My Thankful List

Top: Vince Button Up: Rails Beanie: Saks Grey Label Boyfriend Jeans: Elizabeth and James Shoes: Valentino

Top: Vince Button Up: Rails Beanie: Saks Grey Label Boyfriend Jeans: Elizabeth and James Shoes: Valentino

Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the most underestimated holidays. A day to be thankful for all of our blessings and to spend with loved ones, why we don’t spend 5 months leading up to this holiday is beyond me. And the 10 pounds gained and countless food comas are just an added bonus. This year I am thankful for the following:

1. High heels. Seriously a short girls solution to surviving in a world made for tall people. Because of heels I can sometimes reach the floor when I sit in a super high chair.

2. My family. I never get to say it but their endless love and support makes me never settle for anything less than what I’ve always dreamed of. I’m not quite sure exactly what that is just yet but I know I’m on the right path to figure it out.

3. Harry Potter, just because he was the boy who lived. In all seriousness the story of Harry Potter has gotten me through life. I had to keep going just because Harry did and I had to know what happened in the end. Turns out the ending wasn’t the ending after all so I still have an excuse to keep going!

4. HCG. For making me skinny when I indulge in too many holiday drinks. And chocolate. And Chipotle. I love Chipotle, which brings me to 5…

5. Chipotle. Thank you for making believe eating out can be healthy. Even with sour cream.

6. Barbie, Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank. For making the world fabulous colorful and whimsical. And pink.

7. Law and Order: SVU. Thank you for helping me understand the law and making me sound intelligent when talking legal matters.

8. Disneyland. No need to elaborate there.

9. My best friends. Even though I don’t get to see you guys as much as I would like, I’m thankful for all our memories, past, present, and soon to come.

And last but not least for my boo. I love you more than anything….even more than Chipotle. For making me laugh when I want to cry and for pushing me to be a better person each and every day. And also for accepting the fact that I love Jax Teller and will probably have a mental break down when Sons of Anarchy ends. And for loving me despite the fact I become overly emotional whenever I watch Glee.

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