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A labels dress with my favorite and probably overly used H&M sweater

Ever get off work and rush into some of the nations worst traffic simply to spend the evening immersed in art and surrounded by fashion? No? Well, you’re missing out. Except the traffic part. If I could trade my nearly 2 hour adventure to get to LA LA Land I would in a heart beat.

While the LA runways have yet to earn the notoriety of New York or even power houses across the pond, it still is an unforgettable evening…every single time. This season I opted to experience the “Art Hearts” runway events and they did not disappoint. From haute couture brought to the audience by Amato Couture to edgy ready to wear brought by the whimsical imagination of Mister Triple X (and his adorable dog) the evening ended up being a celebration of the imaginative and free spirit Los Angelinos exude and contribute to the world of fashion.

This past year I’ve had the glorious opportunity to speak with fashionistas from around the globe. From London to Dubai it’s always interesting to me how one of the first things people say is how the trends are so far ahead of what we see here in the US. My logic though (biased as it may be) is while Zara may test out trends years ahead of us with their Dubai clientele, I truly believe American style is founded in tradition. I believe it was Mr St. Laurent himself who was quoted as saying, “fashion fades but style is eternal.” It’s one thing to be able to pick up a piece of fabric hanging from a store shelf months or even years in advance from what I’ve heard from a few people, but it’s those who add spirit and pizaz that leave the legacy. And that is truly what I believe the appeal of LA fashion is.

No we don’t have Gigi Hadid walking down the runway in a power fashion houses’ couture gowns that not even most of us will never be able to afford let alone justify wearing through our day to day routines. But we do have people who are inspired by the movement and energy of a city made of Angels.

And, while  yes the styles are beautiful and awe inspiring, one of the things I truly love most about going to LA shows are the stories. Everyone has one. From the humble beginnings of the designers with dreams of sharing their vision with a loyal clientele to hard working interns with goals and ambitions that could easily become a script for the next “Devil Wears Prada” type movie. I’m always inspired and amped to take my own career/ adventure in the fashion world to the next level simply by immersing myself in a world where passion triumphs exhaustion, commitment outweighs to option of quitting, and success is determined and measured by your own standards but encouraged by your equally ambitious peers. LA marches or even dances sometimes to the beat of it’s own drum, and I would not want it any other way. So until next season LA.

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