The Comedy Behind Style Fashion Week LA

sfwla_fall14 (1 of 1)

Ok, so I contemplated titling this post “Shit Fashion Girls Say At Runway Shows” after one of my favorite Youtube series, however i felt comedy was a more appropriate adjective to describe some of the things I over heard. Rather than just sit there and shake my head over the clearly undereducated attendees I opted to do a post about the brilliant commentary instead. Below are my favorite quotes of the night:

  1. (In super snobby voice) “Who would wear that? Oh, I totally want that.”- SMH
  2. “Oh my gosh! He did a teal collection!”- Umm ok.
  3. “I guess white is really in this Fall. A lot of these pieces are white.”- Excuse you, these are Spring collections!
  4. “Look at that length, you need that length! I can’t believe he did that length!”- Ya, I don’t even know about this. Designers typically make dresses in a variety of lengths.
  5. “Girls! Post this to Instagram! And tag him! I totally know him. I follow him on Instagram.”- I follow Britney Spears on Instagram, doesn’t mean I know her personally. Although, I totally wish I did!
  6. Guy sitting next to me, “Where am I?” My response, “you’re in LA, at a fashion show, and I think we’re in a parking lot.” Guy, “is this a big deal?” Me, “Yes. It’s a very big deal.”
  7. Crew member gets a little cray on some people sitting in other peoples VIP seats. Guy sitting next to me, “is this normal?” Me, “only at really good shows.”
  8. It’s about 8:30 PM, and everyone starts walking in late. Show started late. No biggie. Lady walking in behind me asks the security guy, “Excuse me, is this for the 6 PM show?”
  9. Another lady asks the same security guard, “Excuse me? Is this for the XCVI show?”- Me, umm there’s only 1 tent and one stage.
  10. “That old guy is tight!”- Me, that old guy is Joe Simpson!
  11. “Who is this guy? Is he a big deal? I think he’s like a big deal!” – Ya, that was Altaf Maaneshia. He only appeared at Style Fashion Week LA last year with Betsy Johnson. Oh and New York Fashion Week, twice. Oh and he just did Fashion Middle East. And now he’s back here again. So ya I’d say he’s kind of a big deal.

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