Disney VS. New Mom

Hello again! Whelp I’ve been officially inducted into the sick mom with a sick baby club. Going on about a week of membership here. And wouldn’t ya know the Doctors orders for both Carter and I are to STAY AWAY from the Happiest Place on Earth at least till Flu season is over. Insert dramatic sob here.

Ok- It’s not the end of the world. And keeping Carter healthy and happy is of course my number one priority so in the infamous words of Winnie the Pooh, “No bother.” During this hiatus I’ve had time to not only suck little boogie and snot out of my baby’s nose via the new age snot sucker that allows us mommy’s and daddy’s to suck the yuckiness out with our mouth via a tube (sounds gross but I swear it works like magic!)- but I’ve also had a chance to think about where I could’ve gone wrong.

I know some of you might be thinking well duh- it’s flu season! The odds were always against us! But we didn’t catch the flu we caught the adeno virus. Which is fancy terminology for a cold. There are some rules that I stuck too the first couple of trips to try and keep germ exposure to a minimum. 

  • Rule 1: Hand Sanitizer is essential. For me of course. After everything- rides, charachter interactions EVERYTHING. For Carter he gets a bath when we get home- well he gets a bath every night but on days we do Disney trips we bump up bath time before play time to attempt to get rid of any lingering stowaway germs.
  • Rule 2: Try and avoid enclosed spaces as much as possible. I assumed being out in the open was better then being enclosed in an area where germs could’ve possibly been marinating all day. 
  • Rule 3: Only stay in the park for a few hours and on a warm day. Nothing less than 70. Perk of being an Annual Pass Holder is you can enjoy the park in segments.
  • Rule 4: Keep Carter stylishly equipped for the weather as well. H&M had a stellar after Christmas sale so I was able to swoop up on some great Disney pieces for less than $10. 

Whelp- I believe rule two is where I went wrong. Dear little girl who was coughing all over everyone in line at the Storybook Land boats. I’m not mad at you. But I truly do wish a. That you’re on the mend, and b. You learn as you get older better germ sharing precautions. Sharing in this case is not caring. I too learned a lesson from this experience and that is to never underestimate the power of germs during flu season- not even pixie dust can keep them from entering those magical gates to Main St. 

Walking On Sunshine in ASOS before the germs invaded my baby and me.

Carter had to have a talk with Mickey to tell him the Doctor’s news.

Carter and I have been using our down time wisely. In between saline treatments via a nebulizer we have been having Disney sing a longs and catching up with Vampirina.

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