Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!


So it’s no secret I’m one of those crazy dog people. I take Olivia everywhere- well every place that legit allows pups. When they don’t allow dogs I have to explain to Olivia it’s that the venue has strict cuteness policies and she is quite simply too cute to step foot (it’s less harsh then having to break to her she’s a dog.) So naturally, just like any proud parent I treat my fur baby’s birthday like a national holiday. I spend the day spoiling her-which is actually hard to do because she’s spoiled every day of her life. I also make sure her special day includes all of her favorite activities. Today’s agenda included sleeping in, belly rubs, chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner, a trip to Petco to get some tasty birthday treats, and naturally cake! And not just any cake-homemade cake! Pinterest is more than just an endless decor/ craft/ people recipe mecca, it actually has pretty fabulous ideas to pamper your pup. Including this super yummy (by Olivia standard) peanut butter cake. When I let her lick the spoon her eyes lit up bigger than Beethoven at Thanksgiving. I think I should have baked and served the same day for better results but she didn’t seem to mind. She licked all the crumbs off of her plate!


So happy birthday my sweet princess! I hope your day was everything you hoped for. You deserve it. This year you had so many firsts! First time jumping in the lake- chasing after a duck of course. First time on a farm meeting cows and sheep. First time catching a mouse-And I’m totally ok if that’s the last. I can’t wait to see what the adventure of 2 brings for you and mommy!

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