A Fashion Dream Your Heart Makes

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Dress: Bonne Chance Collections

Well it seems as though Summer just happened, then Fall and then I blinked and all of a sudden we’re in 2018 and it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been blocked out from Disney (seems like an eternity.) But I suppose it’s good to take a break. At some point my Christmas decorations are going to have to come down…after I beat this cold I’ve been fighting since before Christmas. 2017 was a year of memories and magic! If you had told me growing up to be a Disney Blogger, or Fashion Blogger at that was a thing I would have said let’s hit the fast forward button so I can get there sooner! And here I was this whole time thinking the only viable fashion career was that of a designer! Believe it or not So. Cal does incur seasons. There’s summer dress season, cozy sweater season, scarf season and Spring dress season! (Spring is obviously more pastels as opposed to a bright color palette…complimented by ballet flats obvi.)

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As much as I love a good handbag, backpacks are kind of as essential to a Disney Summer trip as a Mickey Shaped ice cream. 

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2017 was the year where my two loves collided- Fashion and Disney. My top Disney digs? Bonne Chance collections does an amazing, one of a kind yet simple and classic a line dress. In fun polka dot prints inspired by Minnie Mouse and even Mickey silhouette prints! They sell out quickly though so I highly recommend following them on Insta to be first to know when items become available! Irregular Choice- Whether looking for shoes or handbags this label has the CUTEST pieces! Although these items come with a hefty price tag, opening each package “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” seems to sing out from the packaging. No joke. No detail is sparred. No stitching left undone. It’s like Jack and Gus Gus designed them over sea’s with love. 

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The Holiday season actually got kicked off in September the second the Main Street Jack O’ Lantern appeared. 

It really is the most wonderful time of the year when Halloween descends upon the parks! Although I had been planning for cozy sweater season since July, and what better way to prepare than with the coziness of a Wildfox sweater- Mother Nature and her triple digit Fall temperatures had other plans. Alas- my ensemble and my hair survived (the humidity is another variable that can completely alter my look-which usually is planned at least 2 weeks in advance. I don’t know how Floridian’s deal.)

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No detail is ever sacrificed when it comes to Disney decor! I LOVED the additions to Cars Land! I can’t wait to see what the Imagineers have in store for next year!

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Top: H&M Shoes: Chloe Shorts: 7 For All Mankind Beanie: Forever 21

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As if playing dress up in the parks was not fun enough- Disney Style Challenges inspired fashion motivation on a whole other level! Each season comes with a new Disney Style Challenge that lasts about a month. During the challenge, those who accept are challenged to post to social media a picture a day inspired by something Disney. From Disney Socks, Disney decor to Disney Bounding, each challenge encourages creativity. Disney Bounding is one of the most inspiring and exciting ways to display your fashion imagination. Although I’ve done several Disney Bounds this year- Smee was one of my favorites! 

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This year me and my BFF Alyssa decided we were going to start doing things we have never done before at the parks. Which, as life long Disney attendees and former Cast Members can actually be quite challenging. To kick this off we tried the High Tea at the Disneyland Hotel. If you’re ever lucky enough to score a reservation I highly recommend the Enchanted Forrest Tea! The whole experience is magical and takes about 2 hours to sip through your pot of tea and taste all of the delicacies that come on the menu. Don’t let the “small bites” description on the menu fool you- I promise the only thing you’ll be hungry for when you leave is to come again!

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One of the things I love the most about investing in Disney Fashion is the endless designs available from small companies. From endless Etsy accounts to innovative brands like Cakeworthy there is no limit to unique and one of a kind pieces available to Disney Fashionistas. 

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One of the best things about Disneyland is there is always a new experience to be had! People always ask if I get bored going to the same park all the time and my answer is always the same- Nope! I had never imagined I would be decorating cookies at the park yet it happened! (Yup, my cookie is the one that looks like a 5-year old decorated it.) 

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Disneyland is a whole other level of magical during the holidays. My top 3 recommendations that you absolutely have to experience if you’re short on time: 1. The Christmas Fantasy Parade (the chubby little snowmen are my favorite! Dear Disneyland, pleeeeasssse make a photo opp with them next year possible! 2. The Festival of Holiday food in California Adventure- from hot chocolate to traditional dishes from around the world there is something for everyone! 3. The snow fall after the fireworks. I actually didn’t get a chance to do this this year but I cry every time. It’s that magical. 

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Skirt: H&M Bag: Irregular Choice Boots: Kate Spade Hat: Disneyland

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My last moment of the year was when Santa flagged me down in front of the Christmas tree, on Main Street as the Dapper Dans sang Christmas Carol’s in the background. Have you ever seen Miracle on 4th Street? When Mara Wilson realizes she’s been talking to the real Santa Claus the whole time- that was me. I never dreamed I would meet the REAL Santa Claus at Disneyland. 

Well, I’m finally unblocked from the parks and I can’t wait to make more magical memories and debut more looks inspired by some of my favorite Disney moments and characters.

Summer Ready in Sun Yellow

donald (b)

Dress: Forever 21 Belt: Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes and Bag: Kate Spade Hat: H&M

Summer is not officially here but that has not stopped this fashion blogger from getting  a head start. I look forward to Summer for a number of reasons- longer days, and warmer weather definitely topping the list. I also love selecting from the brightest pieces in my wardrobe and pairing them with equally bold pieces. (Madeline similarities are entirely coincidental.)

Bold colors, like this super cute yellow dress that I found at Forever 21 recently for a solid price point of $8 typically end up being my favorite foundations for a memorable fashion moment. Whether paired with a printed accessory or an equally bold statement bag, the possibilities of fabulousness are endless! Even if standing out in a crowd is not your cup of tea, you can still rock a yellow ensemble and pair it with more neutral accents i.e nude shoes and gold accessories.

June 1st my best friend challenged me to take the month long Disney Style Challenge. And while I would love to spend every single day at Disneyland and capitalize on all the magical photo opps that typically present themselves at the happiest place on earth, it is not possible despite the luxury of being an annual pass holder. Fortunately for me, nestled away just a few cities over is Old Town Temecula, a part of town that looks like it’s the more Western sister of Main Street USA. Alas, I found several perfect backdrops to compliment my tribute to Donald Duck- which happens to be the challenge for June 9th. I love outfits with a theme and more specifically outfits with a Disney theme!

donald (c)donald (d)donald (e)donald (f)donald (g)donald (h)donald (i)

Floral Fun At The Happiest Place On Earth

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Romper: Saks Private Label 5/48 Hat: Saks Bag: Marc Jacobs Sandals: Elizabeth and James Sunnies: Prada

First and foremost, disclaimer if you plan on visiting Disneyland in the coming weeks. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Almost everything is closed for refurbishment right now. Critter Country is closed. Peter Pan, The Matterhorn and a slew of other park favorites are CLOSED! Which wouldn’t be an issue except with half the park closed that means attendees now have limited options for entertainment thus everyone is now waiting in line for Pirates. Seriously, you know the traffic situation is out of control when that line is longer than 15 minutes. Yesterday, it was a 40 minute wait. However, if you must get your Disney fix, California Adventure is a great option. Not nearly as crowded and the Little Mermaid is still only a 5 minute wait.

Ok, now moving on. So it’s officially almost Spring! Although let’s be honest it’s felt that way in good ol’ So Cal for at least a month now and I couldn’t be more thrilled. There are so many great trends this season, and floral prints and jumpsuits are among my favorite. So imagine my delight when I came across this uber cute floral jumpsuit! I had contemplated investing in an all denim romper but alas it was too long and I took that as a sign it was perhaps wiser to invest in the more feminine choice. And that after all is what Spring is all about! Floral patterns, soft color palettes, and flowy fabrics! Of course you can add a little edge by infusing darker shades like I did here with my black large brimmed hat, but alas it was a perfect, fashionable choice to protect my face on a bright sunny zippity dooo da day. And it works perfect for those rogue cloudy blustery days too. I like to think this piece will be versatile even as I transition out of Summer and into Fall, as it can be paired then with some black wedged ankle booties and a crimson shade of lipstick. As I’ve said before, you know you’ve invested in a good piece when the styling options are not only endless, but seasonless as well.

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The Cherry Blossoms in bloom at Disneyland were breathtaking. I couldn’t see the critters of Critter Country but these pretty pink blooms were a nice and refreshing substitution.

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My Favorite Holiday Outfit and A Pair of Mouse Ears

Jacket: Vintage Nordstroms Find Jeans: J Brand Top: Milly Shoes: Milly Bag: Marc Jacobs

                                                                       Jacket: Vintage Nordstroms Find
                                                                                         Jeans: J Brand
                                                                                              Top: Milly
                                                                                             Shoes: Miu Miu
                                                                                            Bag: Marc Jacobs

Seasons greetings! Ok, I know we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet but let’s face it. We’ve been haunted by the fact the holidays were near since about July when stores like Hobby Lobby started displaying their fake Christmas Trees. But now we’re literally only weeks ago so it’s high time to get in to the Christmas spirit!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is there is no such thing as too much. There is never too much sparkle. Never too much red. Never too much ugly especially when it comes to wearing a traditional ugly sweater! You can always opt for over the top Christmas ensembles or more classic attire such as this chic little number I put together just for a quick trip to Disneyland. Disneyland is my favorite place to be this time of year. OK, that’s a half lie, Disneyland is my favorite place to be all year round, but especially true during the Holidays! There’s always holiday magic at every turn! From Christmas trees the size of the Eiffel Tower, to castles covered in enchanted snow, Disney does Christmas right! Wishing all you readers a magical holiday season! xoxoxoxo

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When Fashion Get’s Magical

Top and Skirt: H&M Necklace: Tarina Tarantino Ballet Flats: Miu Miu

Top and Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Tarina Tarantino Sunglasses: Prada
Ballet Flats: Miu Miu

Rather recently I made the best investment and finally got a Disney Pass. I spent roughly 4 years working there and before that a lifetime devoted to all things Disney. I fondly recall getting $50 from my Grandma for a birthday gift and exclaiming to my cousin that I couldn’t wait to invest in this Disney Art book that I had been eying for months. “$50 on a book?!” he exclaimed! But it’s such a pretty book! And full of amazing art work!

Fuzzy plus fuzzy= Fabulous

Fuzzy plus fuzzy= Fabulous

castle 4


Well because of that book I no longer need to invest in art. Rather I make my own Disney artwork thank you very much! However, I have the most fun putting together Disney outfits. Which can be quite a predicament when trying to cater to unpredictable So. Cal weather but alas I try. Today’s outfit was slightly inspired by both Minnie and of course Princess Aurora. Get it? Rose skirt? Briar Rose? If I have to explain further then perhaps you should stop reading further. Obviously, one need not have to invest in Chanel or Valentino to stand out at Disneyland. But rather the better off your outfit works with Mouse ears, the more in style you are. I love how shocked my friends were today when I explained this lovely pink pair were my first. It took quite a while to decide. To go classic black and red? Or to commit to the limited edition Little Mermaid (my favorite princess?) Alas, in the end I decided to commit to the color scheme that works best with not just my wardrobe but my favorite color. As you can see, as always and forever whenever pink is in the conversation it wins every time. I still have roughly 11 months to put together magical ensembles! Who should I conjure inspiration from next?! I’m thinking maybe Alice or Ariel.

dumbomarch 1march 2

This picture does not do how incredibly fierce this hat really was justice. Yes, this is a hat and not a tutu. And yes it has mouse ears. Oh and why yes my glasses are Prada.

This picture does not do how incredibly fierce this hat really was justice. Yes, this is a hat and not a tutu. And yes it has mouse ears. Oh and why yes my glasses are Prada.