In the spirit of award season and updo mania…one of my favorites!

So while I am extremely opposed to placing a sock in my hair, this is actually a really cute idea. During the summer I saw a few celebrities rocking a fun twist to a classic princess ballerina bun. I tried this once before but apparently the key to the success in this bun is using lots of braids. I only braided about 4 pieces and only two showed up. Also, again while I’m not a fan of placing something ordinarily meant for feet in my gorgeous locks, I do like how the model utilizes this to get extra hair (perfect for gals with long hair), and wrap it around the bun for a more finished look.

Friendly tip: As a former employee of Club Libby Lu (Donwtown Disney representing!) where the “Princess Du” was as daily a work routine as using a stapler in an office, it is embedded in my brain that the only and proper way to do a bun is first place hair in a high pony tail. Separate hair into about five pieces (think of this like a flower.) Take each section and roll under pinning on the sides. Do this with each section, and bibbidy boppedy boo you’ve got a princess do! After about 4 years of doing this I’ve discovered this technique only works on people with a sufficient amount of hair.

to peplum or not to peplum…

celebrities wearing peplum dresses

One of the many many things I love about fall is the fact that obvi its a new season, and with a new season comes NEW TRENDS! And one of my new favorite trends this season is peplum dresses! If you’re a self proclaimed girly girl, such as myself I highly recommend this dress that is perfect for the fall and upcoming winter season. 

The peplum dress is a dress that looks like a modern twist to a princess ball gown. In a nutshell the peplum is your basic sheath dress with a splash of ruffle to accentuate your hips aka your glamourous hour glass figure. Fellow fashionistas have described these statement makers as “pure magic.” A pretty, magic, dress? Yes please!

One of the best things about the peplum dress is that they come in all colors, styles and cost ranges. I’ve seen them carried everywhere from Forever 21 and Papaya to higher end department stores and celebrity adored labels such as Alice and Olivia. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas rave that this dress is perfect for the girl on the go. Just change up your accessories and into some flats and ta da! A perfect day in to night dress!

After hearing so many great things and seeing for myself how the dress compliments so many silhouettes I can’t wait till my budget permits me to get one to add to my fall wardrobe!

black and white peplum dress by Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th Red Label