“Grunge Was The Worse Part of My Life”

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Hat: H&M Necklace: Forever 21 Ring: Some random Haute Look Sale Sandals: Elizabeth and James                                             Shorts: Free People Top: Vince

So I was watching a documentary the other day on the editors of Vogue. And while they all had intriguing things to say about ground breaking editorials of the past century, one the things that stood out most was one editor (forgive me I forgot her name, but it wasn’t Anna Wintour) and her loathing of the grunge phase. So much effort was spent on establishing this phase in fashion history, even for some to look back and say that it was the worse period of their lives!

Then I started thinking. Is that ever going to be me? I am hardly a prestigious writer. I have never been published in Vogue (yet.) But is that part of the initiation rights of being a well renowned writer? Giving up what you believe in? It would seem so. For me part of this journey of becoming a blogger was inspired by my short lived internship as a Fashion Editor for Orangecounty.com. They were Roxy and surf and I gave up that life in 9th grade. (Partly because I’ve never surfed in my life and I was called out as a poser. Oh the vocabulary of my generation <insert giggles here>) It wasn’t me. My editor knew it, I knew it thus I gave myself my own platform. Where I would never be subjected to force out an article or force inspiration. Am I going to look back on these posts one day and think to myself “God, what was I thinking?” God I hope not. Truth be told, the only fashion phase I’ve ever gone through and regretted were more so of the beauty kind than the fashion kind. Blue eye shadow works on some, for me I end up looking like Mimi from Drew Carry. I wish someone would have told me this when I went down that road in high school. Alas, Britney wore it so I had to try it. She wins the “who wore it best look” on that one.

While these days my style is much more toned down in comparison to previous years I still feel like I’m coming in to my own. And I don’t regret the decisions that will ultimately determine the direction of my next fashion phase, even if it means trying out the all pink on pink look. I do still own my hot pink bubblegum pants! Either way since I’ve come into this whole concept of doing things on my own terms in my own way, I highly doubt I’ll be that person that looks back and says “that worse time of my life.” Nobody has forced me to do anything. My mistakes and triumphs are my own and like with everything else I prefer it that way.

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