It’s Fall!

fall 2015 c (1 of 1)

Hat and Blouse: H&M Skirt: Parker Shoes: Miu Miu Sunnies: Prada

Happy first day of Fall! And although technically we all know the first day of Fall is actually the day Starbucks launches their Pumpkin Spice latte, it’s nice to know that it’s actually a day that’s marked on a calendar. I guess giving a secondary day is a nice compromise for those who don’t count the days in accordance to a coffee chain’s seasonal menu.

Alas, as I got ready today my boyfriend stated what many of you are probably thinking. He obviously questioned my choice of style for the day considering it’s probably not an ideal wardrobe decision on a 90 degree day. “But it’s the first day of Fall!” I argued! And he just shook his head and moved on to the next subject of the day knowing Fashion arguments always end up with me winning anyways.

It actually wasn’t as bad of a choice as one would think. While yes, the fabric was a bit heavy for nearly triple digit heat, the boxiness of it actually helped counter some of the heat.  And while yes some people opt for skin tight clothes on a hot…summer, or wait… FALL day that can quickly become unappealing for a number of reasons and equally uncomfortable. Not to mention, the evenings around here on the Lake we call home it can get a tad bit chilly so it actually worked perfect as a day into night piece.

So while we’ve all seen the meme’s mocking us stereotypical fashion girls who clutch onto our favorite Holiday latte’s with more of a grip than a Black Friday shopper taking that last shelved coveted item and anxiously await the days where we truly can wear our oversized sweaters with our oversized sunnies, it looks like there is a compromise. Fellow fashionistas take it from me, oversized sweaters are in fact an option if you go for the short sleeved boxy type and pair it with a left over summer staple i.e a skirt or even a cute pair of denim shorts. Consider it your Fall Fashion compromise on ice. You know, until it actually starts feeling like Fall.

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