Mixed Prints and Styling Tips


mixed print (6)

Flannel: Rails Shirt: Zara Boots: Chloe Sunnies: Ray Ban Shorts: Rag and Bone

So maybe it’s because I’ve been revisiting my love for Son’s of Anarchy with a two week long binge marathon on Netflix, and I’ve been brainwashed by bikers in flannel but lately I’m in a mood for flannel and boots. And what better than exhibit my love of biker chic fashion (minus the traditional leather jacket) than my motorcycle Rag and Bone shorts, Zara stars tee and Rails flannel tee. Oh, and of course my beloved Chloe Savannah boots.

Normally, I er on the side of caution when mixing prints. As in I play it safe and don’t mix at all. But if watching Son’s has taught me anything, other than Charlie Hunnam really needs to come back to regularly scheduled TV, it’s that life is about taking risks. So when preparing this ensemble, I took a deep breath and took a fashion risk. So while no I don’t plan on making grunge a permanent staple in my daily attire, it is nice to dress down once in awhile. And comfy too. The only tips that I can offer when mixing prints is make sure they flow together. For me, this look came together in that they shared a similar color scheme. Blue and white were obviously the cohesive concept. And I also was inspired by an Americana vibe, with red white and blue. With Independence day merely a few months away, it’s never too early for a fashionista to start planning her options in advance.


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