Comfy And Couture


Top: H&M Shoes: APL Pants: Joe Jeans Jeggings Sunnies: Ray Ban

So it occurred to me as I walked my beloved Olivia around our lake a few weekends ago, Chanel and Valentino flats- as lovely as they are, are not the greatest true walking shoes. And that’s fine. I suppose they’ll last much longer if I don’t subject them to dirt and two miles on a daily basis. Alas, I started thinking about an article that I read around Christmas time highlighting one of Oprah’s favorite things. The article in question featured a new brand in the running shoe world taking over the social media accounts of fashion enthusiasts- APL. Short for Athletic Propulsion Laboratory. Once I saw this bubblegum shade of pink and the almost crochet like material they were designed with I knew if I were to reconsider tennis shoes these bad boys would be at the top of my list. And after a two mile walk in my pointed Rock Stud Valentino studs, the blisters on my feet were practically screaming at me to revisit the tennis shoe idea.



Alas, my love for the athleisure look was born. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a girly girl till the day I die, but I do appreciate there are options to welcome my kind to the world of comfiness and coziness. So naturally, when one gets a pair of shoes, one also has to get outfits to compliment. Shout out to H&M for helping me with this task by providing endless options of basics in my favorite shades of lavender, peach and of course pink! I’m looking forward to warmer days and opportunities to mix and match my new comfy shoes with some new basic pieces- and more importantly days of being blister free.


APL-Short for Athletic Propulsion Laboratory, are literally some of the most comfy tennis shoes I’ve ever tried. I’m in love with the coziness of the crochet like material and can’t wait to get my next pair. Black, peach or baby blue? Or all of the above? Fun fact: these shoes were actually banned from the NBA because of the technology that improves one’s jumping ability. Won’t be giving that a try anytime soon unless I go to some sample sales but good to know it’s an option!

Do What You Love


Top: Parker Bag: Kate Spade Shoes: Valentino Necklace: Betsy Johnson Skirt: H&M Glitter Sunnies: Miu Miu

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, I’ve been asked about my blog a lot recently. Whether it be someone bringing up a favorite blog article or just a favorite picture I would like to express a sincere thank you to my friends and family who have motivated me to get back at the thing that makes me happiest- fashion and blogging about it. And what better way than to talk about what I love most than the day before Valentines Day?!

Not only is fashion sure to take over my Facebook, and Insta feed due to New York Fashion Week descending upon us faster than you can say the devil wears Prada, but fashion is starting to devour my investment choices as well. As much as I love interior decorating- and investing in new fun furniture (until the glam room starts coming together) it’s time to invest in my already expansive wardrobe. I’ve already invested in key pieces. For example this red skirt I’m sure you’ve seen before for more holiday inspired outfits-4th of July too. But now it works perfect for this Valentines Day ensemble! Thank you H&M! Thank you for this fabulous staple piece that seems to be the answer to all of my Holiday ensemble needs.

valentines day 17.jpg

Who needs a Valentine when you have Valentino?!

Now, the fun comes in investing in accessories! Which again is perfect considering I’m putting together an accessory room. This season my accessory of choice was this uber cute heart bag by Kate Spade. No doubt, just like the red skirt I’m sure I’ll find great ways to style it all year round. Some of my co-wokers even highlighted how perfectly it will match my obligatory mouse ears for my Disney adventures- cause ya know that’s an equally important factor to consider when deciding on accessory statements. And probably another borderline fashion addiction to be discussed in another post. Alas, ladies and fashion gents it’s good to be back! Thanks for inspiring me dear loved ones to once again resume this thing I love the most- and ya know it really is true. When you do what you love you really never work a day in your life.


I’m not the only one who turned to Kate Spade for Valentines Day Style! How cute is my dear friend and fellow blogger Kerry Miller of KLM Fashion Style’s Kate Spade bow bag? 

Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!


So it’s no secret I’m one of those crazy dog people. I take Olivia everywhere- well every place that legit allows pups. When they don’t allow dogs I have to explain to Olivia it’s that the venue has strict cuteness policies and she is quite simply too cute to step foot (it’s less harsh then having to break to her she’s a dog.) So naturally, just like any proud parent I treat my fur baby’s birthday like a national holiday. I spend the day spoiling her-which is actually hard to do because she’s spoiled every day of her life. I also make sure her special day includes all of her favorite activities. Today’s agenda included sleeping in, belly rubs, chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner, a trip to Petco to get some tasty birthday treats, and naturally cake! And not just any cake-homemade cake! Pinterest is more than just an endless decor/ craft/ people recipe mecca, it actually has pretty fabulous ideas to pamper your pup. Including this super yummy (by Olivia standard) peanut butter cake. When I let her lick the spoon her eyes lit up bigger than Beethoven at Thanksgiving. I think I should have baked and served the same day for better results but she didn’t seem to mind. She licked all the crumbs off of her plate!


So happy birthday my sweet princess! I hope your day was everything you hoped for. You deserve it. This year you had so many firsts! First time jumping in the lake- chasing after a duck of course. First time on a farm meeting cows and sheep. First time catching a mouse-And I’m totally ok if that’s the last. I can’t wait to see what the adventure of 2 brings for you and mommy!

Style Fashion Week Fall 16

style week 2016 3.jpg

style week 2016 1.jpg

So I sincerely apologize dear readers for publishing this er- fashionably late. Typically I’m on top of my runway posts as timing is everything when it comes to these sorts of things but alas, here is my recap of this seasons styles.

The event took place at the Pacific Center For Design. Had I known the event would start hours after promised I would have stopped to get a milkshake from Millions (it’s been a hot second since I’ve hit that place up. Actually, does anyone go there anymore? It’s no longer on TMZ every 5 minutes so maybe not?) Anyways, the production was well worth the wait! I was so glad I opted for an ensemble that involved sequins considering my new favorite label, Julia Clancey, clearly was all about making a sparkling statement. Julia opened the show with models rollerskating down the runway, rocking out to Zanadu. It was an experience that I never dreamed I had to have. Sparkly turbans, sparkly tunics and outfits that looked like they were inspired by Zenon- I was in runway heaven!





Next on the bill was a label I have grown accustomed to look forward to each season- A’Qua Swim. The designer, Adrienne Fuqua always brings an energy to the catwalk that can only be described as So. Cal Chic. Her designs are always the ultimate summer swimsuit goals. From whimsy two pieces to asymmetrical cuts, Fuqua always takes swimwear to a whole other level.

K RaShae was next to grace the runway. The collection exuded strength, power and resilience and was probably the first true ready to wear collection to walk down the catwalk for the night. My favorite piece was a graphic bomber-which by the way are totally the key statement piece of Fall! You know when you see something in about 20 different varieties at H&M it’s probably a piece you want to invest in. I loved that this designer seems to have used lots of organza- or at least a material that looks an awful lot like organza. Typically whenever I see this material I think of 80’s prom gone way bad. However, this collection utilized this material and made it modern and cool again.



These were among my favorite shoes to walk on the runway!

Moods of Norway was the next showcase of the evening, and the first men’s collection! I go very back and fourth when it comes to men’s apparel. More often than not I utilize these shows as an intermission if you will. However, I found the refined details of this collection especially captivating. The fact that men’s bags were incorporated into the styling details of the designs also helped keep my attention, especially since my job now includes working with men’s bags, once again proving my point that whether you’re a sales person, an editor, a designer, a buyer etc. we technically all work with one another thus my elevated interest and attention to the styling details of this collection. If I could describe this collection in two words I would say it was definitely modern and refined with industrial details.


Shanna Gall was the designer to close out the evening. Her designs were exactly what I needed and look forward to the most in a runway show- drama, and details that make you say ooo, I need that! From feathers and ruffles, her collection was for the girls who aren’t afraid to be girly. Literally, Gall’s designs reminded me of the hey days of Bob Mackie-like she was designing for Barbie herself.  And what better way to accent her designs straight out of a fashionistas real life fairy tale than to include a furry and equally fashion forward friend in her presentation! So does this mean next season I can bring my beloved Olivia Benson? She loves fashion just as much as her mommy does of course! Gall is definitely one label both myself and my precious Olivia will look forward to in the seasons to come.



When Pretty and Pumpkins Collide


Boots: Lucky Brand Leggings: Alice and Olivia Top: Free People Scarf: Coach Hat: Saks

Well it appears as though the seasons have finally caught up to the calendar. Mother nature has finally had her obligatory Pumpkin Spice Late (with soy, of course cause that’s just how I envision Mother Nature to roll) and has bestowed upon us days where it actually makes sense to wear a scarf and yes even boots!

So what better way to spend the first chilly day in Fall other than to head up to my new official favorite photo spot, Rileys Farm in Oak Glen. This time I took my little family with me. My little Olivia had a blast running through the fields of pumpkins and yes we are those dog people who let her pick out her own pumpkin.


So in the spirit of weather below 75 degrees, which by So Cal fashion bylaw means it’s time to bundle up, I grabbed my favorite boots, hat, big glasses and my newest Fall addition, my plaid scarf and boom! Perfect Fall ensemble! Minus the peacoat due to the ruggedness of my destination. However, despite some previous investments into ensuring serious Fall vibes when it comes to the style department such as my favorite ALC leather pants, there are some other staples I look forward to adding to my closet this season. See below my list of Fall must haves for this season.

  • Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots
  • Vegan leather leggings- Free People, because, well obviously.
  • Wildfox Sweaters- because one can never have too many of those. A
  • Tunic Dresses in all dark hues- navy, burgundy, and maybe even some emerald for kicks and giggles.
  • More scarves- Prints and solids to mix it up.

In addition to cooler temps and pretty foliage, what are your favorite things about Fall dear readers?









When the City Meets the Country


Top: Audrey 3+1 Shoes: Chloe Hat: Saks Sunnies: Dolce and Gabbana

Ok, so living in So Cal it can be challenging to truly find the countryside. But when my BFF called and said she wanted to go apple picking, and said adventure according to my GPS was identified to only be about 45 minutes away, I truly had no idea what I was getting into. Because country can be so many things to us So Cal folks, and can warrant so many fashion choices. Not to mention how cliche country one wants to go. For example, a Country concert would more than likely require some cowgirl boots. (Insert ode to my long lost hot pink glitter cowgirl boots here.) The fair might warrant a plaid button up and some jeans. Or ya know if you’re just hanging out in a field a la an old school Taylor Swift you might want to rock some of your favorite boho frocks because let’s be real here Taylor Swift made that ok.



So this morning when I prepared for my adventure I accepted the challenge to find the perfect outfit. Obviously no heels because I learned that lesson many moons ago, heels and dirt don’t mix. Not because I can’t walk without looking like a newborn baby deer, but because from a quality stand point dirt and designer are two things that just shouldn’t go together. My decision to wear Chloe became highly questionable after I stepped on the first rock. But alas, I decided to go with something boho. Long sleeve just in case I ran into a flying stinging bug (I haven’t had the best luck with those guys this year so better safe than sorry), some comfy flats and my favorite Free People lace shorts. The hat was a last minute decision once I stepped outside of my car and felt the intense rays of the sun. Sometimes fashion has to be practical and protective. Considering I was able to comfortably hike through dirt trails, fields of flowers and apple orchards and still maintain my reputation of being a fashionista being sacrificed I’d say I successfully met the challenge of balancing the So Cal country side with city chic.




If the opportunity ever presents itself to visit Riley’s Farm seize that moment! Learn how to properly pick an apple from a tree. How to not get stung by a bee while picking flowers and enjoy the best green beans and apple sauce you will ever taste in your entire life. Literally felt like we stepped into another world. If I had a dollar for every time I said “this is just like Sweet Home Alabama” I would have had at least $10. 


A Well Balanced Outfit


Skirt and Top Free People Sunnies Stella Mcartney Bag Coach Shoes Christian Louboutin 

Some people say you can only wear white through Labor Day. Well according to those folks I’m still well within the calendar to rock one of my favorite skirts, accompanied by a top with one of my favorite stories.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for a multitude of reasons. Longer days, especially for one who works random hours of the day, it’s nice to walk outside and not feel like a vampire. An excuse to bust out fun accessories. Big hats, and big sunglasses for starters! Because who likes a sunburn? Not this gal. And one of my newest favorites is this fun parasol.

Naturally, a fun accessory requires an equally fun ensemble! Fortunately, I have this ruffled Free People skirt on standby ready to step up to the plate! When you are anything less than 5’5 wearing anything maxi can be a bit tricky. You never want to wear something that makes you appear even shorter than you already are. But a little trick I learned years ago is to emphasize balance. In this case I created an empire waist by wearing the skirt a little higher than normal. Also, the black waist band helped accomplish this. Have a fabulous piece without such a nifty add on? It always helps to have a solid wide belt on standby.  Not only does this help with maxi dresses but sometimes I’ve found that a belt even helps with dresses or tunics that also appear to be too long. Just grab a belt and create a flowy effect by pulling the remaining fabric up just enough so again you don’t look like you’re drowning in fabric.

A few summers ago I read a style tip from Victoria Beckham which suggested the importance of balance in an ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing a short skirt, you want to make sure you don’t wear an equally revealing blouse. I find this to be equally true when a long skirt is the piece of choice. Turns out a sleeveless blouse was just what I needed to find the perfect style balance.

Parisol (b)

Parisol (c)

Fun fact. This top is the only piece in my wardrobe that only cost a penny. And it was discovered entirely on accident. Initially when I found it, the normally $70 was on sale for $7. Total bargain right? That’s what I thought until it rang up a penny! The sales girl informed me it was on the floor by accident and as a result was only a penny!

A Few of My Favorite Things

owl fish (j) (1 of 1)

Dress: Owl Fish Shoes: Alice and Olivia Sunnies: Miu Miu Hat: Charming Charlie

The other day my boyfriend and I ventured out on an errand run to Lowes to pick up some odds and ends. As we walked up and I grabbed a cart to place my beloved Olivia in he asked, “Do you ever feel a tad over dressed?” Without hesitation I responded, never. Here’s the thing about being a fashionista, one does not dress to impress the ordinary. Every day is an excuse to look your best and in this triple digit heat the options can become challenging. Since as long as I can remember a summer dress has always been my go to wardrobe staple. So naturally I was delighted when I stumbled upon this cute dress that exuded nautical summer fun.

When you look at something and literally think to yourself, “oo now this is fun!” you naturally have to compliment it with equally fabulous accessories, thus the accent with my favorite bubblegum wedges by Alice and Olivia and multi colored bangles. Designers in their collections always seem to say how they are inspired by the movement and colors of the season. This outfit I’d say is completely and totally inspired by my favorite summer things- cotton candy ice cream, sunshine,  nautical vibes (cause yes that’s totally a thing) and daydreaming of that perfect summer getaway.

owl fish (d) (1 of 1)

Dreaming of taking this outfit on the road, like to Paris or maybe Rome. 

owl fish (a) (1 of 1)

Party In the USA: And Patriotic Fashion


Romper: Asos Necklace: Saks Hat: Party City

What a crazy fun weekend! Finally had an opportunity to debut my home with a housewarming party. #housewarmingpartyintheUSA! was the theme! Hence why it looked like Independence day threw up all over my home. But alas, both the party and actual 4th of July required the perfect patriotic ensemble.

One of the best part’s of Summer in addition to perfect sunny weather all day ever day? Summer sales! Asos, has been my one stop shop for all my patriotic essentials and each piece was less than $40. From my star spangled romper to my red dress, I’ve been able to find the perfect digs that I can totally get away with wearing the rest of the season. Some say the world is your runway. While yes, every fashion blogger will preach that to be true, every fashion blogger treats a holiday like it’s Paris freaking Fashion week. Sparing no detail. So literally this past weekend’s wardrobe had been in the works for at least a month, making sure each print and accessory matched accordingly. Fortunately, I had tons of white accessories to compliment my red and blue choices. And what better accessories than those super cheap and over the top patriotic essentials found at a party store for a more dramatic holiday statement?


Red dress: Asos Necklace: Tarina Tarantino Shoes: B Brian Atwood Sunnies: Rayban

So while this past weekend was one for the books, and truly thank you to all my friends and family who showed up, I can’t help but feel the pressure of my next favorite holiday. Let the countdown for Halloween begin!

30, Flirty and Fabulous

birthday (h)

Top: Theory Belt: Tarina Tarantino Sunglasses: Prada

So turning 30 isn’t nearly as bad as it’s hyped up to be. All day I’ve been getting asked does it feel different? And the answer is, yes…but that didn’t happen overnight. My twenties were enough to provide a script for at least 5 Lifetime movies, but hey I survived smarter, stronger, and I’d like to think more stylish.

I’d say my early twenties were primarily enriched by the McDonalds of labels. Quick and easily attainable, and something you could probably see on every corner. Abercrombie and Hollister were my vice. Truth be told I still own a lot of their tanks and jackets but Lord knows those days of cut off shorts of that magnitude are long gone. My mother up in heaven is probably sighing a great relief at that proclamation seeing as how she hated those shorts.

No doubt my twenties were filled with the same horrific “what was I thinking fashion moments.” You know, the kind of horror you feel when looking back at your early makeup application days when you thought wearing blue eye shaddow was totes adorbs but in reality you ended up looking like Mimi from Drew Carry?  Ya, that kind. But you live and you learn. And you learn real fast when your boss declares you the Ugly Betty of the office. He had the best intentions with that statement and I will eternally be grateful. However, I think it’s important to note that the conversation began with, “from the moment you walked into my office I loved that I could tell, you knew who you were.” Till this day I believe that truth is what snapped me out of my Blossom meets Barbie and Punkie Brewster phase and into the Audrey Hepburn meets hippie Barbie inspired fashionista I am today. That’s progress, right?

birthday (f)

birthday (k)

In any event, I thought I’d share with you my dear readers some of my favorite fashion moments of the past decade:


My trip down style lane would not be complete without a mention of Tarina. The first designer I ever met. And the first designer who truly seemed to capture my spirit in her designs. It would be ridiculous to share with you how much I spent on what my friends referred to as plastic. And even though some of the pieces have now disintegrated, every penny was totally worth it.


For my 21st Birthday I had a Barbie party…because well, I’m me. Everyone came as either Barbie or Ken. I STILL get old friends e-mailing saying how much fun that was, and of course that conversation always starts with “come on Barbie let’s go party!”

FullSizeRender (1)

If you lived in Orange County chances are you owned at least some piece of the “Return to Tiffany’s” collection. Fun fact: I’ve never worked at a place that allows permanent fun hair colors. So you can imagine how stoked I was when colored hair extensions became a thing.

FullSizeRender (2)

So there was a point in my life where Joe Jonas influenced my fashion decisions…ya, I’ll leave that there.



short hair don’t care. I actually miss my short hair.


I lived for these extensions…until they ended up with cake and ice cream in them. But that’s what you get for Waking up in Vegas.


Cute and comfy, my favorite go to look. Although I think my definition of cute has evolved over the years.