Baby’s First So Cal Snow ❄️

Carter’s Outfit: Hat H&M; Sweater Zara; Pants Carters

So funny story. The first time I actually did a snow thing as an adult I had no clue what I was doing. After all, snow typically does not equal fun in my book. Anything less than 75 degrees I’m thoroughly convinced is compromising my life and well being and puts me in jeopardy of dying of hypothermia. Fortunately for me the first time I got invited to go snowboarding I had a best friend who anticipated my knowledge or lackthereof and prepared a wardrobe for me. If that’s not the nicest most best friend thing to do I don’t know what is. I was thoroughly convinced being a snowboarding fashion queen meant Uggs, and a Holister parka and pair of jeans. I was kindly reminded snow is water and my outfit choice wouldn’t suffice. I would have looked super cute and super cold.

Alas we fast forward to present day. Still wearing the same Uggs I anticipated wearing that fateful day back in my early twenties. I never wear them anyways so if they get a little scuffled I can survive. Plus I have no desire to move fast down a hill of snow ever again so theres that little tidbit. And here I am yet once again passing my philosophy of snow fashion to my little one. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t compromise health and well being for the sake of fashion- especially for my little one. Rather, we believe in layers and keeping warm. Let’s be real- this is So Cal and Winter Storms are far and few. Thus, investing in a snow suit not just for me but for Carter just don’t make sense. So we bundled up- all of us! Including my beloved little fur baby Olivia who rocked a super chic and totally sensible parka!

For Carter, I did my research first to make sure taking a baby out to the snow was not totally bananas of an idea. And what I concluded from my research is introducing a baby to the snow is totes fine as long as the baby is dressed for the occasion! First we started with a onesie, layered with fleece footed pajamas, shirling pants, and a cable knit sweater courtesy of Zara. Topped off with a baby Mickey beanie because well no outfit is complete in this family without someone repping the infamous mouse.

I applied a similar concept to my outfit choice and just stuck with thick layers. Cable knit sweater mixed with an overcoat and I actually wore pants. And well dear readers, I’m happy to report none of us freezed! I was actually more concerned that Carter would overheat on the way to the snow but we maintained a good temp during the entire trip!

Elsa’s been working overtime because this snow storm in the Apple Orchards was STUNNING! Carter and Olivia loved it! Not too much you can do with a baby in the snow other than take pictures and introduce him to some cute little sheep nearby. Next year we’re looking forward to at least some hot coco.

Olivia’s Parka Petco

Party In the USA: And Patriotic Fashion


Romper: Asos Necklace: Saks Hat: Party City

What a crazy fun weekend! Finally had an opportunity to debut my home with a housewarming party. #housewarmingpartyintheUSA! was the theme! Hence why it looked like Independence day threw up all over my home. But alas, both the party and actual 4th of July required the perfect patriotic ensemble.

One of the best part’s of Summer in addition to perfect sunny weather all day ever day? Summer sales! Asos, has been my one stop shop for all my patriotic essentials and each piece was less than $40. From my star spangled romper to my red dress, I’ve been able to find the perfect digs that I can totally get away with wearing the rest of the season. Some say the world is your runway. While yes, every fashion blogger will preach that to be true, every fashion blogger treats a holiday like it’s Paris freaking Fashion week. Sparing no detail. So literally this past weekend’s wardrobe had been in the works for at least a month, making sure each print and accessory matched accordingly. Fortunately, I had tons of white accessories to compliment my red and blue choices. And what better accessories than those super cheap and over the top patriotic essentials found at a party store for a more dramatic holiday statement?


Red dress: Asos Necklace: Tarina Tarantino Shoes: B Brian Atwood Sunnies: Rayban

So while this past weekend was one for the books, and truly thank you to all my friends and family who showed up, I can’t help but feel the pressure of my next favorite holiday. Let the countdown for Halloween begin!