Feeling Girly With Pink and Barbie


Pink dress: Free People Jewelry by Tarina Tarantino

Pink dress: Free People Jewelry by Tarina Tarantino

Somedays ya just wake up feeling in a mood for pink. I think I was born with this mood. Today, I was feeling extra pink and ta da, a rummage through my closet and a few minutes digging through my jewelry box I put together this ensemble. Now, I’ve tried to tone my need to look like a Barbie doll down. And I think I’ve come a long way. I went through a phase in high school where every single day I wore pink. We’re talking head to toe pink. Pink top, pink bottoms, pink back pack, pink folders, pink pink pink. I did go through a phase briefly in 7th grade when I declared my favorite color to be pastel green, because that was Nick Carter’s favorite color, but that hardly lasted a year. Like I said, my love for pink has existed pretty much since the day I was born.

Perhaps it’s because due to my dress code at work, my wardrobe has been taken over by the color black that on my days off I feel it absolutely necessary to branch out beyond the color wheel’s most mundane colors. Regardless of the reason, or the season I suppose every time is a good time to wear pink.

Today I went to run an errand, and the cashier told me her daughter would have loved my jewelry. I usually get that a lot when wearing my hello kitty/ Barbie pieces. To be expected. She said she was going to go home and say “Barbie was in my store today.” Talk about a way to make a persons day!

They don’t say she’s “pretty in pink” for nothing.

Tarina Tarantino heart bracelet. If it's anyone who can appreciate the color pink as much as I do, it's the woman with pink hair.

Tarina Tarantino heart bracelet. If it’s anyone who can appreciate the color pink as much as I do, it’s the woman with pink hair.

The piece that started off my whole Tarina Tarantino collection. Still my favorite.

The piece that started off my whole Tarina Tarantino collection. Still my favorite.






Dear Grandma, thank you for my 4 ft tall jewelry box

Dear Grandma, thank you for my 4 ft tall jewelry box

Kenneth Jay Lane cross necklace

Many many years ago for Christmas my grandma got me and my sisters each a 4 ft tall jewelry box. At the time I only had Libby Lu jewelry pieces. She had also gotten us some really fine gold and silver pieces, but I’ve always been more into costume and statement pieces so regrettably those have never made it past the bottom drawer. Maybe one day I’ll develop a taste for the finer pieces the jewelry world has to offer, and God help my bank account when that day comes. Either way, I’m beyond grateful my Grandma thought ahead to this time in my life when I am now OBSESSED with jewelry!

Needless to say I have always been a costume jewelry junky. I was talking to one of my friends yesterday who reminded me how excited I was the day I came home with my first large pave crystal encrusted Tarina Tarantino necklace. “God that thing was ugly” he exclaimed, but I till this day loved that piece and all my statement pieces!

These past few weeks I have become hopelessly devoted to gold pieces. It all started with me realizing my jewelry collection lacked this color scheme, so I started with some gold bangles, then a simple gold ring then some necklaces and now I feel as though I can officially devote a whole drawer of my jewelry box to the color! And have sub categories too! Too any of my fellow OCD fashionistas you completely who completely understand this concept, I appreciate you’re passion for keeping the closet organized and I applaud you.

Cheetah ring $8 from Charming Charley

Cheetah ring $8 from Charming Charlie

Now, I can’t help but continue to add to my collection. Recently I’ve added this black enamel and more then likely rhodium plated Kenneth Jay Lane cross. And to add more funk and spirit to any outfit I could not pass up on this amazing cheetah ring only $8 from one of my new favorite jewelry stops Charming Charlie. And of course, I have officially become that girl who wants to sing from the high heavens with Julie Andrews my love for my boyfriend. And since I am no where near the Swiss Alps, a gold initial necklace featuring my Boo’s initials will suffice. I figure this is a nice alternative to the infamous “I love my boyfriend” shirt.

Urban Outfitters "C" necklace ($16) for my beloved Christopher <3

Urban Outfitters “C” necklace ($16) for my beloved Christopher ❤

Perhaps it’s time I move on to silver. After all I just got a silver ring and some matching earrings, but no necklace to go with. Looks like this girl has to go on another shopping adventure!

Tis the season for bows, bows and more bows!

Bow top by Free Generation and patent leather bow flats by Miu Miu

We are officially less then a month away from Christmas and what better way to celebrate the holidays then by decorating yourself with bows! Truth be told, I’d love to give credit for this obsession entirely to the holidays but if you know me, you know that I live up to my self proclaimed title of an all around girly girl. Thus you can pretty much find me wearing bows any time of the year. It just so happens that this time of year I wear these closet favorites just a little more often then other signature pieces of mine.

I’m hoping that my Miu Miu flats were made of magic leather and will last forever. And my Free Generation black satin bow top has been a holiday attire favorite for the past 2 years. What does that tell me? Bows are classic! These days you can find them perfectly and eloquently placed on everything from tights, bags, blouses, dresses, shoes, hair accessories, cell phones…well pretty much everything!

Tarina Tarantino grosgrain ribbon bow available at Tarina Tarantino

My biggest weakness seems to be bows in the form of sparkly jewelry. You know you have a problem when you walk into a Tarina Tarantino boutique and the whole team knows your name. Or even worst when your favorite boutique hunts you down to let you know that they got a new shipment of pieces you don’t have! Needless to say Tarina and Betsey Johnson are my go to gals when looking to get a fix of sparkle and all around fabulousness, and this season they have to die for designs that are influenced by, you guessed it BOWS!

Betsey Johnson filigre multi row stretch bracelet $85 at Macys.com

Looks like this fashionista will be going shopping soon. My bow collection is always ready to welcome new friends.

Betsey Johnson bow ring $45 at macys.com

Fall Flower Power

Fall Flower Power

For some strange reason, I have recently become obsessed with chunky, sparkly, vintage looking floral jewelry pieces. Ok, now when I stop and think about it, perhaps it’s not so strange at all. After all, I am a self proclaimed girly girl, and I think that it is my own way of rebelling against fall a season traditionally associated with leaves falling and most of mother nature decaying and ready to brace itself for the cold, and dreary winter season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fall just as much as the next pumpkin spice/ peppermint mocha/ scarf wearing/ boot obsessed individual, but I am now starting to embrace fall with a new attitude, no thanks to my floral obsession.

While perhaps pastels are more suitable for spring according to fashion laws, laws are sometimes meant to be broken. Yes, I am a fan of winter white, and I don’t care what anybody else says about the belief that it should not be worn after Labor Day. Think about it, how lovely it is it to see soft shades of rose and gold amongst sepia tones?

And the best thing about floral jewelry in the fall, is that it’s usually on clearance because it’s considered “out of season.” My obsession has been satisfied recently browsing through the Forever 21 jewelry collection, which doesn’t go on clearance because it’s so cheap to begin with. But I’ve started pairing pieces with some statement jewelry pieces that have been a member of my jewelry collection for years, such as this gorgeous Betsey Johnson gem I got for myself as a Christmas gift years ago. I guess you could say it’s vintage.

Girly-ness knows know season, just how to be fabulous.