Mom Life…Almost Two Months In 

Next week Carter will be 2 months! The rumors are true and time really does fly by fast. Seems like yesterday I was waking up at 3 in the morning and googling shades of poop and what they mean… actually that was yesterday. For the most part I’m very lucky. Carter is a healthy and happy baby. Sure he spits up and has to stay swaddled when he sleeps because he turns into a crazy baby who can’t control his hands and scares himself if he’s not (a part of being a newborn according to Google.) And he has bouts of crying for no reason that I can detect but it’s nothing a little music, baby formula and a mommy’s touch can’t fix. 

While Google has been my saving grace for a lot of questions like baby milestones to look forward to- the areas that I don’t need Googles assistance with are fun and fashion. This past week has been especially as Winnie the Pooh would put it “blustery.” And while entertaining a newborn all day in doors may seem daunting to some we made the most of it and had a blast! Well I did anyways. I used to love playing dress up as a little girl and still do if you count Disney Bounding. I hope Carter embraces fashion with a sense of imagination just like I do. 

Carter has had an eventful first two months of life too! He thoroughly enjoys playing with a toy- one that encourages endless tummy time. And he’s almost mastered holding his head up for a long time. As of today he can also officially hold a wand! Proud mom moment for sure. And don’t worry he was carefully monitored to make sure he didn’t poke his eye out.

Carter, never be afraid to be your authentic self and never be afraid to push the boundaries of your imagination. Every moment can be fun and magical. Even the rainiest and dreariest of days. 

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