Style Fashion Week LA: Dolcessa Swimwear

Katya Leoncio debuted her newest collection of swimmer for "Dolcessa" at Style Fashion Week LA Friday evening.

Katya Leoncio debuted her newest collection of swimmer for “Dolcessa” at Style Fashion Week LA Friday evening.

Some girls are satisfied with swimsuits made by the masses and sold in major retailers across the country. (Don’t knock a Target Swimsuit until you’ve tried one.) Then there are the girls that only live for the finer things in life. Those girls are most likely destined to be fans of Katya Leoncio’s luxury swimwear line “Dolcessa.” Pronounced Dol-chess-ah, it is a high class swim label that “incorporates European craftsmanship, Italian fabrics, and custom embellishments, accentuated by body flattering silhouettes.” Aka it’s for the girl who takes lounging by the pool as seriously as football enthusiasts take the Super Bowl.

This commitment to flattering a women’s silhouette in the finest fabrics and accented gems is what distinguishes the collection apart from the competition. Perhaps this also is the reason the label has been featured consecutively in prominent publications such as People, Maxim and Sports Illustrated. Umm, and let’s talk a second about those amazing head pieces by Clutch Jewelry! I would want to wear one of those with my gym clothes just because I assume I would feel so epic with a headpiece that grand. But take it from me, sometimes it is possible to go too big with accents and accessories. With this collection however, the styling with the head pieces and other accessories make total sense in the non-over dramatic way. Each and every piece perfectly compliments the bright colors and bold prints of the swimsuits. After all, a girl who seeks the finer things in life traditionally doesn’t shy away from being center of attention. And that is exactly what a girl who wears Dolcessa is destined to be: center stage and perfectly accessorized.

dolcessa (1 of 1)

dolcessa2 (1 of 1)

dolcessa3 (1 of 1)

dolcessa4 (1 of 1)

dolcessa6 (1 of 1)

dolcessa11 (1 of 1)

dolcessa12 (1 of 1)

dolcessa13 (1 of 1)

dolcessa14 (1 of 1)

dolcessa15 (1 of 1)

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