Style Me Feb: February Style Challenge Part 1

Happy February all! And happy it’s been! I’ve stepped up to the plate and accepted (well nobody really challenged me except myself) a Style Challenge for the month of February. Initiated by fellow fashion blogger, Hilary Rushford there is a theme each day. Which can I tell you is extremely helpful and so much fun! I always enjoy putting outfits together but now that each day is a theme, I can actually pre-game an outfit, complete with accessories and shoes and kill it! It’s almost like every day is Valentines Day except instead of just focuses on fashion there’s also days for beauty and accessories as well. For example, one day was “Bold Kissable Lips.” That’s one thing I have neglected on this blog which is a shame and if my mother were around would probably nag at me until I fixed it. That woman loved her lip liner as much she loved her children, and was known to have perfectly colored and lined lips at all times. Recently I went to dinner with my Aunt Sharon, and wouldn’t you know it we both felt obligated to have our best and brightest lipstick on so as to make her proud. If impacting someones fashion/ beauty choices even a decade after your death isn’t being a trend setter well than heck I don’t know what is! But, again, that’s why I’m super stoked for this month’s fashion challenge because it’s actually challenging me to explore parts of fashion that I have not dedicated nearly as much attention to as they deserve. Only half way through and I already know I need to step up my accessory and lip game (thanks to mom and Kylie Jenner I know lip liner is no longer an option.)

There is a catch though with this challenge. You have to make it work with pieces that you already own! Which again is a challenge from the accessory front because for some reason most of my jewelry pieces have decided to break on me. So annoying and a pain to get fixed. But alas, a true fashionista makes everything work. 90’s kids might remember that infamous scene in the “Lizzie Mcguire Movie” where Lizzie’s arch nemesis Kate Sanders humiliates her at graduation in front of the entire student body by calling her “an outfit repeater.” That scene plays in my subconscious whenever I get ready in the morning. Yes. My biggest fear in life is being wardrobe shamed by a real life Kate Sanders and getting publicly humiliated for wearing the same outfit twice. But, that’s when switching tops with bottoms and changing your shoes, or the bag you accessorize it with comes in handy. Accessories are not only a girls best friend but a reputation saver as well. Thank you accessories!

Below are some of the highlights from the challenge thus far. Stay tuned for more!

BCBG4 (1 of 1)

Lady In Red & My Lady Like Waist: BCBG Romper. Saks Belt. Prada Sunnies. Heels: Kate Spade

BCBG (1 of 1) BCBG2 (1 of 1)

nordstrom4 (1 of 1)

            “A Darling Dress” Dress: En Creme Sunnies: Miu Miu Necklace: Saks Heels: Kate Spade

nordstrom11 (1 of 1) nordstrom8 (1 of 1)

whitelace2 (1 of 1)

“Bold Kissable Lips” Dress: Free People Hat: H&M Necklace: Vintage Forever 21 Flats: Miu Miu

whitelace5 (1 of 1)

whitelace11 (1 of 1)

pretty in pink (1 of 1)

                        Sweater: Wildfox Couture Skirt: H&M Sunnies: Miu Miu Heels: Prada

pretty in pink2 (1 of 1)

nycisforlovers (1 of 1)

My “Jean Genes” : Beanie: Saks Grey Label Jean Shorts: Seven For All Mankind Shoes: Bakers Sunnies: Ray Ban Arrow Necklace: Tiffany and Co.

nycisforlovers2 (1 of 1)nycisforlovers4 (1 of 1)nycisforlovers9 (1 of 1)

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