Flower Child

One of the really cool things about my professional career is I have been blessed with opportunities to experience Southern California. In addition to expanding my network and meeting countless amazing and just overall wonderful people, I’ve also been introduced to destinations I only thought possible in movies and dreams. The desert led me to Salvation Mountain, and today to a San Diego gem.

My “time” in San Diego was amazing. If it wasn’t for the traffic and a better opportunity career wise in the IE I would have re-considered staying. But alas, in addition to leaving behind peers I consider family, and the lovely SD Style Bloggers I also left with some amazing travel tips for exploring. I knew San Diego was lovely far before I ever explored behind a keyboard and the hash tags. But never had I dreamed a beautiful destination existed. The dream. The wonderful dream in which I am referring to is a little ol’ place called the Flower Fields. Nestled along the hillsides in Carlsbad is a place that has provided equally magical memories for several of my friends and family members. How I have lived my whole life in Southern California and only just found out about this place just 2 years ago, truly baffles me. Naturally, the minute I found out about the Flower Fields, I started making plans to go but as things sometimes go, timing never worked out and next thing you know it’s May and the season’s over.

Today though, the stars aligned and it just worked out to take the one hour drive. My boyfriend joined me on the adventure, and aided as my photographer for the day. I was just a tad concerned the weather would be cold but it couldn’t have been a more lovely day. ¬†While I did work this outfit to work with a coat, the second I pulled into the parking lot and stepped outside, I knew it would not be needed. Which was a sigh of relief actually because one of my favorite details about this Free People ensemble is the lace on the sleeves.

And that perhaps is one of my favorite things about being a So Cal Fashionista. The ability to work an outfit to cater to a sudden fluctuation in weather. While I never was able to master trig, this was truly a talent that I have been able to utilize. Why is Fashion 101 not a subject in High School? Anyways, if you ever find yourself with time, and a sense of adventure, I strongly recommend the Flower Fields. Not only are there endless photo opportunities, but the serenity of the flowers blowing in the wind combined with the majesty of the ocean view, it makes for a truly spiritual experience. Well worth the 2 year wait and I can’t wait to go back!

Feeling Rebellious In a Field of Flowers

Rebel without a cause... Top: Lauren Moshi Shorts: Rag and Bone Boots: All Saints Sunnies: The Row Necklace: H&M

Rebel without a cause…
Top: Lauren Moshi
Shorts: Rag and Bone
Boots: All Saints
Sunnies: The Row
Necklace: H&M


As much as I love getting all dolled up for a red carpet, I was itching to get back to rocking out a good ready to wear outfit. Perhaps its because I’ve been seeing so many promos for Sons of Anarchy (seriously, is it September yet?) But today I was definitely feeling like a rebel without a cause, thus the little motorcycles on my cute little biker shorts. Enough with the cocktail dresses, give me some jeans!

This summer I’ve seized every opportunity to catch up on as many style books as possible. Currently taking up occupancy in my bag is Victoria Beckham’s style book “The Extra Inch.” In addition to reading it in a British accent, I’m actually learning a lot about some of her techniques on looking, and most importantly feeling fab. I never really bothered to affiliate looking good with feeling good, but since taking this advice into consideration I’ve altered the way I shop. Nobody likes admitting they’ve had to go up a size. But alas, I suppose it was bound to happen especially when for most of my life I was a size 24 or still fit into kids clothing (hooray for being short!) So what’s a girl to do when life is telling her to go up a size and her ego says just stick with clothes that say small? Just say screw it all and remove the tag! It’s not like anyone ever walks past you and says that outfit looks fab, what size is it? ¬†That happens all of never! And I have never been so happy in a pair of jean shorts. Thank you so much for your posh advice Vicky!

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