SAS Shampoo and Style: A Blow Dry and Makeup Bar

First dry bar experience a success!

First dry bar experience a success!

So this past Friday I had the enormous honor of being a brides maid in my best friend’s wedding. Watching her walk down the aisle and commit to eternal happiness to her one true love was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  And before this blog post continues, a special shout out to my dear friend Marie is in order. Marie if you’re reading this, I love you and I am over the moon happy you found your happily ever after.

Alas, in preparation for the big day, just like any other bridal party member a plan of attack for both hair and makeup was essential. Makeup was a no brainer. MAC it was. They have a reputation for quality and who can beat the fact you get to keep your product they use. I even learned some new techniques in the process so thank you MAC and thank you girl that works at Bloomingdales at South Coast. Hair on the other hand required a bit more thought. Especially since I transitioned to a shorter style a few month ago, my options were limited unless I wanted to bring out my extensions. I looked to none other than my fashion icon, Nicole Richie for style inspiration. Whatever fancy up do she could pull off, logically a skilled hair stylist could assemble for me was my thinking. Nicole can pull off a fab milk maid braid and since I was a brides maid I figured that would actually be perfect.

So I opened up my Google browser and googled an Orange County braid bar. After checking out a few options I stumbled upon SAS Shampoo and Style Blow Dry and Makeup Bar. The appointment setting process was super easy. They even have an option to schedule your appointment online after hours! Clever and convenient! Everything about the whole experience was pleasant even my inquiry on exactly where it was they were located. When I called to get specifics I was greeted by a friendly “hello gorgeous!” Well hello to you too stranger on the other line!

I walked into the small little shop and was instantly amazed at how cute it was. It literally is set up like a bar. Except instead of endless bottles of alcohol there are endless bottles of hair product. The color scheme reminded me of Tiffany’s meets the Moroccan Oil bottles with pearl and glass accents. I wish I had taken a picture because the place was the epitome of chic cuteness. I sat in the chair and explained to the girl what I had envisioned. While initially she had reservations about being able to pull off my desired do, some words of encouragement and understanding on my part she had a vision. I encouraged her to go with it, and the result was amazing. I was so pleased with the results. While it wasn’t the traditional milk maid braid style I originally anticipated, I got something even better! She said what I got was a dutch braid up do. Whatever you call it, I got something that was totally worth the $50 charge. If you’re in the Orange County area and are in the need to be pampered or glommed up for any occasion I highly recommend  this Dry Bar!

braid bar3 (1 of 1)

braid bar2 (1 of 1)

2 thoughts on “SAS Shampoo and Style: A Blow Dry and Makeup Bar

  1. Jess you looked just beautiful and your hairdo reminded me of my hippie chick days in the 70’s when I would wea my braids up like that and I love it!! You rocked your outfit and looked wonderful!!

    • Thanks aunt jodi! That era has really been inspiring me lately. Eventually the fact my parents were dead heads was bound to creep up on me sooner than later!

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