Rainy Day Fashion: Doesn’t Have to Be A Horror Story


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Top: Wildfox Leggings: Nordstrom Rack Boots: Chloe Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

It’s hard to believe it’s Spring when the temp is below 75 outside. But alas, this So Cal gal is always ready for a blustery day in the typical SO CAL fashion. Cozy sweater, check. Leggings, check. Chloe boots and fun sunnies to brighten up even the dreariest of days? Check and check.

And fortunately for me I’ve come across some ridiculous after season sales recently to add to my winter wardrobe. It never hurts to prepare for ones fashionable future, right? For example, this fun vegan leather leggings? Only $5! Thank you Nordstrom Rack! And at this point I have enough Wildfox sweaters to wear for a month straight. Talk about a good investment. They work during the winter, spring even for the gym and as pajamas. I’ve mentioned this little formula I apply to investing into pieces in previous blog posts called “cost per wear” and even each of my multitude of sweaters are less than a dollar per wear at this point. Fun fact of Wildfox sweaters that I haven’t shouted to the high heavens about yet is their washable factor. I know some of my fellow Wildfox lovers have expressed frustration over the fact that they fade so quickly. As a person who appreciates a vintage look, this is something I love even more about the label!

But the moral of today’s fashion story is that it is always wise to invest in a rainy day. And unlike the horror of a Monday (or excitement which is sometimes my case as I don’t work a typical Monday-Friday) it doesn’t have to be something to dread when you’re prepared with cozy and chic.





All You Need Is Love, A Sense of Adventure and An Appreciation For 36 Foot Pieces of Art

Top: Saks Grey Label Bottoms: Saks Red Label Hat: Saks Boots: Chloe Savannah Boots Necklace: House of Harlow Sunnies: Prada

Top: Saks Grey Label Leggings:  Saks Red Label Hat: Saks Boots: Chloe Savannah Boots Necklace: House of Harlow
                                                                                      Sunnies: Prada

My recent trip to Texas was significantly better than my first one. This fact is entirely due to the fact I had the opportunity to meet my brand new niece, who for the record is the most beautiful baby to grace this planet. Ok, so my opinion might be slightly biased but facts are facts and the fact is, she’s perfect.

Alas, in addition to gaining about 20 pounds (no thanks to Whataburger which has nothing on In N Out, BBQ and Blue Bell Ice Cream shakes) I gained some intel on some pretty interesting places to visit when in Houston. The last time I was in Texas, the only place i visited was the inside of my hotel room, and my time was spent entirely watching a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. In all fairness it was disgustingly hot and humid outside. I can’t enjoy a place that causes my hair to frizz. Fortunately this time around it was just cold. Not freezing, but cold enough to make me appreciate our 80 degree winters in So. Cal.

While much of my time was spent bonding with my new favorite person, and catching up with my long lost furry four legged friend Bella (whom I lovingly refer to as Fluff) I made a commitment to see at least one interesting place before I left. So our last night in town, I did what any adventure seeking tourist would do and googled interesting things to do while in Houston. Of course the space thing and Whataburger popped up, but so did the work gallery of sculptor David Adickes. 36 foot tall statues of the most infamous band in the world? Now that’s a place I wanted to see! Not only was it free, but it was on the way to the airport. Perfect! While other visitor recaps included 18 foot busts of Presidents, my visit only included the Beatles and two headless president busts. Which was fine. Ringo Starr is far more impressive to me than the Ronald Reagan anyhow.

When I arrived I was beyond thrilled to find the giant statues of the fab 4 standing in what appeared to be an abandoned dirt lot. While I was bummed I only brought my 50 mm lens, and my telephoto lens therefore preventing me from capturing the brilliance of this art work at an acceptable angle and decent light, I did the best I could with what I had. It’s my understanding that the availability of work featured at the lot changes as pieces are obviously sent to more permanent locations. I checked affiliated hash tags on various social media sights to confirm that work had been sighted recently. It’s visiting places such as this, where someone has imagined and created aw inspiring works of art that can forever be shared with the world that inspire my sense of adventure. So, while I didn’t get an opportunity to visit the space center, or the park where alligators roam free, I did get to look into the statuesque faces of 4 rock legends, ironically in the form of rock. The world is full of so many wonderful things, all ya have to do is look for them.

*On a fashionable note, apparently it’s a dead giveaway to Texans you’re from California if you wear a large brimmed hat. I thought wearing a hat and my Chloe boots was my way of fitting in (nobody ever said your hat had to be a cowboy hat!) One woman stopped me to inform me she was in love with my favorite large brimmed black hat. “I don’t’ have a hat like that but I know they have those in New York and California” she explained. Well what’d ya know! I am from California! I told her next time I visited I’d bring an extra one in the event I run into her again. After all, it’s one thing to share a work of art with the world, but it’s also pretty cool to share a fashion statement.

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Let Freedom Ring in Free People

Dress: Free People Boots: Chloe Flower Crown by ME! Necklace: House of Harlow

Dress: Free People
Boots: Chloe
Flower Crown by ME!
Necklace: House of Harlow

First and foremost HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Fourth of July has got to be my favorite holiday. Any holiday in which one could celebrate in color schemes is a favorite of mine (except St. Patrick’s day. I’m not big on corn beef or beer. I choose to wear green any other day.) I seriously have been counting down the days and planning my outfit for the past 2 weeks. My nails are patriotic shades of red, white and blue. And the amazing thing about having an American themed manicure is if it starts to chip away, I have already established a plan b in the form of those fabulous little manicure pens. I can either cover up such blemishes with polka dots or stripes. Genius I know!

Although today started off with hours on end of the AMC “Dead White and Blue” marathon (truthfully I’ve been having Walking Dead withdrawals and it was just the thing I needed to hold me over until the Fall.) However, I didn’t invest 2 weeks and 30 minutes making a flower crown to lay around with some zombies and my boyfriend. Plus, my family was having a good ol’ fashioned BBQ filled with laughs, good food and hours of fireworks that would make Disneyland proud. I had such a blast catching up and yes even talking style with some of my family members. I’m so proud of them! And I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who takes this holiday seriously. It’s one thing to be a kid and have your outfit picked out by your fashion savvy parent, but it’s a whole other ball game to be an adult and take proud ownership of this responsibility! From being decked out in reds, whites and blues, to other party attendees who also believe in the power of a flower crown in patriotic colors. This Fourth of July was one for the books for sure. We celebrated being proud Americans, and proud fashionistas. Let the ability to express our freedom through fashion ring!

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Our style has always been polar opposites! When I was pink, she was blue. When I chose dresses, she chose shorts. Yet as we got older we kinda molded into similar tastes. As much as I miss her I don’t miss the fact that I never have to worry about clothes or accessories going missing! Word to any other siblings who plan to borrow a piece from their sisters wardrobe without asking. If you want to get away with it DON’T PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!

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How to make a flower crown (yes, you could buy one from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 etc. but making one is so much more gratifying.) Step 1: Go to your favorite craft store. I always choose Michaels because of that 40% off 1 item coupon. Step 2: Pick out your floral arrangement. Keep in mind the width of the wires and make sure you have scissors or wire cutters capable of cutting through. Step 3: Before you leave your craft store make sure you pick out something to attach your flowers too. I’ve seen on other blogs people use leather, and ribbons but because I wear it like a headband I opt for elastic to match my hair color. Step 4: Make sure you pick up a glue gun and extra glue sticks to complete the task at home! Step 5: Cut your flowers from your stems and place accordingly on your material of choice. Step 6: Apply glue either on the flower or your material, or both. Step 7: Wait for the glue to dry. As much as you’re going to want to put it one I strongly advise waiting at least 20 minutes to ensure the glue has dried. The last thing you want is flowers permanently attached to your head. Unless thats your thing which if that’s the case send me a message, we should be best friends! Step 7: Try it on, and take a selfie! Share your work of art with the world! PS If none of this made sense to you simply YOUTUBE “how to make a flower crown.” There are a dozen amazing, and easy to follow tutorials. Good luck!

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Shout out to my cousin Josh who wanted me to point out he has style too! Apparently, fashion is more than a sense it's a gene too!

Shout out to my cousin Josh who wanted me to point out he has style too! Apparently, fashion is more than a sense it’s a gene too!

Ladies and gents meet my number one supporter, my Aunt Jodi!

Ladies and gents meet my number one supporter, my Aunt Jodi!

For Boo

Top: Rails Jeans: Textile Elizabeth and James Shoes: Chloe

Top: Rails
Jeans: Textile Elizabeth and James
Shoes: Chloe

2013 I was extremely blessed with opportunities and a fabulous wardrobe. And that didn’t come without sacrifices not just from me, but mostly on the part of my loving boyfriend. It takes a lot of time, money and especially patience to support a fashion blogger and yet he continues to encourage me to pursue this crazy dream of mine. One of the things I love most about him. Really and truly babe, not a day goes by I don’t count my lucky stars for how lucky I am to call you mine. And the icing on the cake is he knows I’m not a diamond kind of gal but rather I prefer to be showered in shoes. I’ll take a pair of sparkly Louboutins over a pretty ring any day! (Think the Big proposal to Carrie in the shoe closet. My dream come true!)

Apparently plaid and jeans are the perfect combo when shopping for tools and car parts!

Apparently plaid and jeans are the perfect combo when shopping for tools and car parts!

However, this year I have promised him that I want to focus on pursuing his dreams. That dear loyal readers does not mean I’m not pursuing blogging anymore. I’m finally getting the hang of this thing and miraculously comprehending the efficient use of my camera settings, so I’d like to think the best is yet to come! But the main topic of conversation and disposable income this going to be geared toward making my other half happy. And for him that’s cars. Currently he’s working on adding upgrades to his truck. What that means for me is instead of spending the day browsing the racks at my favorite stores is instead learning the difference between a nut and a bolt at a hardware store.

Being the fashionista that I am, I look at every opportunity as an outfit debut. And in the spirit of tools and perhaps slightly inspired by the only exposure to tools I’ve ever experienced in my twenty something years of life, I guess my outfit was somewhat inspired by none other than “Tool Time’s” favorite bearded host, Al Boreland. Chris get’s new parts and I get to wear a new outfit. Everybody wins, and that ladies and gents is called compromise!

Note to self, next time you’re told your going to a hardware store pack a cute coat! It gets cold in those large warehouses in January!