I opted to pair my newest LBD addition with my favorite Steve Madden gladiator sandals. It also made the perfect backdrop to debut my new Coach Tea Rose Appliqué Dinky bag. I know, I know, florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.

Lush (f)

Lush (j)

Lush (k)

Olivia had to join me for today’s fashion adventure.

Still Not Over the Overall Game

HM_Overalls (1 of 1)

Overalls: H&M Shoes: French Connection Necklace: Charlotte Russe Blouse: Equipment Sunglasses: Ray Bans Hat: Saks

If I had to say there was one piece of clothing that has been a staple in my wardrobe since the beginning, I’d have to say I’ve been pretty committed to the overall game since day 1. From the toddler days and Oshkosh Begosh (totally misspelled that, please don’t judge.) To the good ol’ days when Old Navy ruled my fashion game, overalls have been my go to ensemble for casual days.

My styling skills however, just like the coffee I drink as an adult compared to the cup o’ diabetes I would consume as an 8th grader have only gotten stronger. At least I would like to think. I recall fondly pairing my overalls in high school with an Abercrombie or Hollister top. Add that to a pair of cargo pants, and some white out on your back pack proclaiming your love for a boy band or Blink 182 and bam! You have the guide to so cal style for a high schooler circa 2000. Although my love for the Backstreet Boys remains the same, my styling skills and investment into labels and pieces have dramatically changed. Thank God. Not to say I still don’t have a special place in my heart for Hollister, I do. But I’ve learned it’s so much more fun to play with pieces regardless of the label on the tag. While yes, I do love my labels, it’s not so much the prestige that attracts me but rather the quality. I’ve always been horrible at math but whenever investing in a high quality piece of clothing or accessory I like to consider cost per wear. I’ve found if it’s something I’m going to get endless amounts of wear out of, the more sound the investment. Once I found a $1500 Akris Punto coat for only $300. That has been a go to coat for the past 3 years! One of my equally stylish friends once pointed out that that coat was at a point of being literally less than a dollar a day! And I plan on making it pennies!

Another factor I like to take into consideration is timeless appeal. Like, will this piece stand the test of time in my closet? I’ve come to find that the more simple a piece, the more likely it will last countless seasons in my closet without blatantly jeopardizing the dreaded title of being an “Outfit Repeater.” (Insert cringe here.) When it comes to overalls, I can literally foresee them lasting forever in my closet. Because even if the time comes when I can no longer justify them as a ready to wear, blog worthy statement piece. they’ll always be my go to chores around the house, let’s paint some walls or plant a garden attire. Which works perfect because I’ve taken on the hobby of gardening as well. Pictures and blog to come soon to recap that adventure!


Style Fashion Week Fall 2015

So another Style Fashion Week has come and gone and despite a new career opportunity with weeks of training consuming my time, I was able to make it to the season’s closing evening. And while I was sad that I missed the dramatic sequined gowns by Sue Wong, and the Style Me Pink event one of my good friends has helped planned for almost a year, I was eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend at least one event.

It isn’t an LA Fashion show if there are not infinite amount of swimsuits sashaying down the catwalk. And while something as simple and small as a bathing suit might not strike one as being a fashion choice that emits creative inspiration, I personally enjoy seeing the variety of silhouettes. Traditionally when you think of swimsuits you think of two choices: the one piece and the two piece. But there are sooo many more options. You’ve got string options, sleeve options and infinite amount of pattern and embellishment options. My favorite and a label that I’ve seen previously is A’Qua Swim. It’s as though the forces have aligned with Mattel and Bob Mackie and inspired the label’s designer Adrienne Fuqua to create fabulous pieces traditionally believed to only exist in the world of Barbie.

Then theres the Marco Marco show. Legendary amongst the LA fashion crowds and best known for his theatrical presentation, Marco Marco was an experience that is almost a right of passage. From fluorescent skin tight ensembles covered in fringe and crystals modeled by some of the most notorious drag queens, and social media stars it was surely the event of the season. The show which was slated to be “part 2” of his show that debuted during New York Fashion Week brought an energy and excitement that even attracted the likes of Carmen Electra. As someone who has been attending LA Fashion Week (Style Fashion Week as some refer to it) for a few years now, the excitement that is now affiliated with it and the notoriety of some of the labels gracing the lineup, I’m excited to see what else is next! Before it seemed like it was solely a resource FIDM’s finest could utilize as a resource to launch their career and introduce themselves to local So Cal boutiques. Now, it seems as though it is launching the careers of some of fashion’s elite and capturing the attention of icon’s such as Beyonce. To see that some of our hometown hero’s are now sharing their talent with international and even New York audiences is a humbling concept. While yes, it’s given us loyal LA attendees bragging rights in the form of “I saw them first!” it is exciting to see that just in any industry passion and commitment to success combined with a dash of theatrics makes for the perfect recipe of success. Literally cannot wait to see what next season brings as each time it seems to get bigger and better.

styleweekss16a (1 of 1)

styleweekss1622 (1 of 1)

Got to experience the evening with one of my favorite Fashion Bloggers, Kerry of KLM Fashion Style.

styleweekss1620 (1 of 1)

Top, Blouse and Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Valentino

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Art Hearts Fashion LA

ss2016a (1 of 1)

A labels dress with my favorite and probably overly used H&M sweater

Ever get off work and rush into some of the nations worst traffic simply to spend the evening immersed in art and surrounded by fashion? No? Well, you’re missing out. Except the traffic part. If I could trade my nearly 2 hour adventure to get to LA LA Land I would in a heart beat.

While the LA runways have yet to earn the notoriety of New York or even power houses across the pond, it still is an unforgettable evening…every single time. This season I opted to experience the “Art Hearts” runway events and they did not disappoint. From haute couture brought to the audience by Amato Couture to edgy ready to wear brought by the whimsical imagination of Mister Triple X (and his adorable dog) the evening ended up being a celebration of the imaginative and free spirit Los Angelinos exude and contribute to the world of fashion.

This past year I’ve had the glorious opportunity to speak with fashionistas from around the globe. From London to Dubai it’s always interesting to me how one of the first things people say is how the trends are so far ahead of what we see here in the US. My logic though (biased as it may be) is while Zara may test out trends years ahead of us with their Dubai clientele, I truly believe American style is founded in tradition. I believe it was Mr St. Laurent himself who was quoted as saying, “fashion fades but style is eternal.” It’s one thing to be able to pick up a piece of fabric hanging from a store shelf months or even years in advance from what I’ve heard from a few people, but it’s those who add spirit and pizaz that leave the legacy. And that is truly what I believe the appeal of LA fashion is.

No we don’t have Gigi Hadid walking down the runway in a power fashion houses’ couture gowns that not even most of us will never be able to afford let alone justify wearing through our day to day routines. But we do have people who are inspired by the movement and energy of a city made of Angels.

And, while  yes the styles are beautiful and awe inspiring, one of the things I truly love most about going to LA shows are the stories. Everyone has one. From the humble beginnings of the designers with dreams of sharing their vision with a loyal clientele to hard working interns with goals and ambitions that could easily become a script for the next “Devil Wears Prada” type movie. I’m always inspired and amped to take my own career/ adventure in the fashion world to the next level simply by immersing myself in a world where passion triumphs exhaustion, commitment outweighs to option of quitting, and success is determined and measured by your own standards but encouraged by your equally ambitious peers. LA marches or even dances sometimes to the beat of it’s own drum, and I would not want it any other way. So until next season LA.

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A Label for The Adventurous Fashionista

Hooded Vest: Voyage Clothing Shorts: 7 For All Mankind Sandals: Elizabeth and James Sunnies: Raybans Tank: James Pearse

Hooded Vest: Voyage Clothing  “Honolulu Hoodie” Shorts: 7 For All Mankind Sandals: Elizabeth and James Sunnies: Raybans                        Tank: James Pearse

Don’t get me wrong. I love a minimalistic collection/ piece just as much as Kanye West loves, well Kanye, however sometimes a girl can’t help but look for something with a little more pizaz. Enter in Voyage Clothing. An LA based company imagined and brought to life by designer Brittany Belz, whose mission is to take her “customers on a Voyage by creating an eclectic, worldly inspired collection that portrays the cultures, colors and styles of different cities and places she has either traveled to or admired.” Such a philosophy is admirable and appreciated in my book.

One of the easier parts of being a fashion blogger is finding that super cute outfits from Top Shop or Zara and photographing it in your back yard, or some equally photogenic local destination. That was typically the inspiration that is drawn out from cute skater skirts and the ever so classic and timeless jeans and t-shirt combo. A simple backdrop for a simple outfit. However, one of the truly remarkable characteristics of Voyage Clothing pieces is they truly inspire an adventure worthy of the piece. Truthfully dear readers, I had envisioned this adorable “Honolulu Hoodie” many a times. I contemplated a shoot either at the beach, or a harbor, or even Palm Springs! But alas, I knew an ordinary blogging adventure was not sufficient for such a fabulous piece. An adventurous piece required an equally epic story to accompany the first time wearing it.  And wouldn’t you know adventure and appreciation of travel around the world is just what the designer had in mind.

Based out of LA, (designed and manufactured) Belz gets the So Cal fashionista. Yes, one can have a million simple tops but if one wants to stand out, one must learn to be different. And different can be achieved with so many different pieces, and levels of adventure with this label. Whether it be a wild accent such as my favorite Hawaiian printed hoodie, or something more traditional with a subtle statement accent such as the Cortu Denim contrast tee, there is something to inspire even the most basic days and help one stand out in a crowd of stylish angels. Try on one of their paces and attempt to resist the urge to immerse yourself in scenery of palm trees and or ruggedness I dare you. Currently their pieces can be purchased on their website, And fun fact, their Fall 2015 collection just recently launched and trust me, it is sure to bring out the Veruka Salt in you and make you say “I want that.”

One of the newest piece from Voyage Clothing's Fall 2015 collection. And also perhaps my next investment. I've been dying to find the perfect piece to wear to the LA County fair and this has such an occasion written all over it.

One of the newest piece from Voyage Clothing’s Fall 2015 collection. And also perhaps my next investment. I’ve been dying to find the perfect piece to wear to the LA County fair and this has such an occasion written all over it.

Voyage Clothing "Cortu Denim" Contrast Tee styled with a Rails Camo blouse and All Saints boots.

           Voyage Clothing “Cortu Denim” Contrast Tee styled with a Rails Camo blouse and All Saints boots.

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