First Day Of Fall Means We Are One Day Closer to OFFICIAL Boot Weather

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Top: Vince Shorts: J Brand For Intermix Necklace: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Prada Hat: Saks Boots: GC Shoes

Apparently today is the first day of Fall! Ummm, Mother Nature obviously did’t get that memo because we are still near triple digit temperatures. So today I thought I’d compromise with weather appropriate style. I have some pretty amazing boots that I can’t wait to pull from their seasonal boxes! And just like every other fashionista, I’ve got my brown boots, my burgundy boots, my black boots my ankle booties, my knee high heels and my heels that my boyfriend has nicknamed my hooker boots all just waiting to make their seasonal debut. In conversing with another fashionista a few weeks ago we decided truthfully EVERYONE needs at least one good pair of hooker boots.

Today though, no other boots seemed appropriate than my favorite knock off designer boots by GC Shoes. Sometimes Haute Look has too many good deals to pass up and these were purchased for less than $50 last season. At the time I really wanted the Chloe Savannah Boot, but knew for financial reasons it wasn’t possible. Until end of seasons mark downs happened and the normally $1,000 boot became $500. Hallelujah! Anyways, ankle boots are perhaps one of the wisest decisions a fashionista not living in an area prone to winter blizzards can make. Our winters never see snow (ok maybe on rare once in a lifetime occasions.) But the only time I have seen snow is when a. it’s fake or b. I’ve ventured up to Big Bear where the snow already blanketed the ground. Yup, I’ve never even seen real snow actually fall. Alas, ankle booties look great tucked into jeans on a cold 60 degree day and paired with a pair of super cute colorful jeans on days when Mother Nature seemed to have forgotten it’s time to change.

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