Chilly Weather Means Cozy Sweaters

Top: 5/48 Jeans: J Brand Boots: Joie Necklace: House of Harlow

Top: 5/48
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Joie
Necklace: House of Harlow

Can you believe it was only a week ago that I was frolicking in 80 degree weather on the beach? To those of you whose winters consist of subzero temperatures, you’re probably going to read this and shake your head the whole time at my claim that this temperature is freezing. As a So Cal girl anything below 75 degrees and I begin to complain I’m in danger of dying of hypothermia. Crazy but I live in Southern California for a reason. I enjoy my sunny days.

I’ve been enjoying my lightweight sweaters, but today I had to bust out the heavy knit because it was only about 60 degrees outside. It may have well been below subzero. This is the time of year you see us Cali folks bust out our puffer coats and Uggs. When the sun hides we dig deep for our winter wear. Today I opted for my favorite Fall/ Winter sweater! Tera cotta chunky sweater and brown boots make for a cute and cozy winter ensemble!


Fall Is Finally Here! Time to Dig Those Sweaters Out of The Closet!

Fall Is Finally Here! Time to Dig Those Sweaters Out of The Closet!

Sweater: APC Shorts: Seven’s Shoes: Miu Miu

So Fall is officially here! And I’ve already gained at least 5 pounds since Pumpkin Spice lattes made their seasonal debut on the Starbucks menu. And since my sweaters are somewhere buried in the depths of my closet, I’ve had to consciously take in to consideration pieces to invest in. First piece being this uhhmaaazzing A.L.C sweater!

I learned my lesson last winter. Desert winters are SIGNIFICANTLY different than LA winters. So coats from Forever 21 are just no longer an option. Thus, I’ve invested in a full on wool coat by Akris Punto. Can’t wait to debut that later on!

In the mean time I’ve decided knitted sweaters are a must! And believe it or not I’ve been finding a ridiculous amount of good deals on these as of lately. Did you know sweaters are actually sold during the summer? As someone who grew up relatively close enough to the beach, or at least close enough to where an ocean breeze was a deciding factor on exactly how many wardrobe changes I had to carry with me throughout the day, this makes total sense. Light weight sweaters are essential for us coastal gals all year round. However, typically during the summer we see these items come in more vibrant colors. Naturally, a lot of these pieces have been marked down and I love bright colors anyways! While yes, it is important to invest in certain fall staples (still working on some high-waisted black leather shorts) I can’t go the entire season without some happy colorful pieces. It’s not me.

The newest addition to my ballet flat collection! Hello Miu Miu, you're so pretty and sparkly and I love you!

The newest addition to my ballet flat collection! Hello Miu Miu, you’re so pretty and sparkly and I love you!

New York Fashion Week 2013

Whelp, New York Fashion Week has come to a conclusion and now it is time for the fashion power houses to strut their stuff in London.

And what did we learn from New York Fashion Week? Well for starters, it appears as though once the leaves start falling from the trees we are going to see tons of navy, lots of leather, and fur trimmed outerwear. Also, to remind us of the season immediately following, lots of winter white. And who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Some of my favorite runway presentations were the following:

BCBG MaxAzria had a beautiful show case. From bold prints to sheer overlays, everything about this collection was true to the brand, and also brought something memorable to the runway. Again, sheer, floor length top anyone? I know Christmas is almost a year away but I will most certainly be asking Santa Clause for some of BCBG’s leg warmers.

So pretty! So fun! So couture! My favorite runway piece from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013. Stunning piece by BCBG

So pretty! So fun! So couture! My favorite runway piece from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013. Stunning piece by BCBG

Marc Jacobs had a stunning presentation, as always. One of things I love most about Marc Jacobs is he never deviates from his own style. Bold prints, and unique use of color blocking are as signature to Jacobs as cherry red souls to Christian Louboutin. My favorite runway debuts were his cherry and crimson red color blocked mod dresses.

Loved Marc Jacobs' use of the best shades of red!

Loved Marc Jacobs’ use of the best shades of red!

My most favorite presentation for this season though was the collection by Rachel Zoe. Quite literally I believe my jaw dropped with every piece that walked down the runway. I loved several things about her collection. The first being her use of taupe, and white. There is something about taupe leather that makes my heart go a flutter. Unlike other designers who are typically known for creating very feminine pieces and deviated slightly from that for this seasons collection, Zoe discovered a perfect way to incorporate the dreariness and very structured trend that usually radiates from fall collections and made it girly. For example, an a line skirt with pleats, structured yet feminine, and a solution to the girly girl’s overly structured problem. Loved her sequined sweaters, and fur trimmed plaid outerwear pieces. Long story short, I just loved everything about this presentation.

This sequined cardi was one of my favorite pieces by Rachel Zoe to waltz down the runway.

This sequined cardi was one of my favorite pieces by Rachel Zoe to waltz down the runway.

The runway that broke my heart with disappointment was Betsey Johnson. Seriously, I’m sighing as I’m typing this. Don’t get me wrong, I love Betsey. I love that a woman of that mentality, who adores pink and sparkles as much as I do is a runway veteran and still does cartwheels on the cat walk. But work out wear? Really? The collection looked uninspired and prepared last minute. Bring back the pretty dresses! I have no doubt, next time will be better because really, it could not possibly get any worse.

While I don't love the Betsey Johnson workout apparel, I could see myself loving her work out accessories.

While I don’t love the Betsey Johnson workout apparel, I could see myself loving her work out accessories.

Usually when Fall officially arrives, I embrace it lovingly because that means Starbucks is once again serving Pumpkin Spice lattes and I can once again wear large cozy sweaters and cute scarves. But alas, that is what I’ve been wearing for the past 3 months and I am ready for Summer. But I’m glad I know what to shop for post Labor Day.

I love rock and roll!

Rock and Roll doesn’t have to be grungy. Outfit= leather jacket, beanie by marc by marc jacobs, scarf by Alexander McQueen, glasses by Chloe

If you knew me as a child, you know the incredibly strict fashion rules that were enforced upon me. For example, nail polish had to be clear. Lipstick came in the form of chapstick, and if I wanted to wear a concealer of some sort it had to be nothing more than the Clean and Clear blue powder. The reins were not loosened until my junior year of high school when I was FINALLy allowed to embrace new style choices. While Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch quickly became my go to stops as I was finally embracing my So. Cal roots.

Never in a million years did I think my style would eventually embrace leather, combat boots, and skulls. But alas, today I find myself not being able to have enough of these pieces in my closet! It doesn’t help that I’m addicted to McQueen. My original military inspired ankle booties are one of my most prized pieces of my shoe collection and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be buried in them (it is quite literally a toss up between those and my sparkly Chanel heels. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of years to decide.) Anyways, in my younger years I was not allowed to wear black and anything with skulls was assumed to have been purchased from Hot Topic, a store that for years I was not even allowed to step foot in.

My poor mother is probably rolling over in her grave at my recent fashion choices. I find myself drawn not only to McQueen look alikes when I can’t afford the real thing, big chunky combat boots with (gasp) studsand leather! Since we are now in the heart of fall and all these style must can be found on nearly every shelf, my bank account quite frankly does not stand a chance.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita spiked black and silver ankle boots $195 at

What are some must haves that I think all rock and roll inspired fashionistas must have? Jeffrey Campbell combat boots for sure! I was at a runway event earlier in the summer and one of the attendees completely stole the show and got more compliments than the girls wearing their Louboutins. Imagine that!

Leather leggings have been a staple in my fall closet for about 2 years now, which tells me that this trend is quickly becoming a classic. Pair them with an oversized sweater and some leather boots and you have a boho inspired rock and roll look!

leather leggings paired with an oversized sweater? Vince usually has exactly what your looking for

Ok, if you’ve been following my posts, you realize by now I should probably be attending some sort of Nicole Richie anonymous meetings because I am OBSESSED with her style. Nobody does rock and roll better than her (ok maybe with the exception of Gwen Stefani.) Perhaps the thing I love most about Nicole Richie’s style is she adds a flare of chic to it.

Nicole Richie making rock and roll runway ready

Add a touch of classiness to something traditionally deemed grungy and you have girly girls such as myself ready to take a walk on the wild side. Rock on!

Its finally cold which means it’s time to bundle up!

Its finally cold which means it's time to bundle up!

Target has started putting out Christmas decorations, department stores have started playing their favorite holiday tunes (the only time of year I appreciate Mariah Carey) and mother nature has finally gotten the memo, its time to share fall with us California folks.

While it breaks my heart to put away my favorite wedges and summer dress until next year, I cannot wait to add to my outterwear collection. So many labels have must have coats for every fashionista to embrace the cold fronts that are sure to come through! This Free People leopard print coat is perfect fall addition, and is only $248. I’m love, love loving the black trim on it!

Alice and Olivia is also another label making to die for coats! Whether you’re looking for a longer trench style, or a shorter peacoat Stacy B. has one for every level of fall intencity.

My love of winter coats has been fueled every since I saw Julianne Hough romp around Paris with Ryan Seacrest wearing an uber cute red, ruffled Elie Tahari coat.

Some people fall in love in Paris, others fall in love with what people wear in Paris

Thank you mother nature! Looks like it’s time for this fashionista to go shopping!

Alice and Olivia Lucetta seamed overcoat with fur trim

to peplum or not to peplum…

celebrities wearing peplum dresses

One of the many many things I love about fall is the fact that obvi its a new season, and with a new season comes NEW TRENDS! And one of my new favorite trends this season is peplum dresses! If you’re a self proclaimed girly girl, such as myself I highly recommend this dress that is perfect for the fall and upcoming winter season. 

The peplum dress is a dress that looks like a modern twist to a princess ball gown. In a nutshell the peplum is your basic sheath dress with a splash of ruffle to accentuate your hips aka your glamourous hour glass figure. Fellow fashionistas have described these statement makers as “pure magic.” A pretty, magic, dress? Yes please!

One of the best things about the peplum dress is that they come in all colors, styles and cost ranges. I’ve seen them carried everywhere from Forever 21 and Papaya to higher end department stores and celebrity adored labels such as Alice and Olivia. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas rave that this dress is perfect for the girl on the go. Just change up your accessories and into some flats and ta da! A perfect day in to night dress!

After hearing so many great things and seeing for myself how the dress compliments so many silhouettes I can’t wait till my budget permits me to get one to add to my fall wardrobe!

black and white peplum dress by Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th Red Label

We’re not in the OC anymore Toto

the modern fashionistas ode to Dorothy

Since the Santa Ana winds are here in full force, seriously we’re talking at least 80 MPH outside my house, my choice in shoes this morning was inspired by none other than dear Dorothy from Kansas. Although, while I would ordinarily love to rock anything that sparkles (with the exception of a grill), today is simply not a day for heels.

Thus I must say a prayer to the shoe god for creating these beautiful, bedazzled ruby red loafers, perfect for the girl on the go. While I almost opted for the less colorful Steve Madden version, I got suckered into a Bakers sale. Which after going through countless Madden shoes, I must say I’ve been quite satisfied with my decision. After a few months of being my go to shoe, when I want to add a little spice to my outfit without sacrificing comfort, this shoe has shown no sign of wear and tear. Which sadly is not something I could say about any Steve Madden shoe I have ever invested in. Seriously, why do those shoes never last more than a few months?!

In any event, I’ll enjoy the rest of the day in my comfy ruby red loafers while perhaps sipping on a pumpkin spice late while I enjoy this perfect beautiful fall day.