Fashion Find Report 2015: And The Result Is Ravishing

redskirt (1 of 1)

                                                Top: Joie Skirt: H&M Sunnies: Prada Shoes: Brian Atwood

So during the Holidays it can be especially hard to turn an eye on super cute pieces when out and about shopping for others. I would feel bad about this but alas I work retail and I know about 99.9% of the population does this thing where they shop at a gift ratio of 2/1 (two for themselves and 1 for someone else.) The struggle is real! Truthfully, I’m not that bad but this skirt was something I could not pass up. Especially since the Holiday season is the one time of year we are permitted to wear red at work. Even the cashier who rang me up for it reaffirmed the fabulousness of my new investment. Initially I was torn between this one and what I can only describe as a fluffy white marshmallow esque skirt. The cashier reminded me how brilliant this shade of red was and how I could totally re-envision it for the summer time with more nautical inspired pieces added to it. A foundation for fabulous fashion all year round? Umm yes please! Plus the skirt was only $40…practically free when I think of all the possible outfit combinations. Whenever I’m on the fence about investing in a new addition to my wardrobe I calculate the cost per wear. If I’m going to find an excuse to wear the heck out of it, then it’s a justified purchase! I’ve worn the heck out of some of my favorite pieces that initially cost a few hundred dollars (Louboutins, well worth every penny.) But since I’ve worn some of those shoes almost every day for the past few years I’m looking at like a dollar a day! Which is like i said earlier, practically free and worth every penny!

On a side note, H&M is the place to shop this season for fantastic fashion pieces at super affordable price points. I have yet to be disappointed and find myself saying “OMG I have to have this!” more so than any other retailer. Way to go H&M!

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Olivia insisted on being a part of this shoot. She loves the camera!

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Top: Joie Skirt: H&M Necklace: Saks Sunnies: Prada Shoes: Brian Atwood

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