Style Fashion Week Fall 2015

So another Style Fashion Week has come and gone and despite a new career opportunity with weeks of training consuming my time, I was able to make it to the season’s closing evening. And while I was sad that I missed the dramatic sequined gowns by Sue Wong, and the Style Me Pink event one of my good friends has helped planned for almost a year, I was eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend at least one event.

It isn’t an LA Fashion show if there are not infinite amount of swimsuits sashaying down the catwalk. And while something as simple and small as a bathing suit might not strike one as being a fashion choice that emits creative inspiration, I personally enjoy seeing the variety of silhouettes. Traditionally when you think of swimsuits you think of two choices: the one piece and the two piece. But there are sooo many more options. You’ve got string options, sleeve options and infinite amount of pattern and embellishment options. My favorite and a label that I’ve seen previously is A’Qua Swim. It’s as though the forces have aligned with Mattel and Bob Mackie and inspired the label’s designer Adrienne Fuqua to create fabulous pieces traditionally believed to only exist in the world of Barbie.

Then theres the Marco Marco show. Legendary amongst the LA fashion crowds and best known for his theatrical presentation, Marco Marco was an experience that is almost a right of passage. From fluorescent skin tight ensembles covered in fringe and crystals modeled by some of the most notorious drag queens, and social media stars it was surely the event of the season. The show which was slated to be “part 2” of his show that debuted during New York Fashion Week brought an energy and excitement that even attracted the likes of Carmen Electra. As someone who has been attending LA Fashion Week (Style Fashion Week as some refer to it) for a few years now, the excitement that is now affiliated with it and the notoriety of some of the labels gracing the lineup, I’m excited to see what else is next! Before it seemed like it was solely a resource FIDM’s finest could utilize as a resource to launch their career and introduce themselves to local So Cal boutiques. Now, it seems as though it is launching the careers of some of fashion’s elite and capturing the attention of icon’s such as Beyonce. To see that some of our hometown hero’s are now sharing their talent with international and even New York audiences is a humbling concept. While yes, it’s given us loyal LA attendees bragging rights in the form of “I saw them first!” it is exciting to see that just in any industry passion and commitment to success combined with a dash of theatrics makes for the perfect recipe of success. Literally cannot wait to see what next season brings as each time it seems to get bigger and better.

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styleweekss1622 (1 of 1)

Got to experience the evening with one of my favorite Fashion Bloggers, Kerry of KLM Fashion Style.

styleweekss1620 (1 of 1)

Top, Blouse and Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Valentino

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