It’s The Season of Love ❤️ 


Carter’s First Valentines Day Outfit by H&M

Motherhood is full of magical moments. Like waking up every day to see a beautiful and everchanging little face. It’s not a cliche- time really does pass ridiculously fast when you enter the world of mommy. But I’m taking every chance to slow things down. I know, I know you’re probably thinking he’s a baby and he won’t remember any of this but I hope as he grows up he learns every day has the potential to be magical and memorable. And holidays are no exception.

Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite holidays for many reasons- perhaps because I’m biased to the color palette. But I’ve always loved the concept of taking the time to spread love. Whether it be in the form of a card passed out to my classmates in grade school, showering my best friend with gifts and pictures of Ryan Gossling in High School- or actually I believe it was Shane West to celebrate our friendship, and now celebrating the love I have for my baby Carter.

He may not understand balloons and cards but I do believe he understands love. He lights up when I sing him a love song. Currently obsessed with Michael Buble’s “Forever Now.” He however is partial to “You’ve Got A Friend in Me.” He loves being flown through the air as we watch the Incredibles and I call him Mr. Incredible. Nobody’s life is perfect and Lord knows mine is certainly not- but I’m darn sure going to do my best to give Carter the best childhood as best as I’m capable. And thank goodness for Pinterest. A lot of my creativity comes from my own childhood and efforts put into it by my parents and grandparents. And also, special thanks to Amazon Prime- A God send not just for mommy’s secluded to their homes during a rainy season but also mommy’s who don’t have the patience of driving to 5 different stores.

Happy Valentines Day my baby Carter. If I may quote one of my mom’s favorite books and one that we read at home growing up many times-

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

If you ever need inspiration for holiday cookies look no further than Instagram and Pinterest. While you could use any sugar cookie recipe for these, the fondant and cookie stamps were a la Amazon. They do sell custom stamps on Etsy but this cookie cutter kit was about $20 and came with letters to change out your stamps for however many different messages you need.

Fashion With A Theme


Umbrella: Amazon Shoes: French Connection Bag: Skinny Dip London Overalls: H&M Shirt: Lazy Oaf

It’s no secret I love magical destinations to shoot beyond the typical garage door shoots (which I get it, I’ve been there and done that!) But sometimes a destination just absolutely inspires a look. Don’t get me wrong, like every other fashion girl I’m over the moon about Spring. Not only do we have longer days (thank goodness, more time to shoot!) but we have bright colors and fun floral patterns galore to look forward too!

Right now I’m seriously digging bold colors in heavy fabrics. It’s slightly deviating away from the traditional color palette of Spring but it’s a perfect compliment for St. Patrick’s Day! And wouldn’t you know I found the equivalent of the bloggers pot of gold over the rainbow when I stumbled (more like directed by a co-worker) across this quaint little ally way in Downtown Redlands. It’s called Orange Alley but feels like you stepped into the streets of Italy. Me and my best friend tried the quaint little restaurant Copehouse Bar and Bistro. The food was divine but the ambiance was beyond anything I could have ever hoped to find. While enjoying a beautiful, cloudless and warm Spring afternoon, Michael Buble and Lady Gaga’s duet’s with Tony Bennet hummed softly in the background.

Dear Fellow Fashion Bloggers, if you’re looking for a fun backdrop to compliment your bold Spring pieces, look no further than Orange Ally and this beautiful art instillation of Umbrella Canopies. I’ve had the luxury of connecting with some fabulous ladies of the blogging community of the Inland Empire (today’s adventure brought to you by Patricia of the  and we’ve been sharing styling tips since pretty much the minute we’ve met. I’ve been given compliments for my daring use of color and I appreciate it so much! For those of you wanting to experiment with bold hues if you want to take baby steps, pair your daring saturated hues with something your familiar with- whether it’s muted metals or denim like I did in this look. Life is too short not to have fun with fashion, right?



Rainbow Bright

Salvation Mountain

Dress: Bonne Chance Collections Bag: Skinny Dip London

Something happened in Fashion recently and there was a shift to embrace rainbows, unicorns and My Little Pony’s! And I’m here for this! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Barbie girl till the day I die, so I’m L I V I N G for this life style trend. Because yes, this obsession with having fun seems to be translating to everything from clothes, accessories and even Frappacinos (although the Unicorn Frap was a huge disappointment.) If you must indulge in colorful, Instagram-worthy desserts and you’re in the OC I strongly recommend Caked LA over Creme And Sugar aka the place that made the Unicorn Hot Chocolate famous. Their mermaid milk shake is adorable and all sorts of deliciousness but for Unicorn goodness I strongly recommend you take the trip to Caked LA.

Alas, let’s talk Fashion. Moschino just launched a My Little Pony collection in case anyone needed high fashion validation that “cutesy” is officially a thing. But if spending $400 on a replica Hot Topic item isn’t your thing fear not! If you follow fashion on social media at all perhaps you’ve noticed these adorable rainbow bags. And while there are many imitations, Skinny Dip London seems to have perfected the epitome of fun accessories. My favorite was this sparkly one that I discovered on sale for about $50. Bonne Chance is my new favorite go to label for every day dresses. Whether you’re looking for a cute Mickey Dress or something with a fun and colorful print, this small business has ya covered. And if the usually only $34.99 price tag wasn’t enough, each order comes individually wrapped in gift wrapped and a hand written thank you card! Like it’s literally you’re birthday and you knew just what you wanted! So stay tuned for more fun finds dear reader! And in the meantime please keep in mind the key to making these colorful looks is making sure you have the most fun putting them together! The more imagination the better!

salvation (13)

salvation (14)

So my beloved Olivia enjoyed this shoot more than I did. Hidden in one of the caves of Salvation Mountain is a bowl of dog food and a dish of water for visiting dogs. And if that wasn’t enough Olivia decided she was going to find solace from the desert heat under the shade of a tent set up. There was a woman sitting under the tent when Olivia went and took a seat right next to her. The woman said “she knows who the dog mom of the desert is.” Little did I know, and she was quick to inform me that she really is the dog mom of the desert! She takes in all the abandoned dogs that get dumped in the desert and is committed to finding homes for them. Talk about heart warming! She is a registered Non-Profit and advised she does benefit from donations made at Petco. 


salvation (2)salvation (3)salvation (4)salvation (5)salvation (6)salvation (8)

salvation (9)

Special shout out to Audi of Temecula who helped me make this trip possible with their “courtesy vehicle” while my precious TT was getting serviced. You will never find better service than the team at this Audi! 

Spring Style: The Necessities



Dress: Nordstrom’s Rack Hat: H&M Sunnies: Prada Bag: Coach 

So believe it or not florals are not the only option when it comes to Spring attire. Spring, despite all these seasonal allergies is one of my favorite seasons for a plethora of reasons. I love waking up to new blooms in my yard and everywhere you look life seems to be bursting with color of the pastel and bright kind. And quite frankly you don’t need to look further than your landscape to find inspiration for your Spring wardrobe staples.

Although I love bright colors as much as I love sunshine and the longer days, I do have an equal affinity towards pastels. For the ultimate Spring ensemble I typically gravitate towards frilly dresses (either accented with bows or ruffles) in the color palette of the season i.e. every shade of pink from bright to blush! Scenic floral backgrounds are always an extra bonus. When it comes to accessorizing I hate to sound cliche but anything that sparkles in the shape of a flower seem to be the pieces I gravitate toward. Like a moth to the flame.


Still Not Over the Overall Game

HM_Overalls (1 of 1)

Overalls: H&M Shoes: French Connection Necklace: Charlotte Russe Blouse: Equipment Sunglasses: Ray Bans Hat: Saks

If I had to say there was one piece of clothing that has been a staple in my wardrobe since the beginning, I’d have to say I’ve been pretty committed to the overall game since day 1. From the toddler days and Oshkosh Begosh (totally misspelled that, please don’t judge.) To the good ol’ days when Old Navy ruled my fashion game, overalls have been my go to ensemble for casual days.

My styling skills however, just like the coffee I drink as an adult compared to the cup o’ diabetes I would consume as an 8th grader have only gotten stronger. At least I would like to think. I recall fondly pairing my overalls in high school with an Abercrombie or Hollister top. Add that to a pair of cargo pants, and some white out on your back pack proclaiming your love for a boy band or Blink 182 and bam! You have the guide to so cal style for a high schooler circa 2000. Although my love for the Backstreet Boys remains the same, my styling skills and investment into labels and pieces have dramatically changed. Thank God. Not to say I still don’t have a special place in my heart for Hollister, I do. But I’ve learned it’s so much more fun to play with pieces regardless of the label on the tag. While yes, I do love my labels, it’s not so much the prestige that attracts me but rather the quality. I’ve always been horrible at math but whenever investing in a high quality piece of clothing or accessory I like to consider cost per wear. I’ve found if it’s something I’m going to get endless amounts of wear out of, the more sound the investment. Once I found a $1500 Akris Punto coat for only $300. That has been a go to coat for the past 3 years! One of my equally stylish friends once pointed out that that coat was at a point of being literally less than a dollar a day! And I plan on making it pennies!

Another factor I like to take into consideration is timeless appeal. Like, will this piece stand the test of time in my closet? I’ve come to find that the more simple a piece, the more likely it will last countless seasons in my closet without blatantly jeopardizing the dreaded title of being an “Outfit Repeater.” (Insert cringe here.) When it comes to overalls, I can literally foresee them lasting forever in my closet. Because even if the time comes when I can no longer justify them as a ready to wear, blog worthy statement piece. they’ll always be my go to chores around the house, let’s paint some walls or plant a garden attire. Which works perfect because I’ve taken on the hobby of gardening as well. Pictures and blog to come soon to recap that adventure!


My Thankful List

Top: Vince Button Up: Rails Beanie: Saks Grey Label Boyfriend Jeans: Elizabeth and James Shoes: Valentino

Top: Vince Button Up: Rails Beanie: Saks Grey Label Boyfriend Jeans: Elizabeth and James Shoes: Valentino

Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the most underestimated holidays. A day to be thankful for all of our blessings and to spend with loved ones, why we don’t spend 5 months leading up to this holiday is beyond me. And the 10 pounds gained and countless food comas are just an added bonus. This year I am thankful for the following:

1. High heels. Seriously a short girls solution to surviving in a world made for tall people. Because of heels I can sometimes reach the floor when I sit in a super high chair.

2. My family. I never get to say it but their endless love and support makes me never settle for anything less than what I’ve always dreamed of. I’m not quite sure exactly what that is just yet but I know I’m on the right path to figure it out.

3. Harry Potter, just because he was the boy who lived. In all seriousness the story of Harry Potter has gotten me through life. I had to keep going just because Harry did and I had to know what happened in the end. Turns out the ending wasn’t the ending after all so I still have an excuse to keep going!

4. HCG. For making me skinny when I indulge in too many holiday drinks. And chocolate. And Chipotle. I love Chipotle, which brings me to 5…

5. Chipotle. Thank you for making believe eating out can be healthy. Even with sour cream.

6. Barbie, Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank. For making the world fabulous colorful and whimsical. And pink.

7. Law and Order: SVU. Thank you for helping me understand the law and making me sound intelligent when talking legal matters.

8. Disneyland. No need to elaborate there.

9. My best friends. Even though I don’t get to see you guys as much as I would like, I’m thankful for all our memories, past, present, and soon to come.

And last but not least for my boo. I love you more than anything….even more than Chipotle. For making me laugh when I want to cry and for pushing me to be a better person each and every day. And also for accepting the fact that I love Jax Teller and will probably have a mental break down when Sons of Anarchy ends. And for loving me despite the fact I become overly emotional whenever I watch Glee.

thanksgiving6 (1 of 1)

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thanksgiving3 (1 of 1)

My Favorite Holiday Outfit and A Pair of Mouse Ears

Jacket: Vintage Nordstroms Find Jeans: J Brand Top: Milly Shoes: Milly Bag: Marc Jacobs

                                                                       Jacket: Vintage Nordstroms Find
                                                                                         Jeans: J Brand
                                                                                              Top: Milly
                                                                                             Shoes: Miu Miu
                                                                                            Bag: Marc Jacobs

Seasons greetings! Ok, I know we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet but let’s face it. We’ve been haunted by the fact the holidays were near since about July when stores like Hobby Lobby started displaying their fake Christmas Trees. But now we’re literally only weeks ago so it’s high time to get in to the Christmas spirit!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is there is no such thing as too much. There is never too much sparkle. Never too much red. Never too much ugly especially when it comes to wearing a traditional ugly sweater! You can always opt for over the top Christmas ensembles or more classic attire such as this chic little number I put together just for a quick trip to Disneyland. Disneyland is my favorite place to be this time of year. OK, that’s a half lie, Disneyland is my favorite place to be all year round, but especially true during the Holidays! There’s always holiday magic at every turn! From Christmas trees the size of the Eiffel Tower, to castles covered in enchanted snow, Disney does Christmas right! Wishing all you readers a magical holiday season! xoxoxoxo

holidaydisney2 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney3 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney4 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney5 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney6 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney7 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney8 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney9 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney10 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney11 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney14 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney15 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney16 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney17 (1 of 1)

holidaydisney19 (1 of 1)

Fashion Finally Makes It’s Way To The IE

Top: Desert Rose Boutique Shorts: Free People Hat: Saks Accessories: Desert Rose Boutique Shoes: Chloe

Top: Desert Rose Boutique Shorts: Free People Hat: Saks Accessories: Desert Rose BoutiquebShoes: Chloe Savannah Boots

Every now and then the IE surprises me. I know many of my OC friends sometimes stick their noses in the air when it comes to anything that has to do with the 909, 951 or you get the picture. But once upon a time the OC was just a bunch of undeveloped, beautiful land that had yet to be discovered. And seriously that’s exactly how some parts of the Inland Empire are. Rare beautiful gems, comparable to scenic landscapes in Orange County minus the beaches. And nature isn’t the only item to compare to the OC. I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but now there are even super cute boutiques popping up that offer the same great styles found in OC but at even better prices!

Cute styles and affordable price points, literally right down the street from me? Someone pinch me I’ve died! A few days ago one of the store reps from Desert Rose apparel reached out to me to invite me to stop by. Their picture immediately reminded me of some of my favorites. Brandy Melville and Free People were the labels that instantly came to mind. But even better? This place was right down the street from my house! Cute affordable clothes less than 5 minutes away? Dear fashion gods, I’m in trouble now.

My excitement turned to momentary skepticism when I realized the location of the boutique was right next to a gas station and a thrift store I’ve driven past a dozen times and never really thought much of. (It really was one of those don’t judge a book by it’s cover kinda moments.) The signs aren’t big but once you know what you’re looking for their bright colors pop out, and you see the sign. Once I walked up the stairs and through the single door it really was like finding a bright red rose in the desert. The collections on hand are again on par with my favorite Free People/ Brandy Melville collections except at only a fragment of the cost. Super cute trendy jewelry for maximum I saw $15. Tops and shorts for $15. Prada inspired baroque sunnies for I want to say $13 (not quite sure I remember that correctly, but either way amazing considering actual Pradas will set you back easily $400.) How have my favorite styles suddenly blown like a tumbleweed into my neighborhood? Well that’s because another former OC resident has found themselves in the heart of the Inland Empire. And much like myself she had to find an outlet to share her passion of fashion with the IE natives, and thus we now have an amazing little shop in the heart of Canyon Lake! Thank you so much Christy for bringing fashion to this part of the IE!


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