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Once upon a time in a land called the OC, I interned as a Fashion Editor for Orangecounty.com, and thus my passion for fashion editorial was born. I always loved to write, and I’ve loved fashion and styling since I learned why Barbie came with more then one outfit. I love pink, I love sparkles, and I love Prada. I’ll always be a girly girl, and I’ll probably always have a love for fluffy skirts, vintage and pearls. What else can I say? I’ll always be just Jess. For more up to date info on what influences my style on a day to day basis follow me on Instagram Just_Jess_P, and follow me on Facebook! Inquiries or suggestions e-mail me at JessicaP0867@gmail.com!  Cheers! ❤

LA, the OC and yup that's me!

LA, the OC and yup that’s me!

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    • Yes i can remember! And no, it was actually I lost my balance and fell hard on gravel leaving a Halloween party in Temecula.

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