Confessions of An Outfit Repeater

Dress: Equipment Belt: Nordstroms  Hat: Saks Boots: Joie Dalton Boots

                             Dress: Equipment Belt: Nordstroms Hat: Saks Boots: Joie Dalton Boots

Ok, so when it comes to accessorizing I am guilty of one of the worse fashion offenses a fashionista can make. Yes, I am an accessory repeater. But that’s the best part of accessories! They’re so versatile and always the perfect thing to add flare to basic pieces. Since May I’ve been obsessed with my House of Harlow pieces. Particularly my sunburst necklace. It’s always just enough of a compliment. And take it from me, you don’t need the brightest sparkliest piece on the shelf to make a statement with accessories. Although, don’t get me wrong I love those too.

But the best part of subtle accessories is you don’t have limit yourself to just one amazing piece. I like to look for balance when putting together an ensemble. For example if you have a huge statement necklace with large jewels and bright colors, you probably want to steer clear of equally if not louder chandelier earrings. They’re both pieces that deserve their chance to shine! Don’t make them fight for the spotlight! The same thing is true for your outfits. If you have a sparkly top it’s not necessary to go for equally shiny jewelry. It’s too distracting and too shiny. But when you have an amazing basic piece,  such as one of my favorite Equipment France pieces, it’s like starting with a blank canvas. The neat thing about this dress is on cooler days I can turn it into a layer and use it as a jacket esque thing. I suppose it works better for your wallet to invest in basics because of all the infinite ways you can re-imagine an outfit. Huh, what’d you know? Turns out I’m better at being an outfit repeater than I thought.

equipmentdress1 (1 of 1)

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Boots, Barbie and Black and White

equipment 1_edited-1

Top: Equipment
Beanie: Saks Grey Label
Shorts: Free People

equipment star final

Fashion blogging for the record is not for the undetermined quitters. Despite popular belief it is not just a simple matter of perfecting selfies all day. If only it was so easy! Today I finally was able to get my Adobe photoshop up and running. This accomplishment finally came after about a month of upgrades, and investments into my beloved Macbook. As my boyfriend put it, this journey was an “adventure of knowledge.” Cheesy I know, but he is after all dating me so the guy has to have some sort of appreciation for cheesy.

However, although I truly believed in my ability to recollect all the lessons I learned in high school there have simply been waaaay too many advances in this far from basic program. Fortunately for myself, I have an affinity for clicking buttons and seeing how far it gets me. Not to mention, when in doubt I simply browse Youtube until I find the answer I’m looking for. Nonetheless, aimlessly clicking buttons and hoping you’re changes are going to upload properly (another mission in and of itself) can become rather frustrating and I thought on more than one occasion today, perhaps it’s time I go back to school. I’m the kind of person who literally LOVES being educated. Always have and always will. And even if it is just a few basic photography and graphic design courses I’m determined to master this new craft of mine that sadly cannot be trained in a Michael’s classroom.

star equipment 3_edited-2

equipment star 4

This little gem is what inspired an obsession. Once I had the necklace, I had to have the smaller version, the matching bracelet, earrings, and belt.

This little gem is what inspired an obsession. Once I had the necklace, I had to have the smaller version, the matching bracelet, earrings, and belt.

equipment stars

I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked in the mirror after getting dressed this morning. There is something about the combination of boots and a beanie that remind me of Spinelli from “Recess.”