Feeling Magical in A Maxi

Forever Maxi (g)

Dress: Forever 21 Sandals: Chanel Necklace: Saks OFF 5TH Sunnies: Miu Miu

Do you ever have those epiphany moments where all of a sudden everything makes sense? While that tends to happen quite often to me (it helps when you’re a hopeless optimist who truly believes everything happens for a reason) today was no exception. While digging through my closet for something that was appropriate for 90 degree weather, I stumbled upon this little gem from Forever 21 purchased a few years back. And why exactly was that an “aha!” moment? Well this morning when I woke up, in my recently re-designed bedroom that makes me feel like I wake up a princess, I turned on the TV and what was playing other than one of my favorite movies “Maleficent.”

For anyone that knows me, they know I’m a Disney girl. Always have been, always will be. Sadly though, it is no longer appropriate by adult world standards to play dress up in my favorite princess’ attire. Thank God though for the grown up version of dress up called “Disney Bounding.” Never heard of this? Basically it’s the concept of dressing up super cute in the theme of your favorite character, and far less dramatic than the alternative cosplay. A few years back I Disney bounded to “Dapper Day” as Jessica Rabbit. And today it would appear as though subliminally I was Disney Bounding as none other than Princess Aurora. I had a flowy long dress in her signature pink. I also like to believe there was a woodsy element with my Boho chic accents. And what fashion princess outfit wouldn’t be complete without some Chanel sandals? As any girly girl can probably attest to, growing up you put your outfits to the Princess dress test. There were two conditions I took into consideration before something could pass and that would be 1, if it passed the twirl test and 2, if it just flowed perfectly in the wind. And no I’m not talking about that wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen Marilyn Monroe moment kind of wind. I’m talking about you can totally picture Princess Ariel wearing it on the side of a beach somewhere, arms outstretched waiting to embrace Prince Eric kind of flowy. Fortunately, this dress passed both those tests. Although, maxi dresses typically exude that unless they’re of a cotton fabric.

I love maxi dresses for a number of reasons. One being that they are ridiculously comfortable! Second, I like having an opportunity to prove nay sayers wrong. Traditionally people like to believe us vertically challenged fashionistas are not meant for maxis. Understandable, worn incorrectly they can in fact appear to drown a pint size individual in fabric. However, worn correctly and we fun size fashionistas can also take advantage of one of Summer’s most notorious silhouettes. The key here is to keep in mind you want to control where the dress cuts you off before the dress and haters do. In my case I decided to accentuate the empire waist with a contrasting belt. And wouldn’t you know this simple trick worked like magic and not only made a cute compliment but elongated the dress making it appear as though I was not drowning in fabric. The final look when completed with accessories, well I like to believe it was something I saw once upon a dream.


Young, Fabulous and Broke

Dress: Young Fabulous and Broke Sandals: Chanel Hat: Saks

Dress: Young Fabulous and Broke
Sandals: Chanel
Hat: Saks

While ordinarily I’m not a huge fan of giving an automatic shout out to a label, especially in such bold form as giving them the headline of a post, I am a fan of the collection which much like my lifestyle is actually called Young, Fabulous and Broke. It always makes me giggle when I’m walking on my sales floor and I overhear other admirers of this collection caught not necessarily by the pieces (which NEVER seem to have hanger appeal, but come to life once put on,) but rather by the catchy name. Yes, people believe it or not fashion girls get easily caught up in slogans and fun names. That’s what got me to commit to a Juicy Couture sweater years ago that said “for nice girls who like stuff.” I remember exclaiming to my friend who was with me during that shopping adventure, “I’m a nice girl! And I like stuff!” Her response, “oh God.” I still laugh about that till this day, and because of the fun memory I will never get rid of that piece.

Ok, but in all seriousness, Young Fabulous and Broke makes dressing boho chic look absolutely fabulous. If you ever stumble upon one of the jersey cotton creations at a store, I highly encourage you to try a piece on. I’ve known for years I like their pieces, but I’ve never committed until I found this dress. After all, tie dye, maxi and wrap effects? Sold! I’m already contemplating the various ways in which i can change it up. Dress it up with heels? Dress it down and give it more of a hippie effect? The possibilities for this piece are endless! And when you’re inspired or challenged by a piece to infuse it with your own personality I call that a successful investment. These days, since me and my boyfriend are saving up to buy a place of our own I need to choose my investments wisely. So at the end of the day I truly am, young, fabulous and broke.



I love my Prada baroque sunnies so much I had to invest in 3 pairs. I may always be broke but I am always well dressed.

I love my Prada baroque sunnies so much I had to invest in 3 pairs. I may always be broke but I am always well dressed.



Perhaps it’s because my parents were deadheads that tie dye naturally looks good on me. If only I had a dancing bear necklace to match!