Basic But Never Boring

LAMB (1 of 1)

Hat and Accessories: Saks Top: Vince Pants: Free People Shoes: LAMB Sunnies: Dolce and Gabanna

Do you ever face a day of chores and housework and loath the attire that traditionally comes with that? OK, I’m not gonna lie typically my chore days start with PJ’s, no makeup, hair up in a messy pony tail and that’s it. But then eventually that little voice inside of me says “get in the shower, put some makeup up on and make the world your runway!” Even though my flowers and the ducks at the pond were the only ones to see this attire (minus the heels by the time I got to to the duck pond to walk my puppy, cause not even I am up for that) I still felt significantly more confident in completing today’s task list. Hey even Cinderella had some stellar shoes and a beautiful dress. I just happen to believe in looking good even while you do your chores, that’s all.

One of the key’s though to a successful outfit for chore day, lazy days or just days off in general is comfort. Trust me, and learn from my experience you get no where cooking and cleaning in skin tight leather pants. In fact that just proves to be a recipe for disaster. Speaking of RIP yellow APC leather pants. Alas, today’s basic chore outfit is anything but. I’ve got my super comfy Free People drawstring pants that remind me for some reason of a piñata, A top in a neutral shade of beige by Vince (literally this has been my go to top) especially on these random chilly May/ June days, and of course my accessories. Let’s just say I like to keep even my most basic days anything but.

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