Let Freedom Ring in Free People

Dress: Free People Boots: Chloe Flower Crown by ME! Necklace: House of Harlow

Dress: Free People
Boots: Chloe
Flower Crown by ME!
Necklace: House of Harlow

First and foremost HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Fourth of July has got to be my favorite holiday. Any holiday in which one could celebrate in color schemes is a favorite of mine (except St. Patrick’s day. I’m not big on corn beef or beer. I choose to wear green any other day.) I seriously have been counting down the days and planning my outfit for the past 2 weeks. My nails are patriotic shades of red, white and blue. And the amazing thing about having an American themed manicure is if it starts to chip away, I have already established a plan b in the form of those fabulous little manicure pens. I can either cover up such blemishes with polka dots or stripes. Genius I know!

Although today started off with hours on end of the AMC “Dead White and Blue” marathon (truthfully I’ve been having Walking Dead withdrawals and it was just the thing I needed to hold me over until the Fall.) However, I didn’t invest 2 weeks and 30 minutes making a flower crown to lay around with some zombies and my boyfriend. Plus, my family was having a good ol’ fashioned BBQ filled with laughs, good food and hours of fireworks that would make Disneyland proud. I had such a blast catching up and yes even talking style with some of my family members. I’m so proud of them! And I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who takes this holiday seriously. It’s one thing to be a kid and have your outfit picked out by your fashion savvy parent, but it’s a whole other ball game to be an adult and take proud ownership of this responsibility! From being decked out in reds, whites and blues, to other party attendees who also believe in the power of a flower crown in patriotic colors. This Fourth of July was one for the books for sure. We celebrated being proud Americans, and proud fashionistas. Let the ability to express our freedom through fashion ring!

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Our style has always been polar opposites! When I was pink, she was blue. When I chose dresses, she chose shorts. Yet as we got older we kinda molded into similar tastes. As much as I miss her I don’t miss the fact that I never have to worry about clothes or accessories going missing! Word to any other siblings who plan to borrow a piece from their sisters wardrobe without asking. If you want to get away with it DON’T PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!

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How to make a flower crown (yes, you could buy one from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 etc. but making one is so much more gratifying.) Step 1: Go to your favorite craft store. I always choose Michaels because of that 40% off 1 item coupon. Step 2: Pick out your floral arrangement. Keep in mind the width of the wires and make sure you have scissors or wire cutters capable of cutting through. Step 3: Before you leave your craft store make sure you pick out something to attach your flowers too. I’ve seen on other blogs people use leather, and ribbons but because I wear it like a headband I opt for elastic to match my hair color. Step 4: Make sure you pick up a glue gun and extra glue sticks to complete the task at home! Step 5: Cut your flowers from your stems and place accordingly on your material of choice. Step 6: Apply glue either on the flower or your material, or both. Step 7: Wait for the glue to dry. As much as you’re going to want to put it one I strongly advise waiting at least 20 minutes to ensure the glue has dried. The last thing you want is flowers permanently attached to your head. Unless thats your thing which if that’s the case send me a message, we should be best friends! Step 7: Try it on, and take a selfie! Share your work of art with the world! PS If none of this made sense to you simply YOUTUBE “how to make a flower crown.” There are a dozen amazing, and easy to follow tutorials. Good luck!

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Shout out to my cousin Josh who wanted me to point out he has style too! Apparently, fashion is more than a sense it's a gene too!

Shout out to my cousin Josh who wanted me to point out he has style too! Apparently, fashion is more than a sense it’s a gene too!

Ladies and gents meet my number one supporter, my Aunt Jodi!

Ladies and gents meet my number one supporter, my Aunt Jodi!

I Have A Dream…To Be Sparkly and Pink

Headband: Forever 21 Dress: Willow and Clay Sandals: DVF

Headband: Forever 21
Dress: Willow and Clay
Sandals: DVF

If one person even says that this outfit is inspired by Coachella, I’m gonna scream. Yes, I do love festival attire. And most certainly I love Lana Del Ray. However, I have long been inspired by this hippie chic look perhaps since birth. After all, I was born into a Dead Head family so I like to believe that I got a head start on this trend.

In fact I have long been in love with the accessorizing with flowers. When I was younger I’d pick flowers and put them behind my ear. And then I discovered Tarina Tarantino in my early twenties who gasp not only makes flower hair clips but SPARKLY flower hair clips! A gal after my own bedazzled flower power loving heart. Sadly, several bosses of mine put a halt to this look declaring it to be “too ugly betty” for our brand. I was told that those words were a sentiment of care and muttered with the finest of intentions but the result was the same. From that moment on I was scared to sparkle from my head for fear of being rendered an “Ugly Betty.” Looking back now I realize this was all lies and simply a vein attempt for some people to dull my sparkle. Never again! Some people were born to shine and I am well prepared to say so to the next person who says anything to the contrary.

So today, on this day when we celebrate one man’s dream for freedom of equality, I celebrate my freedom to be as sparkly and floral as possible. You’re probably thinking to yourself, but the only thing sparkly about this outfit is the necklace. True, but fear not for after this blog post I intend on going to my neighborhood craft store and raiding the rhinestone aisle. Tonight I shall have a bedazzle party and bedazzle everything in sight. Sometimes it’s not just about simply being sparkly but rather being inspired to sparkle.

Like my favorite designer always says, “have a sparkling day




Growing up my ultimate goal was to own a flower crown. I didn’t even care if it was one of those imitation sparkly crowns with the ribbons flowing down from the end. I wanted one. Yes, I was blessed to have pretty much everything else I ever wanted, but every single time an opportunity to own a flower crown arose, that dream was shot to hell when a. they either sold out. Or B. I was distracted or gifted by something else. Today my dream of finally owning and pairing this perfect pink flower crown became a reality. One life dream accomplished, about a million more to go!