Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Just Jess Fashion! Sincerest apologies for having taken so long to get back on here but as I’m sure you your self can attest to, the Holidays can ┬ábe rough on one’s time management skills.

But alas, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my favorite OOTD moments, Pinterest success stories and holiday decor ideas. Ugly sweaters are no longer limited to a cozy ensemble. I loved pairing my reindeer sweater with my new favorite maxi skirt and Louboutins. And can you believe that the whole thing came from Forever 21?! Since I’m back at a mall where I’m literally just steps away from some of the most notorious “fast fashion” stores, I’ve discovered a new appreciation for trendy pieces that don’t break the bank.

For New Years, I went with the ever classic sequined ensemble with one of my new favorite pieces residing in my closet. The vintage jacket came from my fashion inspiration, my grandma. My uncle teased that I would be just like her when I turned 80 something and who wants to wait that long when she’s still a fasionista that would make even Blanche from the Golden Girls awe in envy.

I hope you enjoyed your Holidays just as much as I did dear readers and I can’t wait to see what Fashion adventures 2016 brings!