When Cute Met Classy, and My First Encounter With eShakti

Dress: EShakti Boots: Prada Hat: H&M Necklace: Forever 21

Dress: EShakti Boots: Prada Hat: H&M Necklace: Forever 21

Sometimes the Fashion gods smile down upon me and low and behold I am bestowed the gift of knowledge. Today dear readers, I share with you one of fashion’s best kept secrets. One of the biggest challenges a petite fashionista can face is finding pieces that fit perfectly. In truth, I have never invested in alterations. Nothing a tuck and or a roll here and there can’t fix. The thought of me having to break such a track record for a wedding in a couple weeks is slightly heart breaking knowing the amount of money I’m going to have to invest in to simply cut fabric away. Usually I find a way to adapt my clothes to the fact that I am not a runway model, completely disproportioned and utterly vertically challenged. I accepted this and ill fitting attire until I was introduced to eShakti. 

Never heard of it? Well, like I said previously this is the best thing to happen to fashion since designer collaborations at H&M. Not only do they have tons of ridiculously cute designs to choose from, but they customize it just for you! Literally, at check out they ask you your height, and preferences for certain garment features. Fashion custom made without having to pay an additional fee after the fact? Sign me up, and let’s fill the cart! It seemed like different pieces had different customization options. My dress came with the options to modify the neckline and choose the length of the dress. As much as I appreciate mass retailers and their current love of cropped tops and everything mini, some of us prefer not to bare all. So thank you eShakti for bringing classy back. Again, not only are their designs perfect for a modern day Jackie O, but they give us, the consumer, the option to determine how we wear our pieces. I for one definitely appreciate a piece that works for me and not against me.

And not that I couldn’t go on all day about how great my first encounter with this label was, but one thing that always determines whether or not I’ll be a lifelong customer is customer service. Their reps were extremely helpful in explaining how the whole process worked (even though I’ve darkened my hair, I’m still a blonde at heart) and my dress came so fast! One day I got an e-mail saying my dress was leaving India, and the next day I received it! I even got a text message regarding the delivery service that included directions on what to do in the event I was not home to sign for it. I’m all for pleasant surprises but when I’m expecting something I can’t wait to wear the only surprise I want is falling even more in love with the piece when I open the package than I did when I first saw it online. The whole purchasing/ receiving of the package included no guess work. Everything went smooth and without incident. Even the delivery woman seemed to hand me my package with a smile. It was like even she knew I was about to open something magical.

The second I put my dress on I felt like a fairy tale princess. It fit perfectly and I just felt so elegant and classically chic. But me being me I had to jazz it up. I honestly don’t’ know what process I had more fun with. The process of contributing to the design of the dress, or accessorizing it. Either way I can’t wait to shop this site again! Pardon me while I get back to browsing…

eshakti4 (1 of 1)

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eshakti6 (1 of 1)eshakti7 (1 of 1)eshakti8 (1 of 1)eshakti9 (1 of 1)eshakti10 (1 of 1)eshakti11 (1 of 1)eshakti12 (1 of 1)eshakti13 (1 of 1)

The devil isn't the only one who wears Prada.

The devil isn’t the only one who wears Prada.

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One thought on “When Cute Met Classy, and My First Encounter With eShakti

  1. So cute Jess!!! And my dear you may be a blonde at heart but honey I have known you since you joined this earth and know that this is not the darkest your hair has ever been. Although this is probably the closest to your Mother’s color I’ve ever seen it and I believe that no matter what color your hair is you are a true beauty with a fashion sense to compete!!

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