Pop Princess: When Fashion Met the Backstreet Boys

Top: Backstreet Tour Shirt Skirt: Bella Olivia Tutu's (Etsy) Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Top: Backstreet Tour Shirt Skirt: Bella Olivia Tutu’s (Etsy) Shoes: Christian Louboutin Jacket: J Brand

This past Thursday me and my BFF of the CLL of the DTD finally got to see the Backstreet Boys documentary “Show Em What Your Made Of.” We’ve been looking forward to this since we first saw the trailer debut during one of their summer tours about 3 years ago. And let me tell you the experience wast totally worth the wait!

Not only did I get to sit in the same auditorium as the boys, but I got to sit in the row directly across from them. Which watching their family react to the film was memorable and touching all at the same time. The film itself was inspiring, just as I anticipated. It’s one thing to achieve success, but to maintain success despite the odds stacked against you is even more inspiring. I love how whenever I explain I’m going to a Backstreet event people respond with “Oh, they’re back?” My response, usually in a tone of annoyance is “they never left!” Mainstream music might have modified it’s preference to that of auto tuned lip syncers but the boys never changed. So while that explains why the radio doesn’t play them anymore, it also explains why their fans never left. I personally will always prefer a classic pop tune with traditional instruments and harmonious vocals over a predominantly computer generated tune any day. Plus, as Erik Michael Estrada mentioned to a fan, we teeny boppers aren’t what we once were. Back in the day I was attracted to the boys because they were just cute boys who sang catchy tunes. But as I got older, in addition to appreciating the nostalgia of having them around, I began to appreciate their lyrics and how their songs always came at just the right time. I could not have gotten through some of life’s toughest moments without lyrics such as “Never gone, never far, in my heart is where you are” or “I don’t want to make you face this world alone.”

I could go on and on about how their lyrics have impacted my life and gotten me through hardships (or even happy times for that matter)  but what separates the boys from the rest, is their loyalty to their fans. I’ve personally had Brian Littrell honk and wave at me and my BFF because I’m sure he knew how much it would mean to us. I’ve never felt as though I over paid for a concert experience (or even been disappointed by a concert experience.) And I’ve even witness them make a fan’s dream come true by inviting her to come on stage and perform with them. They’ve given us so much it was nice to watch a film that document’s their personal struggles and triumphs and cheer for them, and let them know we’ve appreciated all that they’ve done for us. The film captured the past 20 years beautifully. It’s been an incredible journey that forever changed pop culture. They could have easily given up and we could have moved on to One Direction with only classic’s like “I Want It That Way” to compare. But they know they mean too much to us. They’ve fought to stay here and we will always fight to keep them here. So whether I’m in a crowd of a thousand, five hundred or just five, I will always be there because I will always want it that way.

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Special thanks to my co-workers who convinced me a tutu of this magnitude was absolutely necessary when going to a premiere. “Don’t be one of those girls with those nasty Herve Legier wannabe bandage dresses she said.” It’s true. Be original girls. For me, dressing like a cupcake is totally me! Plus, I love that this outfit supported smaller business. Special shout out to Bella Olivia tutus for creating this spectacular fashion statement. The boys noticed and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees said I looked awesome. Mission accomplished.

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When professional camera's aren't allowed, the pixels of a cell phone are appreciated.

                When professional camera’s aren’t allowed, the pixels of a cell phone are appreciated.

Erik Michael Estrada from Otown!

Erik Michael Estrada from Otown! He ended up sitting behind us throughout the film and had the best commentary. My favorite conversation of the night was him explaining to a fan the evolution of teeny boppers. He explained it’s been an interesting transition in that we’ve gone from throwing teddy bears to Heinkein bottles. I don’t know about all that. If anything I’d say we’re a more fun bunch as twenty boppers! I also loved the fact he mentioned the Backstreet Boys are really what reintroduced pop back into main stream radio in the 90’s and gave other bands like his, a chance. 


Met Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees too! He commented he loved the tutu! When a boy bander compliments your outfit pretty much you can just die and go to heaven.

Met Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees too! He commented he loved the tutu! When a boy bander compliments your outfit pretty much you can just die and go to heaven.

Facing the Music, and A Modern Tale of Survival by Nick Carter

Facing the Music, and A Modern Tale of Survival by Nick Carter

Yup, another successful Backstreet Adventure with my Backstreet Bestie in the books. So we are not 12-years old any more. Annnnd your point?

Let’s be honest, I was probably just as excited Friday morning as I would have been had I been 12 and my parents picked me up and said I was going to see my favorite boy bander Nick Carter. I may or may not have fan girl squealed at some point that day, you may never know. In the event you are not a twenty bopper or ever had the pleasure of meeting someone whose image was once plastered on your wall at one point in time, it is basically the equivalent of meeting Santa Claus for the first time and comprehending the awesomeness of that moment. If you have no idea what that moment is like, then I feel sorry for you.

Just like Santa, I thought long and hard about what I was going to ask him. After all, I do run this little thing called a fashion blog and how awesome would it have been to ask him something fashion related? Totally awesome right? But then, the fun suckers over at Barnes and Nobles, well, sucked the fun out of that idea and basically said no pictures, just an autograph and move on with your life.

If I had not already met Nick at least 2 times prior I probably would have been upset. But gazing into his beautiful blue eyes and all worries just seem to disappear. While I missed an opportunity for a fab Instagram photo, and what I could only assume would have been a short and sweet answer of a fashion related question, I opted to utilize my two seconds and ask him how it felt to have a published book. After all, I hope to one day have my own book published and any advise from a published author would be appreciated. Clearly he was in the zone because he looked up at me kind of puzzled and shook his head. You mean I didn’t tell him how much I’ve loved him since I was 11? I have never told him that. Strangely previous encounters involve me asking him how Aaron is doing. I just saw him a few months back though and he looked great so no need waste a question.

“What was the question?” Nick Carter responded. (O-M-G, I have Nick’s attention I thought. Keep calm I tried to Jedi mind trick myself.) I then asked how he felt when the book finally got published. He starting muttering about the process and then I interjected, “accomplished?”

“Yes”, was his response. Panicked because the Barnes and Noble chaperon was clearly getting nervous and made me feel like my 2 seconds expired 5 seconds before I even walked up, I quickly told him I was proud of him. Not that Nick Carter needs my approval for anything, but he smiled a smile that smile I’ve loved since “As Long As You Love Me”, my heart melted and basically me and my BFF drove home on a cloud.

His book, from what I’ve read is amazing. It’s a heartfelt, soul bearing “here I am world despite my flaws” kind of tale and naturally I love it. Granted he could have written the dictionary and I probably would have reported back that it was the best dictionary I’ve ever read cover to cover, but as someone who is not perfect either, I appreciate his honesty and attempt to share his positive outlook on life with the world.

Really and truly Nick, I am proud of you.

He wrote my name. Life. Is. Complete.

He wrote my name. Life. Is. Complete.

Backstreet’s Back Alright!

Yup still a Backstreet Fan. Yes, I realize I'm not 13 anymore and no I don't care.

Yup still a Backstreet Fan. Yes, I realize I’m not 13 anymore and no I don’t care.

So hot of the heels of another mini Backstreet-a-thon for me and my BFF, I have yet once again come to the conclusion that by far the greatest decision in life I have ever made was becoming a Backstreet fan. Really and truly I don’t remember exactly what compelled me to break away from a normal day of television watching, on that fateful day. Mind you this routine typically included Rugrats, Are You Afraid of the Dark and maybe a Disney movie here and there. But on that fateful day, I was sucked in to the world of boy band mania with a catchy tune called “As Long as You Love Me” and the beautiful blue eyes of Nick Carter.

Lord knows I experienced my fair share of ridicule over this. My mom called them the “Backdoor Boys”, what that exactly means I still have no idea. My cousin, a rap/ hip hop fan said he raised me better than that and had never been more disappointed. Oh, and who can forget the battle between Nsync vs. Backstreet. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I was always a fan of both. Equal space on my walls was devoted to both bands. But seeing as how Justin will forever keep Nsync a distant TRL memory I feel as though my loyalty has finally landed with Backstreet and rightfully so. To the Nsyncer’s who have recently joined our side, I see you finally see my point and WELCOME!

A show so nice we had to see it twice!

A show so nice we had to see it twice!

Needless to say this tour was amazing. I don’t recall ever going to a Backstreet show and saying “wow, that really sucked.” Not even the time me and my BFF almost died at the Palladium because Kevin decided to join the group for one night during his brief exit from the band. If I had died that night I would have died happy. One thing I’ll always appreciate about these boys is they bring the energy and they understand the nostalgia that makes their fans keep coming back for more. Not to mention the fact they’re growing and evolving with time and their own journey through being an adult. One of the things I love most about a live show is hearing what influenced a song. Like my new favorite “Madeline” and how it was inspired by all the teen suicides. Oh, and it goes without saying that perhaps one of the best things about going to a Backstreet show is singing along with thousands of screaming girls the lyrics to “I Want It That Way.”

Naturally, as we always do me and Katie met some interesting girls this time around. Could not recall their names for the life of me. I never do. But one girl was saying she was there celebrating her 30th birthday and she felt embarrassed to be celebrating with the boys. She said she was trying to keep it incognito. Me and Katie laughed at this. On the contrary we have been pretty vocal about our love for the boys and we are not ashamed of it. When we explained to the girl we have taken planes to see our boys, had the pleasure of meeting them more than once, have tattoos, bumper sticker’s etc and will yell from the high heavens our love for the boys she looked at us with some sort of admiration. She got it. She was just afraid of what others might think. Not us. Not ever.

Concert tee: $55 Concert ticket: $60 Rocking out to "I Want It That Way" singing along with thousands of twenty boppers, priceless.

Concert tee: $55 Concert ticket: $60 Rocking out to “I Want It That Way” singing along with thousands of twenty boppers, priceless.

During the show, the boys showed a preview for their new movie and AJ makes a comment along the lines of there are always going to be haters, and people saying they don’t belong here anymore but they’re still here and proving people wrong so they gotta be doing something right. I couldn’t agree more. I could have chosen a concert tee that has tour dates. Goodness knows I’ve been to them all. I could have chosen the shirt that says “I still love the Backstreet Boys” but that to me implies negative connotations. I opted for the simple tank. One with no words, just the boys and their name. It reminds me of the infamous “Endless Summer” print. Which is perfect. Summer is never complete until I’ve seen the boys at least once. Which if that’s the case then I guess Summer, that’s a wrap!


In A World Like This: Backstreet Boys Still Rule My World

Flash back to the late 90’s, I was begging my mom to take me to Kids R Us so I could get the newest band tee with my favorite 5 boys in the whole world. My room was transformed from being influenced by Barbie to Backstreet, quicker then you can say “I want it that way.” My mom lovingly referred to them as the “Backdoor boys.” I wasn’t allowed to watch “Quit Playing Games With My Hear” because Howie showed too much skin, and I had to refrain myself from singing along to “am I sexual?” because 12 year-olds don’t say things like that.

Fast forward to 2005, when “Incomplete” came on the radio. I was in a car having what would be my final argument with my then boyfriend. I had just lost my cousin, and I was celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my moms death. To say I was an emotional wreck was an understatement. Then, like voices from angels I heard some familiar voices coming through the radio waves singing a lyric that I’ll never forget, “I don’t want to make you face this world alone.” Needless to say I broke down. I had lost my best friend, my cousin who was always my brother from another mother, and my mother. But I still had my boys.

After the loss of my cousin I knew I had to make a dramatic change in my life. I needed to start new. Thus, my new direction in life took me to a little place called “Club Libby Lu.” A store best known for doing makeover’s for little girls. Also known as a teeny boppers haven, both for customers and associates.

One night, a Nick Carter song came on while I was cleaning the back style studio when both me and my fellow associate Katie K., exclaimed at the same exact time, “I love this song!” I kid you not the following words were uttered in sync. “Are you a Nick Carter fan? Omg me too! Did you read the Heart and Soul of Nick Carter? Omg ME TOO!” The following conversation was centered on the subject of us being emotionally distraught in 7th grade at the thought of our beloved teen heart throb spending any amount of time on a mattress found in the garbage, and the fact that we take pride in knowing he was born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball. I had found my BFF of the CLL of the DTD soul mate. She’s still my partner in pursuing Backstreet Boy related adventures.

Has Brian Littrel honked at you after a taping of George Lopez? Nope? He’s honked at us! My dad says we were probably in his way, but no we were the only ones on the road and completely out of his way. We’re just that lucky!

About 3 years ago, I conquered my fear of flying because the Backstreet Boys were performing an intimate acoustic performance in Napa, California. Too far to drive, but only an hour flight away. Did me and my bff show up to LAX in our shirts purchased from Toys R Us, nearly a decade before, ummm yes! As a Backstreet fan you keep the Backstreet Pride Alive at all times.

the first time I met the Backstreet Boys. "This is Us."

the first time I met the Backstreet Boys. “This is Us.”

An hour flight, a killer outfit, and a 45 minute drive in pouring Northern California rain later, me and my BFF were up close and personal to our boys. After the performance, the time we had been waiting for since we were 10 finally arrived. We met the Backstreet Boys, and yes it was just as magical and just as amazing as I had always hoped and dreamed it would be. Everything was well with the world when I was in the arms of Nick Carter.

Today, the Backstreet Boys released their newest LP “In a World Like This.” And I love it! Their albums, like years ago when I needed to be reassured all was well with the world, always come when I don’t realize I need them most.

While listening to this album I immediately feel as though I should be relaxing with a glass of wine, pondering life and reflecting on how lucky and how blessed I really am.

Their music has changed. They have more control since they’re working off their own label. It’s more mature. Did we really expect them to be singing Backstreet’s back forever? I love that they have always evolved with their audience. And I love that I can always count on them to come back.

But in their defense, with the exception of Kevin Richardson, they never left. And if you think other wise, you’re not a true fan.