“Grunge Was The Worse Part of My Life”

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Hat: H&M Necklace: Forever 21 Ring: Some random Haute Look Sale Sandals: Elizabeth and James                                             Shorts: Free People Top: Vince

So I was watching a documentary the other day on the editors of Vogue. And while they all had intriguing things to say about ground breaking editorials of the past century, one the things that stood out most was one editor (forgive me I forgot her name, but it wasn’t Anna Wintour) and her loathing of the grunge phase. So much effort was spent on establishing this phase in fashion history, even for some to look back and say that it was the worse period of their lives!

Then I started thinking. Is that ever going to be me? I am hardly a prestigious writer. I have never been published in Vogue (yet.) But is that part of the initiation rights of being a well renowned writer? Giving up what you believe in? It would seem so. For me part of this journey of becoming a blogger was inspired by my short lived internship as a Fashion Editor for Orangecounty.com. They were Roxy and surf and I gave up that life in 9th grade. (Partly because I’ve never surfed in my life and I was called out as a poser. Oh the vocabulary of my generation <insert giggles here>) It wasn’t me. My editor knew it, I knew it thus I gave myself my own platform. Where I would never be subjected to force out an article or force inspiration. Am I going to look back on these posts one day and think to myself “God, what was I thinking?” God I hope not. Truth be told, the only fashion phase I’ve ever gone through and regretted were more so of the beauty kind than the fashion kind. Blue eye shadow works on some, for me I end up looking like Mimi from Drew Carry. I wish someone would have told me this when I went down that road in high school. Alas, Britney wore it so I had to try it. She wins the “who wore it best look” on that one.

While these days my style is much more toned down in comparison to previous years I still feel like I’m coming in to my own. And I don’t regret the decisions that will ultimately determine the direction of my next fashion phase, even if it means trying out the all pink on pink look. I do still own my hot pink bubblegum pants! Either way since I’ve come into this whole concept of doing things on my own terms in my own way, I highly doubt I’ll be that person that looks back and says “that worse time of my life.” Nobody has forced me to do anything. My mistakes and triumphs are my own and like with everything else I prefer it that way.

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Happy Hippy

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Top: Free People Earrings: ABS Schwartz Sunnies: Rayban Bracelet & Necklace: Saks Sandals: Dolce Vita

While I have had many a discussion lately about taking my wardrobe to a more “grown up/ mature” level, there’s still that little hippy in me that every now and again likes to make an appearance. And today, when the weather was practically a million and ten degrees out and one of my favorite Free People tops kinda poked out of my closet I couldn’t help but release my inner Karen Arnold.

And one of my favorite parts of dressing in a boho/ hippy vibe? There is no such thing as too many accessories. I even brought out the hoops today! And I never wear hoops (especially big ones for fear my ear is gonna get caught on something and torn off.) Added bonus of this ensemble? My favorite Dolce Vita sandals! I always love the response I get from people when I wear them. I’ve been stopped a few times by people who thought I wasn’t even wearing shoes. One notorious characteristic of a hippy is free love, free speech and freedom to wear whatever. I think freedom from wearing restrictive shoes is a under appreciated but yet equally important variable in achieving the perfect vintage 60’s look. Peace and love dear readers!

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Basic But Never Boring

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Hat and Accessories: Saks Top: Vince Pants: Free People Shoes: LAMB Sunnies: Dolce and Gabanna

Do you ever face a day of chores and housework and loath the attire that traditionally comes with that? OK, I’m not gonna lie typically my chore days start with PJ’s, no makeup, hair up in a messy pony tail and that’s it. But then eventually that little voice inside of me says “get in the shower, put some makeup up on and make the world your runway!” Even though my flowers and the ducks at the pond were the only ones to see this attire (minus the heels by the time I got to to the duck pond to walk my puppy, cause not even I am up for that) I still felt significantly more confident in completing today’s task list. Hey even Cinderella had some stellar shoes and a beautiful dress. I just happen to believe in looking good even while you do your chores, that’s all.

One of the key’s though to a successful outfit for chore day, lazy days or just days off in general is comfort. Trust me, and learn from my experience you get no where cooking and cleaning in skin tight leather pants. In fact that just proves to be a recipe for disaster. Speaking of RIP yellow APC leather pants. Alas, today’s basic chore outfit is anything but. I’ve got my super comfy Free People drawstring pants that remind me for some reason of a piñata, A top in a neutral shade of beige by Vince (literally this has been my go to top) especially on these random chilly May/ June days, and of course my accessories. Let’s just say I like to keep even my most basic days anything but.

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Wear Grey In May

Beanie: H&M Sweater: Free People Leggings: James Pearse Boots: Celine Sunnies: Prada

             Beanie: H&M Sweater: Free People Leggings: James Pearse Boots: Celine Sunnies: Prada

So I’m sure you’re familiar with those color rubber bracelets made infamous years ago by the Livestrong Campaign. We all know “Pinktober” is breast cancer awareness month. But have you heard of “Wear Grey in May?” Ya, I hadn’t either until one of my favorite bloggers Song of Style, promoted it last year. Who knew that in addition to our shared love of fashion, and blogging we were also part of the same club. The club that nobody wants to be a part of and I wouldn’t wish membership on to even my worse enemy. It’s the “I’ve lost someone who fought a battle against brain tumors” club. 11 years ago as of April 24th, my mom passed away. It wasn’t the tumors that killed her but rather the pain killers she was prescribed to try and treat the pain caused from them. Fentanyl, a powerful pain patch accidentally leaked and instead of having a potency of 1 or 2, had a potency of 20. One potency alone is supposedly 80 times that of morphine. Or so I hear.

The memories of that day are horrible. Lots of tears, and lots of begging my mom to come back. “I’ll be good!” I cried out as I just sobbed over her lifeless body. Nobody should ever have to endure that kind of pain. But by that time, she was already called to heaven. The sky was so pink that day. Not surprising since that was her favorite color. She would be the type of angel to make an entrance. There was a Cheshire Cat moon that night too. Like she was smiling down on us. She wasn’t in pain anymore.

And that was the silver lining in losing her. But see she never let us, her children see her in pain. She still woke up every day and put her makeup on. She still religiously watched Oprah, and her “Soaps.” She was always talking about “Sonny” like he was our next door neighbor. The character of Robin, or maybe that was her real name I don’t really remember actually was our neighbor for a few years and yes my mom asked her to be our baby sitter. “Mom, she’s a movie star, why would she want to be our baby sitter?” I questioned her. She was the kind of person to always push boundaries. Fearless in every sense of the word. The only time I ever saw her cry was after one of her surgeries. They had to shave part of her head. My mom wasn’t like Rihanna or Demi Lovato. Shaving half your head was not really a trendy thing. And for someone who found confidence in her appearance (like Mother like daughter) it was heart breaking for her to endure and equally heart breaking for me to watch. But she figured out how to rock it. She was my mom she had the answers to everything. So when passed away I had a really hard time adjusting to figuring life out on my own. It was 2 weeks before my 18th birthday when she passed away. I didn’t have a drivers license, I was still waiting on my acceptance letter from college. Literally a few days after she died I finally got that “Congratulatory” letter of acceptance from Cal State Fullerton. And that’s when I knew, she left me wise and strong, just like her.

Just like all the other campaigns this one comes with a cool bracelet. I got mine from choose hope.com. I’m proud it says “Fight like a girl.” Nobody fought harder than my mom. She never complained to us about the pain. Although there was one time she said she was going to go postal because me and my sister were arguing loudly, but I think that would have even gotten to a perfectly healthy person. She always put her family first. And even our friends. I can’t tell you how many times she took in one of my friends and treated them as her own. She even scolded them like her own. Me and one of my best friends Tracy still laugh till this day about the time she drove us to school and asked us for lip liner. We both failed to produce such a cosmetic product and all but got the 3rd degree on how we were “raised better than that.”

Brain tumors, whether their cancerous or benign are not fun. I imagine no ailment is fun. But watching someone fight to live a normal life despite the pain and agony they endure on a daily basis is almost just as painful. Towards the end her head aches were so bad she couldn’t endure even the faintest light. We would be on small shopping adventures (her favorite form of cardio) and she would feel like she was going to collapse. I always felt helpless but again she always fought through it. Fight like a girl seems appropriate. Because there was nobody stronger than my mom. So while others are looking for that perfect mothers day gift, and rightfully so, I will pay tribute to my angel up in heaven by wearing grey.

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New Year, Same Style!

Coat: Joie Pants: Free People Flats: House of Harlow Top: Alexander Wang Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

Coat: Joie Pants: Free People Flats: House of Harlow Top: Alexander Wang Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

So first and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEARS! And secondly, sorry for the delay in posts. It’s been a busy month between traveling, working (in retail, I feel like my feet will forever be in pain) and getting a new puppy December was one to remember! I wanted to do the typical New Years Eve post with lots of balloons, glitter and crowns with numbers on them but alas on New Years eve I ended up falling asleep around 8. Re-runs of The Walking Dead will do that to a person I suppose.

In any event, I’m super excited for 2015! And actually these past few weeks I’ve learned some pretty interesting and fabulous beauty techniques that I can’t wait to share with you all! So even though this isn’t the sparkly post I had envisioned to kick of 2015 with, this is better. Cute (even cuter with my new puppy Olivia Benson) simple and Just Jess. Cheers to a fabulous new year dear readers!

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Meet my new puppy and light of my life, Olivia Benson! She’s the cutest little white ball of fluff since my sister’s dog Bella. Yes she’s a morkie and yes she’s perfect. I’m in love.

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Fashion Finally Makes It’s Way To The IE

Top: Desert Rose Boutique Shorts: Free People Hat: Saks Accessories: Desert Rose Boutique Shoes: Chloe

Top: Desert Rose Boutique Shorts: Free People Hat: Saks Accessories: Desert Rose BoutiquebShoes: Chloe Savannah Boots

Every now and then the IE surprises me. I know many of my OC friends sometimes stick their noses in the air when it comes to anything that has to do with the 909, 951 or you get the picture. But once upon a time the OC was just a bunch of undeveloped, beautiful land that had yet to be discovered. And seriously that’s exactly how some parts of the Inland Empire are. Rare beautiful gems, comparable to scenic landscapes in Orange County minus the beaches. And nature isn’t the only item to compare to the OC. I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but now there are even super cute boutiques popping up that offer the same great styles found in OC but at even better prices!

Cute styles and affordable price points, literally right down the street from me? Someone pinch me I’ve died! A few days ago one of the store reps from Desert Rose apparel reached out to me to invite me to stop by. Their picture immediately reminded me of some of my favorites. Brandy Melville and Free People were the labels that instantly came to mind. But even better? This place was right down the street from my house! Cute affordable clothes less than 5 minutes away? Dear fashion gods, I’m in trouble now.

My excitement turned to momentary skepticism when I realized the location of the boutique was right next to a gas station and a thrift store I’ve driven past a dozen times and never really thought much of. (It really was one of those don’t judge a book by it’s cover kinda moments.) The signs aren’t big but once you know what you’re looking for their bright colors pop out, and you see the sign. Once I walked up the stairs and through the single door it really was like finding a bright red rose in the desert. The collections on hand are again on par with my favorite Free People/ Brandy Melville collections except at only a fragment of the cost. Super cute trendy jewelry for maximum I saw $15. Tops and shorts for $15. Prada inspired baroque sunnies for I want to say $13 (not quite sure I remember that correctly, but either way amazing considering actual Pradas will set you back easily $400.) How have my favorite styles suddenly blown like a tumbleweed into my neighborhood? Well that’s because another former OC resident has found themselves in the heart of the Inland Empire. And much like myself she had to find an outlet to share her passion of fashion with the IE natives, and thus we now have an amazing little shop in the heart of Canyon Lake! Thank you so much Christy for bringing fashion to this part of the IE!


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Let Freedom Ring in Free People

Dress: Free People Boots: Chloe Flower Crown by ME! Necklace: House of Harlow

Dress: Free People
Boots: Chloe
Flower Crown by ME!
Necklace: House of Harlow

First and foremost HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Fourth of July has got to be my favorite holiday. Any holiday in which one could celebrate in color schemes is a favorite of mine (except St. Patrick’s day. I’m not big on corn beef or beer. I choose to wear green any other day.) I seriously have been counting down the days and planning my outfit for the past 2 weeks. My nails are patriotic shades of red, white and blue. And the amazing thing about having an American themed manicure is if it starts to chip away, I have already established a plan b in the form of those fabulous little manicure pens. I can either cover up such blemishes with polka dots or stripes. Genius I know!

Although today started off with hours on end of the AMC “Dead White and Blue” marathon (truthfully I’ve been having Walking Dead withdrawals and it was just the thing I needed to hold me over until the Fall.) However, I didn’t invest 2 weeks and 30 minutes making a flower crown to lay around with some zombies and my boyfriend. Plus, my family was having a good ol’ fashioned BBQ filled with laughs, good food and hours of fireworks that would make Disneyland proud. I had such a blast catching up and yes even talking style with some of my family members. I’m so proud of them! And I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who takes this holiday seriously. It’s one thing to be a kid and have your outfit picked out by your fashion savvy parent, but it’s a whole other ball game to be an adult and take proud ownership of this responsibility! From being decked out in reds, whites and blues, to other party attendees who also believe in the power of a flower crown in patriotic colors. This Fourth of July was one for the books for sure. We celebrated being proud Americans, and proud fashionistas. Let the ability to express our freedom through fashion ring!

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Our style has always been polar opposites! When I was pink, she was blue. When I chose dresses, she chose shorts. Yet as we got older we kinda molded into similar tastes. As much as I miss her I don’t miss the fact that I never have to worry about clothes or accessories going missing! Word to any other siblings who plan to borrow a piece from their sisters wardrobe without asking. If you want to get away with it DON’T PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!

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How to make a flower crown (yes, you could buy one from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 etc. but making one is so much more gratifying.) Step 1: Go to your favorite craft store. I always choose Michaels because of that 40% off 1 item coupon. Step 2: Pick out your floral arrangement. Keep in mind the width of the wires and make sure you have scissors or wire cutters capable of cutting through. Step 3: Before you leave your craft store make sure you pick out something to attach your flowers too. I’ve seen on other blogs people use leather, and ribbons but because I wear it like a headband I opt for elastic to match my hair color. Step 4: Make sure you pick up a glue gun and extra glue sticks to complete the task at home! Step 5: Cut your flowers from your stems and place accordingly on your material of choice. Step 6: Apply glue either on the flower or your material, or both. Step 7: Wait for the glue to dry. As much as you’re going to want to put it one I strongly advise waiting at least 20 minutes to ensure the glue has dried. The last thing you want is flowers permanently attached to your head. Unless thats your thing which if that’s the case send me a message, we should be best friends! Step 7: Try it on, and take a selfie! Share your work of art with the world! PS If none of this made sense to you simply YOUTUBE “how to make a flower crown.” There are a dozen amazing, and easy to follow tutorials. Good luck!

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Shout out to my cousin Josh who wanted me to point out he has style too! Apparently, fashion is more than a sense it's a gene too!

Shout out to my cousin Josh who wanted me to point out he has style too! Apparently, fashion is more than a sense it’s a gene too!

Ladies and gents meet my number one supporter, my Aunt Jodi!

Ladies and gents meet my number one supporter, my Aunt Jodi!